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Volunteers will be welcomed by a host when they arrive and will be supplied with a scorecard and name badge.

Speed Dating

Once all the speed daters have arrived the host will get everybody to sit down at the table with the same number as the badge they are wearing. The host will be volunteers and a brief explanation of how Speed Dating works and are feel free to ask any questions. Nand highlights that the main purpose of this Association was to create a network among all ex-students in Fiji and overseas.

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The Kingston Sport and Social Club brings speed dating to town

However, as a woman commented to me during the speed dating experience who came to the event with friends, women often compete among themselves— whether friends or not — in order to get the attention of the main person who they are interested in at a dating event. The sex difference in minimal obligatory parental investment leads female mammals to be more choosy when picking mates, and it leads males to compete with one another to demonstrate their relative viability and superiority as mates.

Dating and romantic relationships are merely a competition to find a mate to continue a family name, experience intimacy, and to continue the human race. This competition has become popularized with shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette by society and popular culture.

Meeting Someone IRL: From Sports to Speed Dating

The lesson that I learned while helping my friend run her speed dating event is that dating is the ultimate competitive sport; whether it is for a one night stand, a short term relationship, or a long term relationship. In short, dating is a tournament to find a mate. Blog About Team Contact. Modern Romantic Competitive Sport.

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Speed Dating is the ultimate competitive sport. James founded Secure Single in after he realized there was a void of information online to help single people.

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He is passionate about the single life and the different forms that being single can take. He is fond of cybersecurity, philosophy, and entrepreneurship. He wants to apply his strengths to advocate for and to help singles.