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Obviously when we worship God this is good. However, when we worship false gods we do ourselves damage by giving ourselves to them. This does not need to be permanent.

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When you repent, you take your heart back and give it to God. So if you are having trouble moving on, examine yourself to make sure you were not looking to this person to fill you in ways only God can 1 John 5: If you want to get over someone, you will definitely want to do some research on Christian advice about boundaries.

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  2. If you’re in a relationship with someone you’ve never met, it’s time to set some boundaries..
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Healing and moving on emotionally and spiritually has many similarities to physical healing. If you have an injury, you need to give it time before you go do that activity which led to the injury.

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  • If you hurt your knee playing basketball, you need to take some time off from playing basketball. Likewise, if you just broke up, you will need to take some time off from dating so you can heal up. The more seriously you dated, the more distance should occur once you breakup. By putting in healthy boundaries you will be able to get over someone much quicker than if you just keep reopening that scab by seeing that person and interacting with that person all the time. God calls us into action.

    God encourages us to engage in healthy relationships.

    Christian Advice: How to Get Over Someone

    God empowers us to make wise choices and live out healthy lives. That takes us to be willing to make things happen. And it starts here. Praying that God gives you the wisdom and the courage to lead your life and relationships. And bring a friend.

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