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What Is the Age of Consent for Sex in New York?

On a first date, the flow of conversation is a big factor. Individuals aged 16 or younger in New York are not legally able to consent to sexual activity, and such activity may result in prosecution for statutory rape. New York statutory rape law is violated when a person has consensual sexual intercourse with an individual under age under age 17, who they are not married to.

Punishment varies depending on the age of the offender. There is no defense based around lack of knowledge of the victim's age.

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New York does not have a close-in-age exemption. Close in age exemptions , commonly known as "Romeo and Juliet laws", are put in place to prevent the prosecution of individuals who engage in consensual sexual activity when both participants are significantly close in age to each other, and one or both partners are below the age of consent.

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Because there is no such "Romeo and Juliet law" in New York, it is possible for two individuals both under the age of 17 who willingly engage in intercourse to both be prosecuted for statutory rape , although this is rare. Similarly, no protections are reserved for sexual relations in which one participant is a 16 year old and the second is a 17 or 18 year old.


The Age of Consent ranges state-by-state from 16 to 18 years old across the United States. Click the map to view any state's age of consent laws.

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  • New York has fifteen statutory sexual abuse charges on the books which are used to prosecute age of consent and child abuse related crimes within the state. One or more of these charges may be used to prosecute violations of the New York Age of Consent, as statutory rape or the New York equivalent of that charge. The severity of the criminal charge felony, misdemeanor, etc depends on the specifics of the acts committed and the relative ages of the perpetrator and victim.

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