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People of the following types are likely to strike the ISTP as similar in character, but with some key differences which may make them seem especially intriguing. The ISTP may find people of these types particularly interesting and attractive to get to know. Relationships between ISTPs and these types should have a good balance of commonalities and opportunities to challenge one another.

ISTP Relationships: Getting to Know the Craftsman

ISTPs may not feel an immediate connection with people of the following types, but on getting to know each other, they'll likely find they have some important things in common, as well as some things to teach one other. Although people of these types may not attract the ISTP initially, their relationships present a lot of potential to complement and learn from one other. People of the following types present the most potential for personality clash and conflict with the ISTP, but also the best opportunities for growth.

Because people of these types have fundamentally different values and motivations from the ISTP's, initially, it may seem impossible to relate.

But because they are so different, their strengths are the ISTP's weaknesses, and if they are able to develop a relationship, they can learn a tremendous amount from each other. I was so lucky to have my boss give me the Myers-Briggs test when I was I am an ISTP, and this answered so many questions I have had in my life that nobody was ever able to answer.

I finally realized why I was attracted to computers, and why databases, especially, were my first love. And I mean love.

Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving

Ha I discovered the use of ms access a couple years ago and since taught my self to build one up and now find any excuse to use it even though it can be annoyingly difficult to perform some basic tasks I can do in excel quickly: VBA is a slow learning process when your naff at languages lol. This is exactly who I am. Truly unbelievable how such a simple test can yeild such an accurate description of my personality. I'm a very practical person who likes to get things done rather than to sit around planning and discussing conceptual ideas.

While Math theories can be interesting to me, I find it to be a waste of time and effort, unless there is a practical application for it. Funny thing was, the other style i had to pick from had my role in what i would likely not become. I have to say it's inaccurate that ISTPs "shouldn't" become clergy. I'm only 17 and for the past 3 years I have been trying to find something that truly describes me. I found it hard to explain my personality to others. Then I found this. My first thought was "Finally, now maybe if others read this they might understand why I did the things I have done".

I'm skeptical of computers telling me what I am and how I am, but this was spot on.

What is ISTP and MBTI?

Even a little creepily accurate. The "computer" as you put it, is not telling who you are. It is a test that just so happens to be made available to take on a computer. I do hope you understand that. Just me being analytical as a result of your response: I'm part of a very small percentage. I had a lot of issues and was trying to be the opposite of who I really am. I finally accepted who I am and I really love myself and my life now that I think of myself as ISTP and allow myself to act within my true personality.

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You CAN be a mixture of them depending on the situation. Have a look at the cognitive functions. D it's the only thing that seemed fun to me even though I'm a girl. Wow, im actually really surprised at how accurate this was.

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Im a girl too, and sience my dream job was literally an electrician, I got teased a lot. It finally makes sense now They simply experience their lives on a moment by moment basis, and go along with it's natural flow. However, since most people need more commitment than can be offered when taking things day-by-day, the ISTP who wants to remain in a relationship will have to resolve themself towards being involved in a more traditional commitment. For most ISTPs, making a commitment to an intimate relationship will require an effort to stretch themselves outside of their comfort zones.

However, those who do so will realize that they can enjoy the benefits of a strong, committed relationship and still live their lives in the present tense.

ISTP dating and phases

ISTP's dominant function of Introverted Thinking is best matched with a partner whose personality is dominated by Extraverted Thinking. How did we arrive at this? Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness; For even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable. Their dislike of being controlled or controlling others extends to their children as well, and they're consequently likely to give their kids a lot of breathing room and space for individual growth. However, when discipline is required, the ISTP will be able to administer it without too much difficulty.

They may have difficulty mustering up the enthusiasm to discipline their kids, but once they get going they'll be effective.

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ISTP parents are likely to maintain a distance between themselves and their children. They do not feel a tremendous need to pass on their values to their children, or to influence their decisions in life. They're likely to rely on their mates for creating a structured environment for their children to live within. ISTPs do not like to be directed or controlled, and are not likely to direct and control others - including their children.

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They're likely to be relatively uninvolved with the daily happenings of family life, without making a conscious effort to keep interested. ISTPs will enjoy spending one-on-one time with their children pursuing outdoorsy activities, such as fishing, boating, hunting, etc. It is during these private moments that the ISTP will take the opportunity to get to know their children's perspectives, and to pass on the ISTP's interests and perspectives. As Introverted Thinkers, they also have some real substance to them which prevents them from being entirely frivolous and hedonic in their pursuits.

They are laid-back and flexible, and generally accepting of a wide range of behavior. These attributes make them valued friends and confidantes. ISTPs usually have a selection of friends who share their love of particular hobbies and pasttimes. They might have a friend who they ski with, and another who they shoot pool with, etc. They generally have no interest or patience with individuals who do not share their interests, and will spend little or no time with them. But away from him I get worried about where this is going and how rarely I hear from him NOT a planner!

We're not big fans of talking for th sake of talking, so don't expect us to call or text all the time.

Dating an ISTP personality type

We're not really big on planning either. Some structure is fine, but don't make it a habit to nag. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Going with the flow is hard for me-but I'm willing to try! We have a lot of fun together and fun is good for this ISTJ! Good note on nagging-just don't do it!