Dating someone not in college

The Truth About "Mixed-Collar" Dating — From the People Who Make These Relationships Work

Competition is fierce out here, cuz. Your date ideas will need to be on point, like relationshipgoals type stuff.

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Most college students have been on a few dates, and not many of them were that memorable. Dude, all of the girls she told about that date will all now be interested in dating you.

Dating a College Boy

Word will spread around fairly quickly, so things are looking up for you, my friend. If you break up with someone, do it at the end of the semester, not in week 7. Stress from school and your social life make a nasty combination, so avoid mid-term breakups at all costs. Looking for more dating advice? And I know it's the 21st century but it's sort of still ingrained in me to feel that since the guy is stereotypically the breadwinner and the one who takes care of important things, he should be more highly educated than me or at least be on the same level.

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But like I said, I wouldn't rule it out I need a woman who's at my intellectual level for sure, no question. I'm a writer who's majored in English and related subjects for years, so I have a large vocabulary. As an example, in my first serious relationship during my senior year of college, I was talking with my girlfriend who also attended the same school at the time about what the two of us were going to cook for dinner.

Dating in College and How Relationships Affect You

She made a suggestion, and I replied enthusiastically, "I wouldn't mind partaking of that at all. So yeah, I also need someone who's smarter than the average bear, so to speak. I'm still in college, and my boyfriend was not college educated, and I prodded and convinced him to sign up for college.

Even so, as a graduate I would typically not consider somebody with a high school background to date, because our life experiences would be so different, and I like to talk about intellectual things that basically only someone with a college background could follow and contribute to. College makes you a more intriguing person, a harder worker, a more critical thinker, and a more knowledgeable person: Well I am not a college graduate yet still working on it but I'm thinking my answer to your question is probably no. I have found that I just don't have the same interests as people who didn't go to college.

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I also like to have intelligent conversations and, although I am definitely not saying that people who don't go to college are not intelligent, I have found that people who haven't graduated from college have a harder time carrying on an intelligent conversation. So anyways, I think except for a few people, I probably wouldn't date a guy who didn't graduate from college. I'm in college and just got accepted to a highly competitive nursing program. The guy I'm dating is 8 years older and not college educated.

College graduates: would you date someone who is not college educated?

It's definitely not a deal breaker for me. I figure if he sees me making more money than him this is if we became serious , then maybe it'd motivate him to do something better. The guy I'm dating is a great guy.

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