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They were flown in to the hunting camps and not worth flying back out The glass is different than ones I have posted here before. I have not seen that Carpenter bottle before.

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In fact, I have not seen many. Even at the Toronto bottle shows I have not seen a Carpenter bottle unless someone got to it before I did. I've never been to that part of Montreal , it wouldn't of taken a big building back then to house a bottler I'm wondering if anyone on the quebec bottle site has seen it before or knows more Forum Bottle Forums What is it? Results 1 to 10 of Great photos, as usual sir. I'm with Jim on the part. This one is part of This Lot. See the timelines for distillery- and brand-specific information.

How old is my bottle? Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Timelines: Old Rip Van Winkle Timelines: Seagrams — Four Roses Timelines: Have whiskey to sell? How to Date Your Vintage Whiskey There are several clues to assist in identifying the year and distillery of whiskey bottles. Contact Us We are not affiliated with any brands mentioned. Before bottles in the USA were measured using the Imperial system pint, quart, gallon, etc.

Does your bottle of whiskey have a tax strip? Tax strips are the blue if exported , green or red strips that go up the side of the neck and over the cap and will either say U. If it says ATF on the strip then your bottle is from — Most of that info can be looked up online so you can narrow your date range by looking up who was in charge when the tax stamp was used.

How To Date A Bottle Of Whiskey - The Whiskey Jug

A little side note here. Though if the numbers have faded you can ball-park it by looking at the verbiage on the strip itself. Typically embossed on the bottle itself, though sometimes printed on the label, these words will date your whiskey to sometime between — I always save this for a last resort, but look at the bottom of your bottle. Is there a 2 digit date on the bottom?

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Likely there is and it could denote when the bottle was made. It does NOT denote when the whiskey was put in the bottle, as some suggest, but possibly when the bottle was made — or even when the mold for the bottle was made. It could also just be a proof number or something from the manufacturer and mean nothing at all in regards to age. Take these with a grain of salt. And speaking of Googling it….

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Another great way to figure out the relative date of your bottle is advertising. Search for your bottle by name in Google Books under the magazines. Bottle label designs can change over the years and advertising will always depict what the label looked like at that time so consumers could go out and get that exact bottle.

Old Forester’s 2018 Birthday Bourbon Will Have Highest Proof to Date

You can basically use advertising as a visual history of label changes. Using the info here you should have no problem figuring out at least a ballpark age for your dusty finds.

Nothing wrong with that. I found a bourbon bottle on the shore of Lake Arrowhead, California. Thick glass with a cork top.

How To Date A Bottle Of Whiskey

Looks like the bottle is dated to A long time under water. Thanks for the info. Great job pulling together many threads and putting them all on one page. This is extremely useful!

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Great work organizing all this info, Josh. I would hesitate to be so tight on the dates involving conversion from Imperial to Metric, however. I know I have one from Then again, Buffalo Trace claims Ancient Age began as a brand in , but I have a bottle of AA that claims, on a little paper label, that the bottle design is from … which is why I frequently am head-scratching on these sorts of dating techniques.

As of right now, from what I can tell, these guidelines will work for most bottles, but definitely not all. It has a IRS label and a 68 on the bottom. It is a great conversation piece while enjoying bourbon. Thank you for all the research and your fine presentation pictures are helpful! I have a bottle that has been in the family since early 60s. It has a metal pewter I think label. The neck of the bottle had metal lines down to the label. The label itself has a horse and rider jumping a fence..