Dating in lucid dreams

I was wondering this. Share Share this post on Digg Del. In my honest opinion, NO. And this is coming from someone who is engaged to a video game character and pursues on having lucid dreams about him. Besides, I do not see wanting to date someone in a dream who is based off a fictional character being wrong.

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Most people today would laugh at such things though honestly, despite what many would say, you should do what you feel is right and makes you happy. Do not let social norms tell you how you should live your life, especially in dreams.

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Last edited by MobianAngel; at I wouldn't invest too much in it, but it can be fun taking a dream character on a date. Well, I personally wouldn't do it. Lucid dreams are products of the cooperation of the subconscious and conscious parts of your brain.

8 Insanely Powerful Lucid Dreaming Tactics For 2018

So the subconscious can still affect that dream person you're dating. What if she turns into a monster? And still she's never real. Your access to this girl is limited to a successful attempt at lucid dreaming after the first time you've created her.

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What if you become too attracted? I'm not sure that is even possible though.

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Well I personally don't see anything wrong with it, I mean its just a fantasy as long as you don't prefer it to real life. Originally Posted by kamenriderbaron.

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As long as you don't get to much into it, it should be fine I mean - we even fantasies in waking life about our romantic pursuits, and it's totally OK as long as you don't get into creepy stalker mode because of it Dreaming about someone in that way is the same thing. You know, there's actually a movie that asks just that question: For me, this movie was a big disappointment.

Find Love Through Lucid Dreaming

The LD part is so wrong, that I dont recomend it for the beginers to look this movie, until they dont know, that is has nothing to do with real LD-ing. I really wanted to like it, but at the end I wanted to forgot it. The easiest way to become lucid is to perform reality checks. During the day you need to count your fingers on one hand multiple times.

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Can you guess what is going to happen next? Your finger counting technique will become a subconscious habit. When you first become lucid it will feel weird. You will probably wake yourself up within seconds a few times before you learn how to stay inside the dream world for longer than a few minutes.

Would dating in a Lucid Dream be bad?

It just takes time and patience, but you can make things easier by keeping your emotions under control. After you can stay inside for longer than a few minutes you can practice asking people out on dates. Just walk around slowly and speak to any dream characters you see. Jamie Alexander loves fighting giant gorillas, snowboarding down deadly mountains, and jumping out of helicopters without a parachute inside his lucid dreams , but when he is wide awake he writes about lucid dreaming over at Lucid Ability Dot Com.

Find Love Through Lucid Dreaming.

Experiment #2 - Meeting Dreams

January 10, Sunset Talks views. Ask People Out in Your Dreams Asking someone out in the real world is still impossible for most people. Tricking Your Subconscious Mind The easiest way to become lucid is to perform reality checks.