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Been together on and off for over 10 years, divorced and back together. The sex is incredible, but everything else sucks. We both know it won't work, but somehow end up back together every time one of us leaves. I am a Aries women , I have been dating a Libra man off and on for 3yrs now he asked me to marry him several times , but the problem is we can not get along , he always states that he is the man, I know that but he does not seem to believe that around me , he complains all the times always nagging he also drinks and is a flirty but claims he is not, he cheated on me with his ex girlfriend while I was staying with him, she told me when we finally came face to face all he talked about was me she said and she told me she called me a bitch because she got tied of him coming over her house telling her about what I have done now, but he know what he was doing he could have found a lots of people to talk too , he wanted her to get jealous to get what he wanted from her which was money like in the past she knew about me but I did not he kept that hidden he admitted he needed someone to talk to , but her ain't that a trip.

I admit I am jealous but I did not him see it, he is always telling about who likes him to see my reaction , but I don't let him see nothing , when he drinks he have talked to me so bad until now I miss him we just broke up again , we had just got back together three month ago before that we had just started talking again three weeks ago I see childish shit here he tell me I am selfish because I want let him move in after talking to me like a dog.

I'm kinda dating a Libra man. He is seems to be very balanced and business minded! The part that he is lazy works well for me cuz when I want to do things on my own he doesn't even bother being around.. As much as he is logical and intelligent he can be downright rude when he wants to I'm an Aries women and my guy is a Libra men. Sometimes I'm so confused about him.

At times he seems to be sooo loyal like he'll send me love message each and every day and talk to me on the phone everyday. But at the same time he would flirt with other girls like treating them super nicely and giving in to them , but he wasn't like that at all with guys! I just don't understand how Libra men defines the word 'flirting'. Wow from all above post it seems that Libra and Aries are hard to get along. Well this is disappointing since I like a Libra guy myself. By reading all this has kind of made me negative: But being an Aries female don't u agree that we mostly get attracted to those guys who knows how to keep us on our toes, we Aries long for excitement I think Libra guys are good at it.

I suspect people in unhappy relationships are more likely to post complaints than ones in awesome relationships are likely to post good comments. Having said that I've seen a few message boards here which are just huge worshipping sessions. Makes you kinda jealous lol. I love my Aries woman, but all things considered I'd say I'm fairly neutral on recommending vs. Crap lol that's what some of the posts above have been complaining about isn't it? I was in love with a Libra man until he cheated on me with an Aries.

I felt bad, but yes, our relationship was rocky because he could never make up his mind on anything. Being a cap and seeing that made me very depressed. But after the cheating scenario I got really depressed. He ended up staying with the Aries. In a funny way, after him I ended up meeting the real man of my life. I feel now every moment is heaven. And I feel sorry for the Aries woman who is staying with that Libra. He cheated on her and then she cheated on him. Its crazy for them. It is unfortunate for her that now she constantly has to hear what a good girlfriend I was to him.

He still has feelings for me. Chased me a bit. But the diamond I have in my life is incomparable and I would die but never leave him. Aries women, when it comes to choosing a mate go for someone who has it all. Libra men are way too below average. You will understand it only if you open your eyes and see the real kings of other signs waiting for you. I can definitely say that being in a "relationship" with a Libra man has it's good and it's bad I've been seeing a Libra man for almost a year I will go out with him and the girl I have a very high self esteem I am an Aries woman and have been married to an Libra man for 3 years.

Wow, this is sure surprising! I am an Aries woman and I seek out Libra men. I get along with them fabulously and find them hilarious, classy, very balanced, and extremely intelligent. I had a Libra boss once, and he was the best boss I ever had. What I've read here is so polar opposite to what I've experienced. I'm not discounting the posts at all, I just have had different experiences. What attracts me most to Libra men is that I find them anything but lazy I trait I despise.

My last boyfriend four months was a Libra Sure, we had to end it because he wanted more than I did out of the relationship. Now, I am seeing another Libra, eight years older than me, and he, too, is extremely ambitious investment banker , is hilarious, very refined and classy, a real man.

Oh, did I mention that they are fantastic in the sack? All I can say to other aries women is "don't give up". My Libra man always pushes me around and lies about many things. He is charming to me in the earlier marriage but his charm faded away as he becomes a married man maybe because he thought he got everything he wanted from me. He is delightfully sensitive but can be very stubborn.

We fought so many times, ending up hurting ourselves but he'd never wanna divorce me. I don't know whether that makes a good marriage or not. Aries female and Libra man are very compatible. They are both Ying and Yang, and opposites do attract. My Libra Man is extremely caring, loyal, considerate and attentative. We are both very attractive people, and we bring out the best in each other. He is very calm, and I can be crazy, but it balances out.

Which needs to be the case. I do not think you can base everything just on star sign alone, it also depends on other factors of such as time of birth, sun rising etc. When Aries women and Libra men generally meet, it is always like an electronic spark I have recently started liking a Libra.

The first time that we met we have a few mutual friends I ended up snapping on him because of a smart remark that he made. I am not sure if he is interested in friendship or romance because we have only ever hung out in a group consisting of me, him, and my best friend. I can't tell who he likes or if he is really interested in either of us. We communicate via text every other day but honestly he seems like the type that would have a lot of female friends. I am going to stay close and see if he makes a move After reading all of those posts, I am now absolutely completely terrified.

I just started dating a Libra man. We have an electric connection. Actually wants to take the time to make out. However, not to say there hasn't been times that something has been said or done by him where I don't go hmmm He was married before. Haven't had to nerve yet to ask how or why it ended. So, far he's very sweet, funny, artistic, scholarly, works a lot. All the things that I've read about the Libra Man, like the ones that are on this site paint a prettier picture than those stories above, sorry ladies. Time to find out his birth time and place so I can get the real run down.

Aries woman and libra man love compatibility

Wow reading all those post makes me sad. I am a Aries women an my Libra man treats me like the queen I am an spoils me cause he knows I deserve it. These two signs are very compatible I feel as if there our soul mates, even though there lazy an indecisive, for a Aries women we need that cause we love to be in control an love to cater to our men.

Another thing they may be flirts but so are we an you cannot say this is not so cause we are outgoing and we need our space, we always have too get our way because we need our attention. I have been seeing a Libra man since March. It can be so easy and electric. We both can't stop talking when we are together. We laugh together, we tell each other stories, it's just fun.

And yes the sex is amazing. But I can't deal with the disappearing and indecisiveness. He sometimes loves me to death then disappears for a week. He wants me as a friend but wants me as more at the same time without committing. He hates fighting or disagreeing, and ignores problems. He runs from problems, but loves to start fights. I wish it would work but I have given up.

It's just hard to get rid of him once I start to ignore him, because he becomes very sweet and cute and charms you all over again. We're like magnets, sometimes we get pulled closer and sometimes we can't get close, like those magnets that wont stick together, you know, you try to push them together, but they just wont stick.. But I would say that it is a good relationship because we Aries woman like the drama, the excitement and that its always changing..

Libra man and Aries woman

I have also tried many times to end the relationship, but it's like magnets, I just cant let him go, even if I do hate him at times.. The biggest problem we have, is that the communication isn't great.. Sometimes its like he speaks Russian an I Chinese.. We Aries woman also like a challenge, and what greater challenge than a Libra man? I am surprised, everything that you have mentioned is what I have experienced with my Libra man, especially the flirting issue and it hurts me so badly.

He is sweet,classy and intelligent. I am an Aries. Met this Libran guy when I was just in my teens.. Both of us were of same age. He was 7 months younger to me. We had great time Hugging, kissing whenever we got a chance. Was always crowded with my brothers that he hated but never told me. Unfortunately we never had sex. We broke coz of him flirting with my cousin. May be it was my perception seeing them together once. Met after 25 years. He is sattled I am sattled. Both staying in diffrent cities. But werealized that we both miss the presence of each other in our lives.

We talk on phone, send texts ,exchange emails. We are like lovers whithout meeting physically. He wants to come down to meet me. We planned to stay together for days. BUT damm , my morals don't allow me to do so. He keeps on telling me to say yes for this. Let us make up for the time lost. But I simply cant understand is it true love from his side or he just want me since we never did anything wron g during that time? I don't know I am confused. Should I go and stay with him for days or should I say no.

Mind you both of us are married and have Kids also.

Tell me what to do. I want him desperately no doubt but is it right? I have been married to a Libra man for 3 years. He is a wonderful man at times I think he lies in order to avoid conflict but he is more transparent now since I won't let him get away with it, He treats me like a queen, he is very loving. He doesn't flirt at least in front of me.

We both like to have fun and go to the movies. It is true that he expects women to be perfect but we are working on that issue and he has improved. I want to be married to him forever. I think it depends on the person, they might have similar traits but not everyone is the same.

I am an Aries woman who loves her Libra man. You guys have me scared to death. I just me a Libra man and he is all that is discribed above, the laziness I can't speak on thst just yet. A part of me wants to pursue this then the other half of me wants to run for the border. I am undecided at the moment from what i've read, I would like a lasting relationship that is fullfilling in every aspect. I am an Aries girl. I thought he was perfect.

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Yes I have been involved with a Libra man I was involved with another man at that time that didn? And bet this Libra man. To make a long story short. I continued to have sex with the Libra man It was like a butcher drawn to a piece of meat. I wanted a relationship but he continued playing emotional games with me and we just became only Lovers. I stayed with him for 5yrs and walked way because he wouldn? I am not sure what I wanted at that time, I was just in love. Once I fail in love he started making me feel bad, cracking colored jokes with his buddies in front of me.

But still continued to see him. He would c ause problems and every time I got upset he would accuse me of being volatile. It was almost as if the man was wicked! And perhaps he is wicked! My heart ached so much in that relationship I thought it was going to come out of my chest. One day ladies, I picked up that book, why men love bitches. And I used some tactics in that book. I put distance between us and packed up every little gift he ever gave me in 5years, I waited until he missed me, made love to him, and never returned!

I was ok for 3 years, after I begin to since his spirit of him calling me back I would phone him and see if he wanted me back, he never found the right words to say, I felt his spirit for 7years and once a year I would phone him. One day ladies, I was taking a shower and felt and over whelming vibration coming from him I cried because I realized that I still loved him and I also realized he was not good for me and I knew that I couldn?

So I begin emailing him and my intuition was correct. I see that he loved and miss me. He wanted to come visit him, he tried to visit me Some of emails were telling him how much he hurt me, some told him that I still loved him; others told him that I hated him, others were encouraging. Although I have not returned in 7 years, we are speaking to each other as if we never departed. I feel close to him but we are far apart from each other.

There is allot to this story Although I am No longer in love with his man? It is an unusual attraction.

Libra Man And Aries Woman Compatibility

He's not in my heart but sometimes I feel that I cannot live without his communication. And I am sure sometimes he feels that he can? I am Aries a woman, strong willed with direction! And my man here is a Libra man with revolving doors with everyone women he ever slept with. He is hard to deal with but very charming at times.

He has two different personalities a serious side that makes you think that you have real man and a boyish character with a reticent ,collegiac like charm that draws you back in. The arguments between a Libra and and Aries Women is both want to be in charge of the game. This happens once he? It is important to never allow a man to know that you? Always let him know in your own way that you have options. Know man want a desperate woman, regardless if he is a Libra or Not!

Now I want you to understand about a Libra man They will buy you everything and will want to be with you every step of the way. Once you capture their heart, you have they? Make No mistake about that! Even if they are seeing other women?. Sex is just sex with a Libra man. And just because they are sleeping with another women, it doesn? The one with his heart is who win? All you have to do is keep yourself grounded and on top of the game, and you will Win everything including that life commitment leading to marriage.

Girls I want you to also understand, Libra? What draws them to women is there charm and ability to understand women emotions. Libra have the ability to think like a women?. So they play that game to keep your interest! Ladies, you have to flip that script! If a man play to hard to get, than stop contacting him?.

When he calls you? If you need to cry, cry to your girlfriend or behind closed doors. Tears are ok once you have captured your man in a commitment leading to marriage. Let me tell you what my Libra did today to me? I have been telling him for 7 years? He had all of my emails blocked at his job.

I was in state of shock! It was just so unusual. So I set up a different email address and ask him?. NO WAY that he would want me out of his life? He wanted to see what I would do??! This is what I mean, when a Libra man loves you?. Although this might of made him feel good today?. It is still in my best interest and the game is still in my favor because now I know his true feelings.

The best thing to do in such a situation like such is too stop contacting him! Let him come to you and express his undying love. Aries, you understand that we like challenges and we like to conquer! This is why you are drawn to a Libra man because of the challenge to conquer him BUT once you get him I kid you Not you will not want that Libra man once you have captured him.

So enjoy the chase and the drama that goes along with it. And if you are serious about this Libra man and you are sure that you want to spend your entire life with him: Understand a Libra man enjoys the chase from a woman?

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Act Rich, powerful, but still be feminine and needy of his love. Let him know that you need his love. When you see him? He was exciting, made me feel things I'd never felt before. Uh, but he wasn't a great kisser, have to say as he never spent much time on the kissing part. He was fabulous in bed, when he wanted to be He lied, he flirted, he made me wonder several times about his fidelity. Oh but he was a challenge, gotta give him that. He could really pour on the charm! And like the gal's input above, his spoken love Was it real or was it a means to an end And I know full well the difficulty you speak of when trying to break free from your tie to a Libra male.

Don't fully understand it, but do know it is possible to hate them and love them at the same time. Wanting them and knowing full well you'd be smart to run! They need you so much, want you with them every moment, but you're not sure they are in control of their urges What do they do when you aren't looking? Oh they are so much fun You hang on to them until they break your heart and move on to the next gal who isn't savy to their ways I've known my Libra man for 6 yrs plus and we were 2gether for about 4 months day and night for those months. We had growing up 2 do so we split and I hated him.

We became friends when we saw each other and agin but I was in a serious relatioship the time. When we finially got back 2gether I had 2 get used 2 the new him. But since he had all the girls he was ready 4 the real thing.


I was ready 4 an attentive loving loyal man. I'm still young and sexy and so is he so we'll never what will happenbut Its been a year now and he's my best friend and lover. Always 2gether and I pray it goes well. Were not perfect but if you want it enough you'll make it work. Thus, he is likely to have a very large group of friends with consistent room for more as his search continues. Upon finding the love of his life, his social behavior may decrease as long as his partner is willing to give him ample time.

The Aries woman is also pretty social and known for not being picky about her friends. She is used to being questioned as to how she can stand friends that are dodgy, mischievous or act like jerks, but as long as those traits are not forced onto her by peer pressure, she welcomes nearly anyone and remains relatively unchanging herself. Both signs are exceedingly loyal, honest, and willing to lend a hand to friends in need.

For long-term relationships, Libra's intense desire for a partner causes him to be somewhat of a hopeless romantic. As passion is what he seeks, the ram is perfect for him. All fire signs are passionate in nature and the Aries warrior woman is no exception, revealing her soft and sensual side within the confines of an intimate relationship. Sex with an Aries woman is hot, passionate, and lusty as she knows no other way. She surges with energy in all other parts of her life, and the bedroom is no different.

Libra men may be more interested in a partner that they can wine and dine with but they will likely never feel loved as strongly than they do with an Aries woman. She will initiate almost all encounters which are bound to be frequent, but the Libra man should not expect any outlandish kinks with his straightforward partner. It would be disingenuous to say this long-term relationship will not have its fair share of fighting, but between Libra's cooperative and diplomatic nature and Aries' determination to never fail, nearly all issues can be fairly worked out.

Aries women are almost always competitive and ambitious. Slacking off in the workplace is practically unheard of, unless by a stubborn reaction to being controlled. She works hard and tackles any unexpected difficulties with vigor but will struggle to bring herself to ask for help if it is beyond her ability. While Aries thrives in leadership positions, Libra is the king of teamwork.

He makes sure everything runs smoothly and fairly, and thus, in reality, can be a better leader than Aries when pushed to it. The Libra man excels in occupations that allow his creativeness to blossom and doesn't penalize him too hard for slow decision making. Together, they make the perfect team, balancing out traits that could cause issues with coworkers and consistently focused on getting the job done. Aries and Libra being directly apart from each other on the zodiac wheel mean both conflict and extreme attraction.

Many are initially skeptical about their ability to succeed together but opposites attract is a relationship saying for a reason. In this pairing, whether as friends or lovers, you will constantly be in a period of bond-strengthening growth that is anything but negative. Never doubt your capabilities or assume those of an acquaintance as everyone is unique. If you are still looking for love, it is often because what you thought was great has failed you, so consider taking an unconventional approach.

Don't pass up the charming Aries or the warm love of a Libra man solely on sign and differences alone. Talk to a love and relationship psychic on Keen to learn more! Astrology Advice A match between a Libra man and an Aries woman often has onlookers scratching their heads in confusion.