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Does he want to be around your family or does he try to dodge and avoid any family activities? One reason for dating is to find out how the young man interacts with your family? What is he like around children? Do children find him approachable and friendly or avoid him like the plague? Does he even like them or find them rather irritating?

Does he tease them? Does he play with them to the exclusion of other adults? That speaks a lot about his attitude about children. How does he treat his mother? Do you want to be treated the way he treats his mother? Does he resent her or does he show her respect? Does he speak ill of his mother and call her all kinds of inappropriate disrespectful names?

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Because the way he treats his mother will be the same way he will treat you later. Do not fear finding out the truth. Marriages are based upon truth.

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Does he have some noticeable negative traits? Make a list of everything that others tell you about your boy friend. If he never changed one thing for the rest of his life, could you still live with him and love him? Chances are he is not going to change much after you get married. If he has an immoral life now, chances are that he will later also find you boring also. Has he been inappropriate with you? Do you really think you are the first girl that he has treated that way or that you will be the last?

Does your pastor approve of your boyfriend? Marriage is a spiritual activity. Pastors are not there to deliberately hinder your marriage. Pastors desire that you have a blessed union and happiness. If during the pre-marital counseling sessions, your pastor has reservations about your marriage partner, you should delay the marriage until that reservation is adequately resolve.

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As a pastor I have watch the daughters of Christian friends marry men whom in my honest opinion was not good for them. But as an outsider I had no say in the matter. Many of these marriages have since ended up in divorce after two to three years. If your pastor says no, he must have a good reason to say so. Can you easily communicate with each other? If your conversation is strained, difficult to maintain and punctuated with long periods of silence, something is wrong.

Today it is common place to see couples, the moment they are seated to take out their cell phones, and other electronic devices and mess with them for long period of time.

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This is a recipe for disaster in a relationship. The long silence is shouting out to you. You are not the main attraction, something else is. If your dates consist of messing with the cell phones or watching TV, you have a serious relationship problem that will get worse with time, especially if the cell phone or TV breaks down. Is he an expert at everything?

The self appointed expert is often an insecure, argumentative, compulsive control freak. Has he gotten into an argument with your parents and friends over trivial matters? Is winning an argument a big thing with your boyfriend? Is he never wrong? Worse yet, he blames others for everything that goes wrong. Eventually he will start blaming you. The poorest judge of a man is the girl who is in love with him.

Listen to those who love you.

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Listen to the warning signs of a probable bad relationship; even listen to those who had made mistakes. Their hurt has great wisdom. Most of all, listen to your parents or other loved ones that know you best. They are a better judge of character than the young lady in love They can see things to which a lover is blinded. Those who love you are looking out for your best interest. Love is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately it can take a normally wise young lady and make a fool out of her.

Whom you date is an extremely important decision. For now I only hv my daughter. If you think I'm interesting, and wish to know more about me, do get in touch wif me: I am a loving and caring person.. For me it is sad to see when some people said they love god but they treat god creature badly..

Ture love is really true when there is an action about it.. I will stand for my faith and rightness.. I am simple and an easy going type, I can be a little shy around new people but once you get to know me I hope you'll see that I'm a GOD fearing Christian, friendly, kind and honest person.

I'm a nice guy looking for a nice young lady. If there's anything else you wish to know about me and just feel free to ask me and I ll be more than glad to to let you know.

What difficulties can you face while trying to meet Christians?

I m quite new with the online dating experience but I m optimistic I will find a good soul mate here. I do love to cook and I also like to travel to new destinations and watch foot-ball or soccer and movies Easygoing and simple minded. Ain't looking for any serious relationship here since for me we cant simply be in relationship with someone we barely know.

Im just here for someone to talk with, someone with the same interest of mine, someone to share bout faith and how God beautifully guided me through my life. Within Exactly this location 5 miles 8 miles 10 miles 15 miles 25 miles 35 miles 50 miles 75 miles miles miles miles.

Honour everyone I love to talk to people who can make me laugh. Every soul is precious Driven and respectful.

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I'm just a humble person I'm just a humble person looking for someone who can understand me. Anything I am a loving and caring person.. God provides A broken soul trying to find another soul to heal. Hi im new here for serious relationship Im simple n cool type.