2ne1 dating ban not lifted

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Take an exclusive look at what went down during A. The host also assured Dara that the right man will come around soon. Dara also revealed her desire to do a solo album of acoustic material. Girlfriend, Japan debuts on May IU, 50 million won donated to the Association of Deaf Girlfriend, Japan debuts on May IU, 50 million won donated to the Association of Deaf Seungyeon released teaser on new upcoming Japanese mini album 'Blue Sky'.

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MCM unveils full-scale casual fashion pictures with Wanna One. I don't remember who the last sponsor scandal was about, though. Ugh I regret posting it because it was an unconfirmed rumor but it was the girl who rapped on their track 'Chewy'. Yeah i don't know enough about her, I only followed them briefly and when Hami left, well they haven't done anything since.


I don't think their replacement rapper Eunju left on a good note either, it was sudden and now she's a model with a new IG account. I'm sure that Americans working in the Korean kpop scene have intimate knowledge about all the sponsorships and prostitution among idols unknown to all fans. I don't know what you mean by this but these people have worked with numerous agencies, including at least one of the big 3 and at least semi-regularly hang out with idols and trainees including some of the biggest So when they refused to comment about this subject I really think it was because the problem is much more widespread than just a few isolated idols That's kind of funny in a sad way because I remember an interview a few years ago where Dara said she was sad because guys wouldn't ask her for her number.


Yeah, an interesting question is whether she intentionally tried to follow the dating ban or if it just happened because she couldn't actually get a date. I remember an ex-trainee saying she was always texting some dude. I wonder if it was really that guy or someone else The dating ban was for three years since debut, so it would have been in effect from May to May There was the small scandal about CL with Mino, but that was caused by photos photoshopped together by fan-shippers, and it was quickly dropped.

Other than that, I can't think of anything. Okay I was a pretty big 2ne1 fan back in the day but I have never heard of this song or MV. How in the hell did that happen lmao. Just watched it and didn't love it so, guess I wasn't really missing out?

Breaking: TWICE dating ban lifted : kpop

Ash Stymest's part was weird, just random black and white clips interspersed with 2NE1 clips? I'm surprised Ash and CL even met lol, definitely looks like the video wasn't filmed together. This is where a lot of the "It's gotta be you" references came from, especially once Bom went on hiatus. I was definitely less involved in , but I always kept up with new music and big updates or so I thought Can't say I've ever noticed any 'It's gotta be you' reference, or if I did I didn't realise it was a reference lol.

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Eh, Gotta Be You is probably my favorite song off the Crush album. The MV seems like a huge after thought. The dance practice video is more enjoyable to me. The article conveniently left out: In my opinion, the whole "dating ban" thing is just a marketing strategy and there is obviously no dating ban. If there was a dating ban , we would have been bound to regulary see things like this this or this.

I think it's not fully enforced in kpop than it is with jpop.

DARA says, “Dating ban lifted but nothing’s changed”

In kpop it's more of a rule to keep their idols in line, make them focus on the group more in it's critical early stages. Also means they can avoid dating scandals and the like which again can cripple a group that's just starting. But yeah it's obvious plenty of kpop idols break the rules, I'm sure the agencies are aware of it too but don't do anything unless the idols themselves get caught.

How is a dating ban even allowed for idols over 18, this is really ridiculous. I get why companies do it, I just don't get why they're allowed to. Plus you sign a contract and who knows what ridiculous terms and conditions are in there.

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