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They really hooked this space up. What an amazing transformation. Rae, it's a miracle. Chels, they haven't even started yet. Good, 'cause this place is a dump. I know this is against the rules. But they're gonna kick me out for a whole 24 hours. So I want you to know exactly what I want my room to look like. But I don't know how you're gonna fit in that tiny bed, Rae. Raven Baxter, do you know what time it is? Yes, I do, Sly! It's time to Hook Up My Space!

Now, before we boot you out of here, we're gonna bring in the person in charge of your makeover. But, Chels, didn't you No. Well, then who did?

All right, people, let's get this show on the road. Your little brother Cory wrote us a heartfelt letter about how he wanted to give his sister the dream room she deserves. Yeah, and, don't worry Raven. I'm gonna hooked you up big time. Look what sister made for you. It says "world's best brother," because that's what you are. You're just kissing up to me 'cause I'm decorating your room.

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Here's the new wallpaper I picked out for you. Boy, are you I'm gonna I'm sorry.

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I meant cowboys, they're so They're so cute. Wouldn't you like to know what I like? But, Cory, come on. I was thinking like really fun paint colors like passion peach. Yeah, I'm sure you were. But I like cowboys, so, let's giddyup. This is my one chance for a beautiful room. Please, do not make this ugly, ok? What is that ugly thing?

Hey, that's a lamp to go with your new wallpaper. That doesn't match the wallpaper. You can't do this to me. To quote my favorite sister, don't take it personally. It's just an opportunity I had to take advantage of. You're not supposed to be here. We got to go downstairs and see what you're doing to my room, homie.

Yeah, well, I'm sure your curiosity can wait.

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He got cowboys and bowling pins. He's trying to sabotage my room. You know the rules. I won't tell anybody. Man, my own fitness center. Man, we are gonna be so buffed, yeah, tell me about it. Ok, here's the plan. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we're gonna do upper body. Then Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, we're gonna do lower body. Then Sunday, we flex. Slow down there, slick.

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You might wanna give these to me. You might wanna start with those lighter ones over there.

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So, what you saying, my brother? Because these are pink. No, no, no, no. Man, I just meant, you know, it's obvious you haven't worked out in a while, and I didn't want you to hurt yourself. Well, I wouldn't be the one talking, Mr.

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B, because I've seen you break a sweat trying to open up a jar of pickles. They vacuum-pack those things. Hey, come on, now. Let's start off, say, with, With 10 reps each, ok? That'll give you time to rest while I do my Did I say 10? Why your arms quivering? That's what happen when steel starts to form. Why your legs buckling? Hey, they're not buckling. I'm dancing because this is so easy.

Rae, are you sure you're not gonna get in trouble for being here?

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Chels, it's driving me nuts. I have to see what Cory's doing to my room. Now, remember, if anyone asks, I'm Pat and you're Chris. Now, fix your mullet. That's your hair, Chris. Yep, that's good work right there. We would know that 'cause, we're workers, too. So we're just gonna get into some work right now.

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