Police officers dating dispatchers

Am I wrong in saying that it really doesn't bother me in the least? Sure, I agree that people should get a room or take it home, but is consenting office hanky panky an offense that one should lose their career over. The worst I ever caught was couple coming out of a porta-john together.

I understand primal urges as much as the next guy, but is there anything more disgusting than a porta-john? My personal policy on this has been pretty much to exercise extreme discretion. Of course when I happen upon this type of activity I do take steps to ensure that what is happening is consenual and the people are advised that that type of activity is not acceptable in the workplace.

I will jot a quick e-mail or leave a quick voicemail to my boss just to cover myself. But, in general, I have never seen anyone outright fired over some passionate moments in the workplace. September 19th, Christopher Donovan, 36, exchanged sexually explicit messages with the two women over a police department messaging system, according to police. He resigned in June after supervisors began an investigation. The two dispatchers, Catherine Goodfield and Jennifer Street, also have resigned.

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Donovan, Goodfield and Street could not be reached for comment Thursday. Torrington Mayor Ryan Bingham said the actions involved only three people who no longer work for the police department and should not reflect on the officers who work hard each day to safeguard city residents. Donovan and Goodfield, 41, had sex during lunch breaks at the police station, and in parking areas at the Torrington Industrial Park and Torrington Middle School, beginning in February or March, according to documents from an internal investigation. Guess I'll have to think of something," she replied.

I thought of the gun room," he wrote. In April, Donovan started having sex with Street, 23, in the department's women's locker room during lunch breaks, authorities said. Police officials opened an investigation May 24 after a dispatcher interrupted Donovan and Street in the women's locker room. The dispatcher heard rustling while she used the toilet. On her way out, she ran into Street, who said she had spilled soda on her clothing and needed to change.

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But the dispatcher had seen an officer's stun gun and holster on a cabinet in the locker room and noticed that Street returned to work in the same clothes, according to police. The dispatcher shared her suspicions with supervisors. In a signed statement to police, Donovan said, "I truly regret everything I've done in regards to this. Contact Hilda Munoz at hmunoz courant. I certainly do not condone that type of activity in a workplace supposedly our intellect allows us to control those primal urges , but the glaring mistake these individuals made was using the Police messaging system which obviously keeps record logs and disrespecting the department's facilities ie.

Originally posted by Maelstrom View Post. I don't think anyone will condone the behavior, but is it enough to get canned over? Usually police unions are so strong that I am surprised this resulted in the 3 losing their gigs. Originally posted by CorpSec View Post. Last edited by Badge ; , Not to mention breaking the laws they are paid and sworn to enforce. How would it look if they were caught by someone else?

The suprising thing is they resigned, yet their names are still given. That's something that's usually an option to keep it private, keep you record clean, etc. Last edited by integrator97 ; , It isn't what it used to be. Here again is an example of those people we ask our youth to look up to and respect have tarnished the image that individuals like myself have endeavored to maintain.

Posit in the dust! Enjoy the day, Bill. Originally posted by Badge View Post. I think these people got what they deserved. I have seen people fired for doing their Christmas shopping on line; fixing something from home in the company shop; having sex on the boardroom table; sleeping, etc. All of these activities are stealing. Stealing time from an employer is as serious as stealing his physical property. Time thieves should be fired. I mean WTF they've been dating 11 freakin' days!

I love my brother with all of my heart and I don't want him hurt! Me and this girl did NOT get along in high school. She would always look at me wrong and talk smack behind my back, I will not settle for her being my future sister in law.

Police officers dating dispatchers?

Does this co worker crap work out? No arrogant ones, I'm already pissed off enough the way it is!! This girl dated one of my best guy friends and she cheated on him like a dog.

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I've even seen the pictures. Trust me, they were not so hot, hahaha. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? In my opinion, No It will not work out if she is bad to cheat on guys But, if you tell ur brother anything or try to stop it Putting aside your personal feelings toward the dispatcher in question, there are a number of issues with dating co-workers. If they work for the same department there could come a time she could claim hostile work environment, sexual harrassment etc.

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I have worked with a dispatcher who's son was a deputy and she totally lost it when he got into a situation that wasn't that sticky. Proffesional Peace Officer of 23 years, Patrol Supervisor. Some of these relationships do work out.


I would be careful of a cop dating a dispatcher due to the possibility of her reaction if he gets in deep doo-doo in the field while she is supposed to be dispatching. If she can't control herself, there could be a lot more problems. Stop getting involved with this period. If your brother get fired for dating at work, how will you feel, you willknow you basically wasted his time in college, training,a nd reputation.

Grow up and stop thinking about that girl, very immature. Let your "Grownup" brother live life and you live yours. I hope you find someone everyone loves whoever you start dating,although you dont deserve it with such an evil heart. Seriously, learn to stop being like you are, why waste thoughts and bad and angering thoughts, you will feel HAPPIER if you think about fun happy things! Related Questions Can police officers look up previous "warnings" no tickets if you get pulled over? Can the police investigate people they're dating just out of curiosity?