Hook up while drunk

Some women have reported being fat-shamed by a drunk partner; something that obviously would be an immediate buzzkill.

Ten reasons not to hook up drunk | Flat Hat News

Perhaps one of the most embarrassing things that can happen during sexy-time is when you or your partner accidentally fart. This is particularly true during a first time hook up. Alcohol is an irritant to the entire gastrointestinal system.

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As a result, it creates gasses as a way of evacuating itself of waste and toxins. How booze makes depression worse. Certain types of alcohol, such as beer, are more likely to make you fart.

1. Alcohol dulls the senses

Most commercial beers are injected with gas as part of the manufacturing process. In addition, ethanol, a key ingredient in beer, also promotes gas formation within the digestive tract. Even small amounts of booze can cause lapses in memory. Take a moment right now and reflect on the last time you shared intimacy while intoxicated. How much of it do you really remember? Chances are, not much. But if your goal is to experience something pleasurable and memorable, you might want to skip the booze altogether.

Remember there is always a morning after. Apart from boosting the immune system and helping […].

2. Lowers inhibitions

Does this leave you feeling rejected and confused? Wondering what to do about it? If the answer is […]. Copyright Guy Counseling. Drinking, alcohol and sex Have you ever had a drunk hookup? John Moore is a journalist and blogger who writes about a variety of topics.

His interests include technology, outdoor activities, science, and men's health.

Follow him on LinkedIn. Previous 5 Tips for Buying a Car on the Cheap. October 11, John D. April 23, Tyler Fortman Men's Blog. Staying sober can help you make the important choices necessary to protect yourself. So, there you have it, 10 reasons not to engage in drunken sex. She is a list-making task master … in bed.

Ten reasons not to hook up drunk

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10 Things About Drunk Hookups that Might Surprise You

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