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Then again, I've never gone past anything a couple years. Escape Goat Member Sep 16, Jun 6, 76, 0 0 36 DC. But if you're looking for "the one" you probably should consider the stages of life you're both in and if thats going to be compatible.

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Sep 15, 3, 0 0. But those pts seem pretty spot on to why older dudes would date younger women especially guys that next had not had much luck in their own younger days. Black Republican Member Sep 16, Mar 21, 15, 0 31 Ontario,Canada. Oct 14, 2, 0 0. I'm 28 and I tend to date from The dude saying it's easy to impress them is completely right. It's way easier to tell a younger broad of a really weird dive bar and have them say yes than someone older. Also in experience they are way more open to doing drugs and staying out really late.

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Plus a naked 22 year old compared to someone older is a much better sight usually. Feb 13, 5, 0 0 Louisiana. Mesousa Member Sep 16, Jun 2, 6, 0 0 Marietta,Georgia. It seems easier when you get older. When I was I couldnt get a girl in thate age range to even notic me, but now in my mid 20's its a lot easier. Hell, I even get approached now.

Nothing has changed but my age.

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Aug 16, , 18 0. Renzoku Banned Sep 16, Feb 18, 1, 0 0. I ain't sayin' you a goldigger Jan 21, 8, 1 0 Arlington, VA. I mainly just try to go after women that say 'yes' when I ask them on a date. NaturalHigh Member Sep 16, Sep 7, 3, 0 0 Xenia, OH.

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I am 26 and find it hard to be attracted to any girl over It is a wall they just start appearring way older to me. I am not big on either. They look like babies. So I dont fucking know anything. Kanik Sonic handles my blue balls Sep 16, Jun 15, 9, 1 Feb 19, 20, 0 0 NYC. Men date younger women because they are younger and more attractive.

AdrianWerner Banned Sep 16, Dec 27, 17, 0 0 www. Strictly Member Sep 16, Feb 13, 0 0 London. Oddly enough, as a 28 year old I can score more dates with girls than I ever could when I actually was at that age. So I believe a lot of it is also to do with sowing those oats you never could do earlier.

Future PhaZe Member Sep 16, Oct 4, 26, 0 0. Never found a correlation between age and how outgoing a woman can be, but I have found that naturally older women are usually more career ready and responsible, which appeals to my interests more. Pau Member Sep 16, May 3, 11, 0 0. My boyfriend didn't go out of his way to date younger, nor did I go out of my way to date older.

But hey, it works for us. Although I don't think we really fit into the some of the points made.

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So Im a cougar hound because I love to have someone whos willing to be old fasioned and well mannered. Not like these 19 22 year olds who are fixed on their phones more than the actual date itself. It pisses me off when a girl dates her phone instead of me than to actualy have an intellegent appropriate conversation one on one.

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I feel sure that you know the "stages of ages" lol-my little pun It's more about morals and values, ability to communicate with each other.. Society still sees alot of relationships as morally wrong from mixed races, to same sex, and age difference.. Women will always be looked at differently for doing exactly what a man might do..

Regardless of your choices in life; there will always be someone that disagrees with what you do, say, or feel. Life is hard enough to live alone with self respect. We face challanges everyday. I say, put the age thing aside, if it's right, it's right.. Never mind all that crap. My wife may not have quite 10 years on me, but she's definitely happier with me than she's been with the older losers she's had. And I help keep her young! Men get stodgy and stagnant when they reach a certain age, an older woman could only enrich her life by engaging in a relationship with a younger man.

That's my story anyway, and I'm sticking to it. Related Questions Older women dating younger men? Why are people more accepting of older men dating younger women rather than older women dating younger men? Why is it ok for older men to date younger women but when older women date younger men it's unacceptable? Answer Questions A girl brushed up against me to talk to me, what does it mean? My boyfriend asked for sex, but I'm on my period, What do I do?

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