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So many people are finding love online, so why wouldn't you try it? Page 1 of Beauty with Brain Simple lady who loves traveling, spend my leisure tym with friend or home reading novals. Open minded Black lady ,outgoing,free,kind and lovely seeking a serious man.. Not here for games.. I can't wait to have fun with my soulmate more. At that time I was a little angry. She was treating me like a kid who did not know anything, I mean, you know how you would show a child how to peel a banana?

A few days later, I told the shopkeeper friend what had happened and he explained it all. She asked me how to approach you, and I advised her that you are the shy type so she should take a lead in everything. I guess she scared you off with her boldness. I wish she had taken the lead in a less subtle manner. The most common trick, and probably the most effective still, is when they claim to be virgins, or to have never been kissed.

It that excites a certain instinct in men. You see, men want to have bragging rights — Speke: I was the first man to climb Mount Elgon! The first time a girl used the trick on me, I fell for the trap, and was utterly disappointed to find that she was not a virgin. I was really disappointed. The second time it happened, the girl looked the innocent type, but when we kissed, hmm, she was an expert.

I swear I did not! A while back when I had a day job, I shared an office with a certain woman and so we spent nearly eight hours together every day. After five months, I knew everything about her husband, and especially how he could not satisfy her, and how she had always wanted a dark, tall guy who did not tuck in his shirts…. I got the hint, but nothing happened. I was so relieved when a third workmate joined our office. This one a little bit of a spectacular disaster. You see, I have a poor sense of smell.

Sometime in , I was dating this bombshell, and it went on for a few months without things moving forward. I did not know she was thinking the same thing, and that she had decided to let me know with a perfume. But I have a poor sense of smell, and so I did not notice her perfume. I wondered if they had started producing scented water.

I sniffed at my bottle. Shortly after, she excused herself and went to the bathroom.

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When she came back, she again picked up the water bottle and sniffed at it. I did wonder why she thought the mineral water bottle would smell differently after she visited the bathroom, yet it stayed on the table. If she had taken it to the toilet, that would have been a different matter, I would have thought she had peed in it or something, but she left it behind, and believe me, her question troubled me a lot. I nearly told her that I noticed the smell, out of politeness, for she seemed very eager for me to realize the water companies had started packing scented water, but I am the honest kind, so I said I did not notice the smell.

But she kept talking in metaphors, and so she kept going to the bathroom, and adding the perfume, and adding, until eventually everyone in the restaurant was sneezing. Before she could reply, a waiter approached us. He had a handkerchief over his nose, and he spoke firmly.

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You have to leave. I caught up with her on the pavement outside the restaurant. She was trying to flag down a boda, but oh gash, each boda who came close to her rode off very quickly without even bothering to ask her anything. She was in near tears. I wonder how she got home. They are free to watch on YouTube.

10 Things That Put Off a Ugandan Girl and Spoil Your Chances of dating her

Naye do you know how expensive making a good quality film is? You Might Also Like: When to Kiss is to Sin: Am ready to love and care regardless of what comes our way. I am grateful for your blog, comments and responses made by different individuals. Hopefully when I succeed and go through the interracial dating experience in the future, I can be a better person. Why is it a childhood dream to marry a non-Ugandan? While growing up, I have always looked at dating a person of a different race and culture as very interesting to me. However, intimate relationships really test us to the core.

It is quite different to be able to live with them — and their differences — day in day out. They have to be able to live with you too as well! How can he profess love for you when you only just let him?

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Did I say all guys are liars? Being attracted to someone and wanting to settle down with them are two completely different issues. Mixed relationships are not as easy as you might think. We are brought up to think and act a certain way without even knowing or understanding why. As a British woman, I can tell you that I expect a male partner to pull his weight in relationship and that means help out around the home, do some of the cooking, help with childcare, the supermarket etc.

I expect have my own money, my own career and my own life. See whether you can get your head around that lot! Am Wilson From Uganda. I really love every comment here some inspire why others are hurting.

Online Dating On the Rise in Uganda

Now, i have an issue at hand and i really need advise. I have been with my girl friend for now 8 years we have two beautiful daughters one Karen Another called Kirsten. I love her so much but a issue is ever since i met, we have been with problem because of men. I get to know but i never leave her i have tried to talk to her but she does not change. Worse still we take long to have sex infarct we might take a month without it and i have been thinking starting moving out to look for satisfaction though i know its not a good idea.

I love her and i do not want our children to grow without their parental love. But i have started loosing feeling for her.

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Congratulations on being a father to two girls. Let me start with the most obvious thing: It does not necessarily mean she is with another man but it does mean that you two are not as close as you used to be. I would advise against it just now. If it comes to it, you can love and support your children without being with your girlfriend, not so?

Your own happiness is also important. My advise is to talk to your girlfriend. If you have never challenged her on the fact she sees other mean, then she clearly thinks she can do as she pleases — but for how long? This situation cannot go on forever without someone getting hurt. Lastly, have you considered your sexual health? This may not be easy but you deserve better and you have the power to make yourself happier than you are now. Am not contradicting myself the fact that i have a girl friend who has given me two beautiful daughters and may be having such issues as stated in my first text.

Do not get me wrong here but am being truthful. It is not for me to judge your sanity but know that dating from a different race can be really quite complex — especially if you have a serious relationship. It sounds to me as if you should sort out your issues with your baby mama before you look to start with another woman, black, white or whatever. I can tell you this though: It is interesting that the things we worry about our men, are the very thing white girls find wrong about them…The universe is speaking, Ugandan men need to up their game. I have a girlfriend who is in love with a man in Uganda she has never met.

I tried to convince her to be realistic to no avail. How can I check if he is married etc. This sounds like an awkward situation for you. For example, a couple may have had a traditional marriage but not a state registered one. The man in question may not be married yet he could still be committed to someone. He may have children with one or more women and in my experience may not feel he has to share that information.

10 Things That Put Off a Ugandan Girl and Spoil Your Chances of dating her -

My WhatsApp is [deleted]. We can take it from there. Muzungu blogger connect a brother. This is not a dating site. I am dating Uganda man but I do not know he is always talking about how mucg he loves me and he want kids with me and Marty me but there is something I suspect that he is dishonest. Hi Miss D I can tell you what my girlfriends and I would say: Sometimes you have to trust your instincts. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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The day my suitcase got upgraded to business class January 9, Uganda for beginners — introduction for new expats December 13, How to take your dog from Uganda to the UK. How to date a Ugandan Aug 6, Ugandan men can be handsome and very charming. And what have I got? My fingers burned — more than once … I love the idea of having a relationship with a Ugandan man but the reality of mixed relationships is harder than I thought it would be, for many reasons.

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