Dating commercial airline pilot

I want answers and I won't stay with someone who doesn't put in any effort and is using me. I will keep everyone updated in a new post once I speak with him. Again, thanks for ALL of your input, thoughts, and opinions! Here is the updated post: That was never necessary because I would hear from him as soon as he had WiFi should he be out of the country. As the others have said, something sounds fishy here.

I was also thinking he flew international freight or charter with that schedule, not for somewhere like Southwest. Relationships take a lot of effort and nurturing from both sides to work. I guess I need to have a conversation with him and understand what's going on because idk why we haven't talked or txt when a weeks pass.

Definitely want someone to put in the same effort if I am willing to as well. So he's an airline transport pilot These are his ratings: Are there any type ratings listed underneath? Skywest maybe which is a completely different company. Get rid of this liar. Plot twist, there's a good chance this guy is a Skywest pilot and thinks he works for Southwest. From refusing to fly faster than. They picked a different arrival.

Skywest also has very few international routes, so I can't see how sentences like "whenever he's back in the states" make sense in this case. Sounds like some major BS. Either way, if he's flying a CRJ, he's unlikely to be doing a lot of international flights, which he seems to be claiming to be doing. Especially all of those CRJ international trips that are 3 weeks long with no communication capability.

Did OP edit the post? She said in one of the comments Southwest. Southwest does international flights. Ah, I was unaware Southwest went to Canada and Mexico. But yeah, everywhere they fly has internet. This is a sad post. Unless he's in the air he's in contact. He's an ass just don't speak to him anymore. Unless he's flying a business jet overseas. Even then, you are right, there is wifi everywhere.

And any international pilot would have international data and text plan. They are pretty cheap. This whole thread makes me sad. Hopefully he just works for Mesa and is ashamed rather than living another life somewhere. Southwest, as most airlines, charter, and cargo carriers including international negotiate with the hotels to provide free internet to the pilots.

Pilots need internet access for checking weather and filing flight plans. Even in the most remote parts of the world, pilots have data. And Southwest, and skywest, do not fly outside of Canada or Mexico for the most part. And they have to, by regulation, come right back.

He will never be there for more than maybe 24 hours. Read up on cabotage. Their duty rigs are days tops. The regulations require a certain number of days off. Unless he was military. I have friends flying in nearly every corner of the world, even Antartica. Most of them post on social media daily, or ofte. Yes, even in Antartica. Just that they have to come back and not hop around for 3 weeks.

Well, I'm sure you've figured this out by now, but this guy is a lying a scum bag. I fly for a regional, occasionally international. I'm never out of contact with anyone back home. That's just an absurd thing to claim in today's world. Sadly, I've flown with guys like this.

The confessions of an airline pilot

They do exist, and they are the worst kinds of people. Leave this guy before you get too attached. If he's not gonna make an effort, why should you? Especially since he is staying at hotels, WiFi should be available and he can video chat you through WhatsApp. He either has no news to share with you and is just tired and wants to relax on the road, or he is hiding something from you. Dudes playing you hard. No just leaves for 3 weeks at a time in this industry at the regional level. I started having some thoughts here and there about why he couldn't talk to me or reach out even if he was flying out of the country since he has told me he stays at hotels and I would think there is Wi-Fi there.

Since he hasn't come back I haven't had a chance to ask questions about this so I will definitely bring this up. If he's playing me, I'm obviously not going to stay with him.

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Hey, man, we've got some exotic and backwards places around this state. Don't put it past us, lol. The first year he was flying a smaller plane, so his only international overnights were to Canada. Also, he sent me his trip sheets to show me where all his flights were during that sequence just so I would know an estimate of when we would talk again and because I loved finding restaurants and such in wherever his overnights were for him to try.

Most of these places have no cell service and he refuses to pay for international coverage. I also tag along on his trips when possible. The guy disappearing for three weeks at a time just seems weird. He is playing you hard. He flies regionally, his layovers are in places like Hartford and Edmonton, not Cambodia. I'm sure someone here works for Skywest and could find you this guys schedule.

I don't want any of that. If that's the case then I'll simply leave him but I don't want anything bad to happen to him. I thought I would get more advice and tips but it seems to be more about me getting played and being a side chick. It's very upsetting to read but also eye opening.

I feel pretty conflicted at the moment to be honest I know it might be difficult and you're feeling conflicted and upset, but I would highly recommend coming back and giving an update after you talk to him.

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Maybe he will tell you the truth, and if he does, we might be able to help you confirm it is the truth and settle any worries you might have. In which case, that would be fantastic. But if he tells a lie, getting some more input might be the best way for you to figure out it is a lie, in which case, I think you'd rather know outright than just sit there wondering.

Thank you, I think that's exactly what I want to do. This brings up concerns and worries but I don't automatically want to accuse him of lying and being dishonest. Your replies and the information you've provided raise a lot of red flags, but they're just that, red flags. Something you should definitely and seriously look into, but not a cause to just up and punch him in the face or something. But lots of red flags.

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I don't want to jump to conclusions but I do want to confront him. Everyone's responses definitely bring more questions to ask him. I want to hear what he has to say before anything else. There is a possibility he's not lying to you, but I honestly think it's quite slim. There are very very few jobs that have you going into remote areas for 3 weeks.

The Survival Guide for Dating a Pilot

Internet exists, cell phone roaming is cheap. He could talk to you easily, fuck even a quick email. Boats in the middle of the Atlantic have internet. We just started dating a month ago. We haven't had much time to talk lately and he had left for 7 months to do a Europe tour Idk this is pretty disheartening for me right now.

I appreciate everyone's honesty though: I'm still going to talk to him and ask questions as well. Airline pilots don't do "tours". We do trips, and even if he works international cargo, he'd only be gone for weeks at the longest, and he'd have cell coverage, or at least wifi, everywhere he went. This guy is so full of shit. Get out while you can.

He could be a contract pilot airline pilot? No way Southwest pilots work for 3 weeks at a time.

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I thought he was international Cargo or something. I just did some research and saw figures of 16 days off a month. Not in a row. So you are flying for then off for some. Just moved back from living in Uganda for 6 years. All the air crew hotels have it for free. Southwest has WIFI on the plane.

I used it yesterday, the same way I do on every single Southwest flight. One suggestion though is to join him on an overnight somewhere. If there are open seats he should be able to either add you as his travel companion or provide you a buddy pass.

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Free hotel room and you can enjoy a change of scenery together. I was a flight attendant for 11 years, resigned 3 years ago to become an RN. My husband still flies FA , and our relationship works great for us, but, I think it's successful because I understand the business and how it works no jealousy issues. I dated a pilot in the past, and was harrassed by too many to count, so my opinion of them isn't very high.

There are some phenomenal ones out there, but, it's a rarity, unfortunately. They have very high opinions of themselves, it's the nature of the beast. Good luck, whatever you decide. Be aware, monogamy is not usually a part of their vocab, and the wedding bands disappear very quickly after the first leg of the trip.

Now you can join the "mile high" club. He will never have trouble putting his plane on your landing strip. A few years ago, I had a class with a woman in her early 40's and she had been married twice to pilots and although her case was extreme, she knew a ton more pilots as well and she had nothing good to say about them. One of her husbands threatened to kill her family.. Hopefully the worst you get is just a guy who is a plain ol jerk. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.

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