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Once installed, the CaribbeanCupid app allows you to: The app has members from all over the Caribbean including Dominican women, Dominican men, Haitian singles, Trinidad singles, Puerto Rican singles, Cuban singles and Jamaican singles. CaribbeanCupid is part of the well-established Cupid Media network that operates over 30 reputable niche dating sites and apps.

With a commitment to connecting Caribbean singles worldwide, we bring to you a safe and easy environment designed to help you meet the love of your life! As long as he knows you listen, he will talk. Let him be the man.

Dating Caribbean Men: A Taste of Paradise

Let him know you depend on him for security and protection. It will make him flood you with himself. Do not try to compete with him for anything. Let him lead and appreciate his efforts. Admire him without hiding. Appreciate him in the presence of his friends and colleagues. Let him enjoy the awareness that you respect him. Assure him that he is the king. You will benefit from the advantages of dating a genuinely happy Caribbean man.

Your Caribbean man will need the assurance that you can keep stable at all times. You will be required to keep smiling even in hard situations. Let your man know you can handle your emotions and not show weakness in public.

He will take pride in you. Keep your head high even when you think you are breaking inside. Caribbean culture is on a foundation of strength and endurance. When you need to express your weakness, wait till you get behind closed doors. Show that you are a strong woman and can be dependable. He will love a lady that is confident and one that floods him with attention.

Dating Caribbean Men: A taste of Paradise Learn Why

The woman that gives him space and allows him to be himself wins his heart. He will adore the woman who does not harshly criticize him. Let him enjoy being with his male friends. Allow him space to catch up with his favorite sport. A Caribbean man will enjoy sharing experiences with his male friends and when you give him space to do that he will be looking forward to your dating moments.

Do not show signs of insecurity. The man wants to know that you can trust his motives and movements fully. Caribbean men enjoys when you tell him what you want as it is. Do not keep emotions locked up; just master the art of when to tell him what. Learn to talk with your eyes looking straight into his. He will love listening to you. It will spice your dating moments. You can have days of great dating with your Caribbean man if you create the time to understand him.

Get a taste of the tropics.

He has been cultured to be the best in treating his woman. He will be the fun you have been desiring. You will crack your ribs with laughter in his presence. Enjoy days of passion and romance. He will give you that passionate look that sends messages of love to your system. Be the woman that enjoys undivided attention and enjoy the dynamic protective nature of your Caribbean man. A woman will know when a Caribbean man loves her. He starts by involving you more frequently in his daily activities. He allows you to meet his friends and family. When he starts referring you as his woman or wife, know he has committed to you.

Once he speaks those three words, you can bank on them. Once he says it, he means it and is deeply in love with you. Once a Caribbean man falls in love with you, his actions will automatically tell you so. His eyes are full of passion for the woman he loves. You will enjoy the intense stare he gives straight into your eyes as you converse. Caribbean girls know how to whine! It comes naturally to us, and we aren't afraid to teach you a thing or two about it hehe.

Since we were young, our parents taught us how to use natural products and remedies to help with any problems or ailments.

So if you get sick, you have a well-versed nurse by your side! We are family girls! We love being around children and taking care of our parents. Some of the finest rum comes from the Caribbean, like El Dorado rum from Guyana. That's some of the best rum you'll ever try, probably over a drink with our parents. No need for tanning lotion or tanning beds!

How to Enjoy Dating

Our sun-kissed glow sparkles throughout the year. Whether it's Trinidad carnival, Barbados cropover or Toronto's Caribana, we slay in our costumes, called mas outfits. Rihanna is an accurate example! The culture of the Caribbean is rich in different genres of music like reggae, calypso, dancehall and soca to name just a few.

Dating In A Caribbean Household (Barbados)

Our music collections are as huge as our hearts! Caribbean women are grown to be independent women.

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So yes, as much as you'd add value into our life, we have no problem with moving on and doing our own thing. With so many different slang terms coming from different countries in the Caribbean, it's basically like learning a whole new language.