Dating an artistic guy

This post is a fun one…yes, of course the same applies to an artsy print maker like yourself, Jean! I tell everyone that the secret to success in that game is more about having good guessers than having good drawers. I am not a great doodler, but because I am an artist, everyone always wants me on their team! Yes, even I am dating an artist. They are very passionate and creative people and need loving too. Intelligent, working on it. I am a filmmaker and my boyfriend is a writer.

We are both in graduate school. We attend different graduate schools. Because we are both at the same point in our careers, creative types, and idealists the relationship works out well.

Art Bros Study : 5 Men You’ll Meet in the Art World

Well hello…it sounds like you know this from personal experience — haha! Thanks for sharing some thoughtful reasons why you should NOT date an artist. I have witnessed my single artist friends relationships and it seems that their egos get in the way. Instead of being supportive of one another, I have watched them compete.

Good to see you here again Scotty. Glad you enjoyed this cheeky little post. It has been a fun one…. Just curious do you think that relationships between artists are bad or something? Personally, I have never dated an artist. I have always wanted to, but it just has not happened. Egos and competition sometimes get in the way. My mentor at university is a fantastic painter and his wife is too.

But the level of creativity in their home is fantastic.

Is there an artist dating site? A lot of people use FB that way and have met new friends there. Chase, many apologies for the belated reply!! I live in a small town too, and I know how you feel! Lori A McNee T Franziska San Pedro February 14, at 8: Franziska San Pedro FlavorDesigns.

Lori McNee February 15, at 2: Nadia February 14, at 9: Lori McNee February 15, at 1: Hello Tina, Thanks for taking time to share. JeanGerard February 16, at 5: Lori McNee February 23, at 3: Thanks for stopping by. It is always great to see you. Brent Brown February 23, at 2: Kevin Nuxoll March 23, at 6: Lori McNee March 24, at 1: Thanks for loving an artist…and for the comment Kevin.

Tom Howard May 18, at 8: Lori McNee May 18, at 9: Thanks for the humorous comment. Good seeing you here again. September 28, at 7: Lori McNee October 21, at 2: It sounds like you are a true testament for dating an artist!

5 Reasons To Never Date An Artist

Thanks for sharing your story. I'm going to come across as shallow when I say this, but I'm saying it anyway. If you can't go out to the bar and nurse one drink water, soda, or alcohol all night while you try to strike up a conversation, how are you going to take her out on a proper date? I've never been a fan of looking for dates in a bar. I think the better way to meet people are through friends, at friend's parties, at events that reflect your interest Perhaps an art gallery event or arts festival?

10 Reasons Why You Should Date an Artist! - Lori McNee Art & Fine Art Tips

I give the following advice to anyone looking for a relationship online: Don't mess with the free sites. The paid sites are filled with people that you know are paying a fee because they want a relationship AKA they're not casually hanging out on a free site checking out their options while they're already in a relationship. I think you'll find better results but no one ever listens to that advice, so set up your profile and then write back in to tell me if I'm right or if you found the woman of your dreams on plenty-o-fish.

If you're looking to meet new people, try new things. You don't need a lot of money to try new things. Go to a new museum. Find events on Facebook or the local newspaper's calendar of events. There's always something going on.

Doodle Date - Our New Girlfriend is so Cute!

Buy a Groupon deal and try something new, take friends with you. If you're having a good time with your friends and find someone cool to talk to, talk to them. Don't go to every event looking for a date, go looking to have fun and if you meet someone there, that's great. If you don't, at least you had a good day and did something new.

He is sensitive and empathetic

This question is right in my wheelhouse; when I'm not working at Bro Council Headquarters, I'm working in the arts, so take it from me: The key to finding them, like finding all worthwhile girls, is to be yourself. Don't feel like you have to dress by like any definition of a bro, pretend to like sports, or love techno does anybody even still like techno? Girls worth spending time with are the ones who are into guys who are passionate about something that they're legitimately into, whether it be cooking, arts, or soccer; not the guys who are just out to impress them.

Take Mikhail Baryshnikov for example, he's a male ballerina and over sixty years old; but is so passionate and good at what he does, that there are blogs dedicated to just how attractive he is. Now, for where to meet girls: I'm not sure what city you're in; clearly that metropolis needs Bro Council to give a seminar in being respectable "bros," because flat-billed hats and being constantly angry doesn't have our seal of approval ; but most towns have free or low-cost gallery crawls or open art nights, which are awesome places to meet girls who are into both art and fashion.

The upside is that these kind of places can usually double as classy bars too in that most galleries will also have complimentary drinks for attendees. Since you're in art school, I'd be willing to bet your university has some coffeehouse concerts or art openings posted on a bulletin board on campus; try checking those out, most of the girls I work with aren't huge fans of loud, crowded clubs and dubstep either, but we are fans of discovering local bands and artists.

Another good idea for a date is to check out local theaters; they usually have huge discounts for students to plays or musical acts. Be sure to ask your own question to our panel of women here! Emily is one of our experts on women, because she's a woman. Plus, she's great at advice. What About Artistic Guys? I'm not a bro - I don't watch sports. Also, my city has a very angry "bro scene" and I'm too in love with life to walk around with a flat-billed hat and look angry all the time. I can't pop my collar or wear funny looking clothes.

Should I just get a suit? Not a black one but a tan one like all the Irish guys wear in Goodfellas? I have no idea what to talk about. All I do is read, go fishing, and work on my stuff. What am I going to say? How much I hate techno? How absurdly priced the drinks are?

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The truth is that I love women's fashion as long as it's foxy but if you talk about that they think I'm gay cause I'm smart enough not to look at their breasts. Where should I go? The club scene is out of the question because there's too much dubstep and all those girls are on MDMA. I don't have any money. I won't have time for a job until December.