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ASIANS vs WESTERN: How They Date

None of us really know even now. As much as I hate to say it, allkpop have mostly recovered. K-pop fans have short memories and a lot of Koreans turned against allkpop for their supposed pro-Japanese, Korea-hating ways, not their unethical journalism.

Sports Seoul and Dispatch may have been the start of western-style paparazzi in Korea but they were hardly the start of gossip or scandals. Long before Ailee was on the radar, Ivy and Baek Ji-young both had their careers nearly destroyed by sex tapes — which, in one case, may never have existed and, in the other, was taped by a later convicted criminal.

Choosing instead to stand by women who have been exposed unwillingly. That this was a brand new phenomenon which the public stopped in its tracks. The crux of the show came down to a discussion about whether Korean entertainment journalism will end up like the West and therefore bad or different and therefore good. But what if the reality is more complicated? The Ailee scandal highlighted much of the best and the worst of the Korean public discourse and the international fandom.

A lot of people stood up for Ailee but a significant number also blamed her and more have since whenever she ever dares to bring up what happened again. A whole lot of people clicked on those pictures. No but things in Korea rarely are although they may seem it at first glance.