Slow matchmaking lol

It takes much too long to start a single CQC match. Couldn't see lobby, couldn't see other games, couldn't host a game and wait for people, couldn't see or chat with other players.

Escape from tarkov matchmaking time

Dreadful GUI with zero info for players it was back then atleast. No wonder no one plays it, it turns out: I would also like bots so I could CQC in solo.

League of Legends reports

Matchmaking just should be much quicker I play on xbox. I just hit prestige 5 in cqc. I have watched the lobbies at times for many hours.

Slow Matchmaking Lol

People come and go. I was really thinking that the solution would be more simple. Granted, I have a collection of people now that I watch to see if they are in cqc, or can invite to play. And the new 'looking for groups' stuff on xbox is really a great tool as far as building cqc lobbies. However, I think it still would be a benefit to simply lower the threshold on numbers of players to launch a lobby.

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I don't see any downside to it. I'm just not sure how that might skew the value of the achievement, or the stats and whatnot. And I don't know how hard that might be to actually implement I would rather focus on matchmaking techniques. Such as transparent queue list. Focusing on bots that will never be a part of this game is a waste of our effort - even if devs were listening it's not going to happen. I can see it happening and thus I would rather push this than a wishful dream.

Slow matchmaking lol

I am sorry to break it to you, I would love to have lot of players in CQC too. Originally Posted by schmicknick Source. Originally Posted by NeilF Source. And you could have undertaken different objectives such as defending a platform, or a damaged ship, or escorted some convoys?

I mean, who would would have thought that allllll this development effort might have been more useful actually leveraged into the core game instead of a stand alone one! Originally Posted by Scoopy Doopy Source. We have very thick skins us CQC'ers.

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