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International food is also a growing trend in Pakistan and food outlets are becoming more diverse in their offerings. Pakistan has a rich culture of arts and crafts which have in some cases been traced back to the artistic culture of the Indus Valley civilization. Some examples of Pakistani love for arts are as follows: Where possible, the paternal grandfather is asked to name a new born child. The new born child is also swaddled in a piece of clothing that once belonged to the grandfather.

Pakistanis do not require as much personal space as most western cultures. As such, they will stand close to you while conversing and you may feel as if your personal space has been violated. Do not back away. This has also heavily influenced modern-day business practices. Thank you for reading our guide to Pakistan. We hope you found it useful. If you have anything to add to our country profile please contact us as we are keen to ensure accuracy.

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Apart from that they were fine with whomever Ali chose, as long as he was happy. This level of acceptance did not surprise Ali. In his observation South Asians who moved to the US in the s or s are perhaps more conservative than their counterparts in India. While her parents have been more accepting, she foresees her extended family having a thing or two to say about the union.

Not only is Ali from India, there is another significant difference between the two: But undeniably there is a cultural difference. Sara and Ali sometimes exploit this for comic relief.

Pakistan - Language, Religion, Culture, Customs and Etiquette

The first time she was meeting his sister, for example, he instructed her to bow down and touch her feet as a sign of respect. As soon as Sara complied, her future sister-in-law was very confused.

Status of Women and Men, and gender roles within Pakistan

The young couple knows that they will have to settle in a country other than Pakistan or India. For one, they decided early on that since their personal religious identities are important, neither would convert for the marriage. While they agree on so much, they still find plenty to debate about. Similarly, in Sara, Ali finds his support system. Great article that instills hope for a future with more sources of radiance. We could certainly use more of this. I have married a Canadian girl and we have two beautiful children. The best decision I made and did not worry about religion and cultural differences.

We have an amazing life. If two consenting adults are getting married then it's their life. Why do people make it their business? A lot of these gossipping aunties and uncles are unhappily married themselves. Good luck to all of them. Pakistani's are unique and they uplift the genes of others with their legacy. The trend we have seen is that the mosques are more welcoming of John, than the synagogues are of me.

My wife is from Guatemala.

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Alhamdulilah, married for 15 years and have to beautiful children. Respect, understanding, love and care, these are the ingredients of successful marriage. In our gatherings, most of guys are married to someone from different cultures. No doubt, some will even give their right arm at the opportunity to gain the precious Green Card.

I married a Japanese man and for me it was a match beyond race or culture. Where there is a will, there is a way. My family, friends and the general Pakistani community around me have been so supportive- and that has made me even more proud to be where I'm from we are generally a very open society more than is shown in the media day-to-day. Happily married and I urge anyone to never let go of that one person who you know is meant for you, regardless of your differences.

The rest always falls into place. Rahi Desi parents overseas like other parents have a lot on their plate but I don't think worrying if their children marry for love when they grow up is in their top Speaking from experience especially for those raised in the US the era of marrying a cousin back home looks to be over. Why is every one in the US going to a Law schools. It is important to understand that Muslim with birth and Muslim with birth and choice are two very different. Man-made rules are frivolous at the end. Therefore, assimilated should not be at the cost of divine order.

I know a Hindu Indian friend and married to Muslim girl and very happily married and vice versa cases without converting in special marriage act It's personal choice of a person anywsys.. No one has business in saying or giving there opinions based on there understanding of life.. Humans are tribal by nature. The idea that we all can become one big global mass of people with no differences is ridiculous. If two eligible people want to get married then there should be no legal or religious diktat against them.

Its their life and their choice. I have seen many Pakistanis marry outside their culture and country. I know at least 2 people, who married Vietnamese Americans. Pakistanis, in general, attract all foreign nationalities, look at Imran Khan, Wasim Akram and many others. Let's not judge people. Only God can judge people. We all have our own journey to follow, the fewer hurdles we create for each other the better.

A Muslim-Jewish marriage

Best wishes to you all and all others. This is so refreshing to see. I hope this attitude of Tolerance and acceptance of other faiths, spreads in Pakistan proper.

See what happend if you are dating in pakistan

I think honesty respect and love are the basic ingredients to succeed in marriage. There is difference between lust and love It is not religion that encouraging interfaith marriages. In fact people got married against there believe and living a life where religion value is only ritual show off. Why there more example in free western countries not there native religious countries.

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  6. I know of so many Indians who have married in to various other cultures, there by increasing their clout. Rahi You wana do things the way they are done in your country - don't move. Its incredibly selfish to move your family abroad for money and then expect them to adhere to ancient cultural traditions they are not even familiar with. It is great to read these examples. I am sure there are many couples like these and more to come I agree to the acceptance being higher in pakistani community part than the other way round.

    The way my parents and extended family and Pakistani community abroad accepted my German husband, I did not receive the same welcome or acceptance. I am married to a red headed American girl, so I enjoyed the whole write up, I know one day the world will be a better place like ours. We all descendants of some breeding pairs of humans who survived volcanic eruption yrs ago.

    Differences in body arise to enable humans to adapt to surroundings. Of cource I am not going to let my daughters marry a non-Muslim. Not part of my values and culture. I am a Pakistani and my husband to be is Canadian! Million times more open minded, supportive, caring and loving than any pakistani douchebag. Sara n "The rest always falls into place.

    Indians and Pakistanis should marry more frequently to get rid off the mistrust we carry. At least the next generations in both countries will live in peace and harmony. I wish all these couples the very best. This is how we will break down the barriers between our different people. Abood America is run by lawyers. You need a lawyer for everything. American Congress and Senate is made of lawyers. You have to know the law to be successful partipitation in America. I hope you get the picture. After having been through this experience and having heard other stories, I recommend try first a good start for marriage in your own culture.

    However if things work out well and begin with a good planning and understanding then one can consider marrying outside their culture if they seriously want. You have to be patient and understanding in all situations and use good wisdom to resolve differences. Sometimes this can be very hard on you. It is important to preserve one's faith. Marriage should not be used as an excuse to water it down. I'm a Malaysian married to a Pakistani.

    I can accept if my kids wants to marry other race and religion but my future daughter and son in law have to convert to Islam first. I came from multiracial family there's Chinese,Indian,Amercian,British and Thai but all of them reverted. For my family and my husband family theres no compromise in religion. The fact is only smallest portion of people are doing this still a lot of people are stuck in old ideologies might be in future it may change honour killings and cold murders are occuring eachday in south asia i.

    If one thinks death is the end then one does things accordingly if one thinks this life is a test to pass to please one's Creator and get one's Creator rewards and avoid Creator's displeasure then one looks for ways prescribed by Creator in every matter of life.

    Pakistan Guide

    Thing to remember is that death is a certain reality. Mir Ali Jain principle is to look at any issue from a full Degrees angle. That quality makes them genuinely humble and pleasant. And they are truly non violent. Compare that with a wolf in sheep's clothing. Do not coerce her to bear false witness. What are we taking home from this article?

    Tolerance at the cast of ignorance of religion and social structure! No one should pass a judgment on their personal choices either positive or otherwise. Issues are seen the cultural background as well. Sitting elsewhere and talking about taboos is a lot easier than being here and going against the tide.

    These folks are totally confused American desis, direction less, identity less, can't decide who they are , where they belong , spend all their lives trying to be wanna be white Americans , still die as brown desi. Junaid I am old school, marry your own kind, Islam is a strict religion , modern thoughts cannot change Islam. I don't like it for future generation.. Don't we all connect back to the same parents'? So what does it matter who you marry as long as you love and care for each other!

    Rahi - What is there to fear? Love is divine and is not different anywhere. In any culture women are responsible for raising a "Nation". So depending on how much women value their own culture they will marry accordingly.