One direction preferences hes dating your mom

Today he finally had a day off so you decided to go to your parents house.

He's dating your sister but you like him

You arrived and when your mom answered the door she was excited and shocked at the same time. Liam face said it all, he was nervous and your mom could tell. He nodded and continued in. He came over and tried to hug you but you pushed him off. You grabbed his hand and dragged him to the living room. I wanted you to meet my mom but instead your taking a phone call. He leaned in and pecked your lips. You turned and saw her watching you. The whole family was there. Immediately, all eyes were on the both of you. They all welcomed Zayn and shook his hand and introduced themselves. Then it got to the point where you had to go outside to introduce Zayn to your Uncles.

One direction preferences he's dating your best friend tumblr

Zayn held your hand tightly, letting you know he was nervous. You walked up to them and they greeted you but then stared at Zayn. They said hello but you could tell they were already judging them. Luckily, your favorite cousin saw. When he left, your Uncles started the lecture. Zayn came back out and wrapped an arm around your waist. You nodded but turned around to your Uncles.

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I can take hate. I was hoping they would like you. You felt like crying. After bringing Zayn to every family event, your Uncles soon learned to love him and realized he is different, just like you said. Louis bursted out in laughter but you thought that was embarrassing.


She was saying this stuff in front of your family. You cousin had a grossed out looking face and your was just red from embarrassment.

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Harry blushes a bit. Just tell her how you feel. I would rather have her in my life as my best friend than to not have her at all.

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Harry sighs looking down at his food. You were on tour with Liam and One Direction. You and Liam had been best friends for years. You two had a very playfully, flirty relationship.

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You were backstage when you played a little prank on Liam, with help from Louis. This then caused Liam to chase after you and once you caught you, he threw you up over his shoulder. And with Louis of all people! Liam walks kisses your cheek before walking into the dressing room. You head over to the catering table and get some food.

Anytime to mess with Liam. Working for One Direction caused you to get really close to the boys, Louis in particular. You would be texting one another when you two were away from each other. You two would also go out all the time together. Maybe you two should give it go! You already act like a couple.. You and Louis just look at each other.