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How do I get my ex back or save my failing relationship? We only work with women who are ready to find the One now and are willing to put in the effort to do so. If your Mentor feels you can benefit she will recommend the very best package based on your unique situation and needs. You can enroll in ongoing coaching at that time. How much does ongoing coaching cost? Packages vary in price, but they are a significant investment. On the other hand, research shows that nothing is more important than a great love relationship.

But before we can consider ongoing coaching, you need to sign up for your complimentary session. Start your journey here! My Dating and Relationship Coaches are hand-picked by me and go through rigorous training and supervision; and have had excellent results and rave reviews in their practices! Sending you love xoxo, Dr.

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We want to be sure we connect with you. So please check that your email address and phone number are correct before you submit the form. Daily Love Affirmations free. Diana Books About Dr. Diana Kirschner and my team of expert dating coaches can help you get the intimate relationship that is just right for you.

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About The Complimentary Session What is on your mind? What if I need additional coaching after the Session? I found true love in three months! At fifty-two years old with a career that was enviably successful.

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But my love life was not. As my mentor, Diana helped me understand that I not only deserved to have but could have a strong, loving life partner. Some have been concentrating on their careers, others are looking for relationship guidance. Their friends may think meeting the right person is a matter of time, but they fear it will never happen.

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Given that CBT is often used for serious conditions, from depression to OCD, it might sound extreme to use it for dating. Yet there are reasons why people are doing so. Jenna, a year-old literary agent, had been single for four years. App fatigue is very common, she adds. People get fed up and stop dating altogether. Hemmings suggests joining two apps at most perhaps Bumble, where women have to approach men, and Happn, which prioritises potential matches based on how many times you cross paths with them and spend just half an hour a day scrolling through people.

And a dating coach will show you how to get an edge.

What Online Dating and Finding a Mentor Have in Common | ARA

She might also advise you to lower your expectations. Apps can give you the impression that there are any number of men out there and that you will meet someone who fulfils all your criteria — looks included. Jenna was initially resistant when a coach recommended she improve her profile with better quality pictures. A friend took new pictures of me and I got more attention.

They have often gone on a few awkward dates and want to know how to make them run more smoothly. Experts say we now spend so much time online that meeting people in person feels daunting. As for flirting, forget it. Natasha, 31, a recruitment consultant, says: My coach asked me more about the dates and I realised I was so anxious that I would chat away and never let the man speak. I was scared that if there was a gap they would think I was boring.

Other women think their dates went well, but then never hear from the man again. Talk about family or past relationships. But this can take courage. A fear of intimacy often goes deep and can sometimes be traced to your relationship with a parent or a past boyfriend. I ended the relationship for a reason. I needed guidance about what to do next.


Many come for coaching with little idea why they struggle to form relationships. Sam, her last boyfriend, had cheated on her a week after they moved in together. Now, a year later, she thought she had moved on. The future had looked promising with James: Her coach saw that she might be finding it hard to trust anyone because of Sam. Was she scared of getting too close in case James was also unfaithful? By talking it through with my coach, I realised there was no connection between Sam and James — and no reason why a betrayal should happen again.

I called James to apologise and he was amazingly understanding. But I recognise the signs and can stop myself running away. She believes the impact of our families is also underestimated. Lots of people struggle with that. Kate, 28, thinks her relationship with her parents might have made it hard for her to go out with anyone for very long.

I saw relationships as selfish. Every time I was in one I worried I might eventually behave like that myself and would try to get out of it. I never connected the two until I saw a coach. I still resented them for the way they brought me up and felt distant from them because we had never talked about it. I flew out to see them and explained how I had felt as a child. It was hard for all of us to be honest, but they admitted they wished that they had been around more.