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Global Offensive Store Page. This topic has been locked. While I don't have any information to share on the origin of the issues, I just wanted to post here and explain what is happening, what you can do to still play the game and some possible work-arounds. The servers responsible for letting you connect to the matchmaking server, put you on a gameserver, and retrieving your rank, appear to be down. What can we still do? While you can not play matchmaking and seemingly not connect to any other Valve official servers Deathmatch, Casual, Arms Race, Demolition you should still be able to connect to community servers.

To go here just select "Play", followed by "Browse community servers". You can find and chose various gamemodes and servers here.

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Possible work-arounds While I can not confirm these reports, and judging by how busy the game servers are, some people are claiming they can still play. It's possible they're in a region that is not yet affected, or that their methods worked. Please be careufl in changing too many things you don't know about and keep up with the forums and reddit. Last edited by KillahInstinct ; 2 Jan, 8: Additionally, Trust Factor matchmaking will get continuous updates, and any list of factors would become outdated very quickly.

In general, Trust Factor is determined by looking at a user's past experience in CS: GO and on Steam to ensure the system is as accurate as possible. Currently there is no way to check your Trust Factor.

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The goal with Trust Factor is to provide a better matchmaking experience without players having to worry about optimizing anything. Trust Factor matchmaking will try to match similar players, but like skill groups, the range of players on a server will vary depending on the time of day, the player's region, and the maps they are queuing for. Before beginning a Competitive match, players with Prime status on their account will be told if a member of their lobby who is also opted into Prime will affect their matchmaking experience due to their Trust Factor.

CSGO Matchmaking Problems

This message will only show to players who have Prime status and will only show for players who are also opted into Prime. The two messages you may receive are:.

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Your matchmaking experience may be slightly impacted because Trust Factor of player is lower than yours. Your matchmaking experience will be significantly affected because Trust Factor of player is substantially lower than yours. Either of these messages indicate a player in your lobby has lower trust score than you and may negatively affect the quality of your match.

As a player's Trust Factor improves this message will show to fewer users.

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The only way to improve your Trust Factor is to be a positive member of the CS: GO and Steam community. Trust Factor matchmaking will continue to be adjusted, but all players have to do to improve their matchmaking experience is continue playing CS: GO and other Steam games legitimately.

The more a user plays, the more information the system has and the easier it will be for the system to determine who they should be matched with. Phone numbers and CS: GO Rank are among the factors used in the new Trust Factor matchmaking system. Users who had Prime Status before will benefit from this and their in-game experience.

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If you have not linked your Steam account with a phone number for Prime we encourage you to do this; doing so will improve your matchmaking experience. For more information, please see our Prime Account Matchmaking help article. Will new players have a low Trust Factor?