Dating signals

Language of love

As your date chats, you lean towards them. No idea… you just seem to be connecting. So that you can chatter into their ear.

Which part of their body you find most attractive. As you say goodbye, you… a. Ask if they fancy coffee at your place. Give them your number, have a quick kiss and head home alone with a big grin on your face. Tell them a long story about how your previous date gave you a number that turned out to be unlisted, so you must have written it down wrong.

Mixed Signals: The Very Definition of Relationship Confusion

Better get it right this time, eh? Disappear into the night. What do you do? Give them a booty call.

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Text them to say how much you enjoyed meeting them last night. Wait for them to call you.

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Getting Mixed Signals? Here's Why | The Everygirl

Then comes time for even more direct contact: Wanis suggests touching him briefly on the arm, the hand, or the shoulder while laughing. The most important question is, just how interested are you?

They are seeing other people.

Adjust your signals to fit what it is that you want from the guy. What if you actually are interested in meeting someone but your bad habits or plain old nerves are getting in the way and sending the wrong signals? The trick is to keep your body language open, be direct, and above all, be a confident collegiette! Kate is the Associate Editor of Her Campus.