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I'm gonna disagree with the person that Greek life really dominates the social scene.

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Greek life is nowhere near as dominant at Emory as it is at other "southern Ivies" minus Rice. But versus Vandy and Duke? A world of difference. Let us not talk public schools. I never had problems socially and never interacted with Greeklife. Usually those who express that sentiment are not a part of many other scenes on campus or perhaps only consider the Greek scene as the "legitimate" source of social interaction odd since so many of the multicultural organizations have a lot of social influence as well at Emory I never found that to be the case, but it may also depend on the demographic of the person experiencing Emory.

I for example am a minority so may have been more willing to explore and take other scenes seriously and these scenes throw a lot of their own parties. Emory could be worse on these fronts.

Emory Social/Sex scene? : Emory

It also never felt like high school either perhaps because I had lots of friend circles that didn't really interact. Emory was just large enough for folks who aren't particularly cliquey which is a known issue at Emory that I think may harm the social scene and lead to certain perceptions and experiences. And this was my freshman year. Very few of my hall rushed and we only went to a few frat parties. It is also college, and very few people will look down upon hookups.

Some folks will be nosy and stuff depending on the scenes you interact with, but generally Emory is very stereotypical. I don't think you can paint Emory social life as a monolith. It really just depends on the individual and how they far they go to leverage the scene. Like the above commenter says, Atlanta is a big place!

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To be honest with you, emory kinda has a high school vibe when it comes to hookups. That being said, you definitely can get laid at Emory- and the social scene is pretty much based around greeklife, so keep that in mind.

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Umm, Firstly Don't be a Hoe! However, There's thousands of young people so hooking up is a given. However, I would advise not to shit where you sleep so to speak. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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  • Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Pretty standard and regardless of anything, people of the opposite sex just usually hang out all the time. Sometimes hooking up ends up happening, but it goes for here as any other school. Most hookups occur as freshman throughout to about junior year.

    Around the end of college, people start getting more serious I think about relationships, but some people never grow tired of it. It just depends on who you meet!

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