Dating a born again girl

I am considering having a talk with her this week about these matters to see if our relationship can progress. Again, I really like her, but I am not sure her heart is into it. Any advice on how to go about things LS-ers? Share Share this post on Digg Del. That's a pretty long post , isn't it? If she's that "born-again", I would think she wouldn't be having sex with you until your wedding night. So, the hand-holding is probably right on par with where she wants to be right now.

Clearly you are dating someone who is playing by rules that are outside the normal "3 date" parameters.

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I think she sounds interested, but also very old-fashioned and is making you do all the work. This is going to be a long-haul situation, and only you can decide if she is worth the commitment. I never call a guy in the early stages of dating unless it is to return his call.

Until we start kissing and becoming more exclusive and expressing more interest towards each other. I always let the guy make the move and works out just fine that. I show interest by accepting dates, if I lose interest I stop dating the guy. Now on the other hand I dated a guy for about a month and a half going out every weekend and he would make all these elaborate plans to date me like getting expensive tickets to shows really nice dinner places etc but he never kissed me, I ended up asking him if he just saw me as a friend or what, his response "no but I am waiting to let the chips fall where they may" to which I ended up dumping him.

I figured if he is waiting for the chips to fall I don't have another three months to play rullette, and I figured he was not that interested. Most guys I date can't keep their paws off me even on a first date, or in the least will prod to see if I'll kiss at the end of the night which I don't on a first date.

Two or three dates is fine no kiss, four dates it borders on strange, more than 4 he is not that into me and only wants friendship or too shy for my liking either way it's not good enough for me. If you like her go for it already, once before she puts you in the "just friends" category you are toast. It sounds like you are letting her religious beliefs hinder your romantic pass at her. Try it, she is not that saintly, othewise she would not be out drinking with you all the time.

Originally Posted by dreamergrl. Originally Posted by SugarKiss. Originally Posted by Balthazar. That may be part of it Dreamer.

You know this is all your fault by the way? You are too far away, so I have to date other women. I dont think the name thing matters.

It Is A Sin For A Born_again Christain To Fall In Love & Date A Girl. - Religion - Nairaland

I don't use names often in general speaking either. I dont say "Hi X how are you" i say "hi, how are you". I don't figure they need to hear their name, they know I know it. Also I do tend to let the guy do all the calling in the beginning as well. With the guy I'm seeing now, it's still pretty much that way unless I need to call him about something more urgent like if we are getting together that day or whatever.

In general, women seem to be taught to let the man pursue, so you'll find that oftentimes, it's just that. I am confused by your post though, are you 2 women, or no? Joanne and Maria and both female names, yet you say this woman was engaged to a man, so I'm confused Oh and also about the kissing thing, I didn't kiss him until he kissed me.

dating a born again christian girl. : Philippines

And it took him a LONG time to do it. Women usually let the man lead on that too. Oops, now i see that Maria was just a common friend, not a lover. I would have ditched her as soon as I found out she was Christian Taliban to be honest. If you are not Christian Taliban yourself, nothing good will come of it no matter how attractive she may seem man, save yourself the potentially serious heartache.

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Dating Dating, courting, or going steady? Things not working out the way you had hoped? Stand up on your soap box and let us know what's going on! Page 1 of Some tell me the pickings are slim at their church, so they have ventured into the world of online dating.


Others have thrown up their hands in despair, wondering if there are any decent Christian guys left anywhere. Don't settle for less than God's best. Too many Christian women today have ended up with an Ishmael because impatience pushed them into an unhappy marriage. Please take my fatherly advice: You are much better off single than with the wrong guy!

The Do's and Don'ts of Christian Dating

Please write 2 Corinthians 6: This is not an outdated religious rule. It is the Word of God for you today. If the guy is not a born-again Christian, scratch him off your list. Marriage must be built on a foundation of trust.

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If you marry a guy who was sleeping around before your wedding, you can be sure he will be sleeping around after your wedding. There are many solid Christian men who experienced marital failure years ago.

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Second marriages can be very happy. Any man who will not pay for his past mistakes or support children from a previous marriage is not going to treat you responsibly. Never marry a man who refuses to get help for his addiction. Insist that he get professional help and walk away. I have a female friend who realized after she married her boyfriend that he had no plans to find steady work. He had devised a great strategy: He stayed home all day and played video games while his professional wife worked and paid all the bills.