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The asshole she called her boyfriend had been gone for three days. At first she was worried, then she was concerned, then she was annoyed, and now she was fucking pissed.

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She had been trying to find him, and she knew he was okay. People had seen him, and he had been all around Seattle. Layla was trying to keep herself from crying as she drank yet another cup of coffee, not knowing what to do with herself. She had no idea why Eddie was being such an asshole, but she needed to find out. She wondered whether she should call Chris again since he was the only one who had actually talked to Eddie. You need to get out and try to take your mind off of it.

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She went to put the phone down when Jeff continued. She put the receiver down and waited for Ash to pick her up, trying not to get upset at what was going on. Ash flipped her the finger and the two girls laughed before Ash drove away. Layla placed the key in the lock and slowly opened the door, turning on the light into the dark living room.

Closing the door behind her, she immediately picked up on the combat boots thrown near the couch and the blue bomber jacket next to it. She looked up to find Eddie sitting on the kitchen counter, smoking a cigarette and looking like death. After taking in his appearance, she breathed in deeply, only to be met with the strong smell of alcohol and weed.

Where the fuck have you been!? She was beyond fuming. She turned back to him. She turned back and went into their bedroom, slamming the door shut with her.

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She grabbed a rucksack and put a couple of outfits in it, with her purse and essentials, before she opened the door and entered the living room. Although Eddie is being a bit of a dick in this one so maybe posting on his birthday is kinda weird, but oh well. What do you guys think is going to happen in the next chapter and will they make up? From now on I am no longer taking requests. I have about in my ask box right now and they keep on getting sent in at a fast pace. I love the fact that you guys like my writing enough to request things and I love all the story lines you give me, but I never have the time to write anymore, and cannot seem to get on top of the requests.

However, the ones that are in my ask box now will be written as usual and I will try to get them done in whatever time I have, but they will still take a while to get through. Originally posted by pearljam. But if you need anything just call. Thank you for doing my Jeff request! Omg, can I jump on the Jeff Ament bandwagon? How about a one shot where he hooks up with a dancer? Then he shows up and it leads to smut! And how did you get in here? First — Happy holidays! Secondly, thanks for the update. He had no right to speak to her like that Especially after he just disappeared for days.

Eddie needs to get his act together if he ever wants to get Layla back imo.

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Merry Christmas you guys!! Eddie was sat on one of the sofas and raised his head as she walked out. Small Announcement From now on I am no longer taking requests. I want them to be together but only if he treats her right. Keeping it classy, Internet. Strange, because as much as men get turned on by women hooking up with each other, they should actually be worried. We are equally capable of falling in love with a woman, as we are with a man.

You should technically feel just as threatened as you are with a man. I feel weird now.

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  • Do some open couples have patterns of one person racking up the points, while one sits pretty at home? He could have passed out, risen, drank again, and she would still be standing the second, possibly third time he passed out. I love strange coincidences. Not sure what they mean, but I track them.

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    • Band hook up tumblr.
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    • Is this an L. Am I a caffeine substitute? How do people function with NO coffee? I went two weeks without coffee a few Januarys ago. Then I finally caved and had a coffee and was like,. I decide to ask my boyfriend, my personal poly expert whether this is normal or not.

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      I know I should feel relieved, but I actually feel shocked. I do remember a moment of us brushing our teeth in his bathroom, right after he slept with her. He grabbed the toothbrush she used, and threw it in the trash. It relieved me so much in the moment. It was such a small gesture, but it really made me feel like number one again. I suppose the anticipation of us being together was better than the actual experience….

      He laughed at himself, thinking it was ridiculous that he was trying to start a band on Tinder, and began looking through the different profiles. He only had one picture, and it was a boy with a red beanie pulled over his eyes and black paint covering his hands and neck.

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      He closed the app and scrolled through twitter until he got a notification from Tinder. They talked for a week, learning everything about each other. Josh learned that blurryface could sing and play basically every instrument, and he liked to speak with lyrics. They decided that it was time to meet and create their band. Josh walked to the Taco Bell that was on the corner and sat in a booth. He waited and waited until finally someone sat down in front of him.