Girls day min ah dating

걸스데이(Girl's Day) 민아(Min Ah)가 (굴삭기) 면허증을 딴 이유, 연애하고 시퍼~♡ 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 68회

A lot of points can be given here. I t could be coincidence only or it could also be because they really do have a relationship. However, Chanyeol have the same rings with D. It's probably just a friendship ring with Chanyeol, or just Minah and D. We know a lot of idols have sponsor in their accessories and most idols were seen wearing the same clothes and accessories without relationships.

Even a female idol could be spotted wearing same accessories with another female idol.

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  3. Minah and Leeteuk pull a dating prank on Girl's Day's Hyeri on 'Hidden Camera Battle'.
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Still, some of my arguments is just a probability too. I for one, would not really know if they are dating because I'm not close to them but really I just like to say that they are probably not dating just like how others say they probably does. In the end, I wouldn't mind D. Also, I don't like bashing other idols whenever they are linked to my biases.

Girl's Day's Minah Reveals New Relationship With Son Heung Min

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. I am convinced Minah and D. O are dating Started by Deleted Account , Jun 01 This topic has been archived. This means that you cannot reply to this topic. I'll support them if it's true.. I was replying to yunjae thread earlier Why dont you stole thier ring to confirm it yourself and come back here with more valid proof next time. No im not a fans of kyungsoo, im totally not jealous. But this thing is just so ridiculous.. Up, Up and Away!

Sign In Need an account? I've forgotten my password. Look at those comments! Damned if you do, damned if you don't. This is why most celebrities don't reveal they're dating. K-netz are so hot and cold, up and down. No one knows how they'll react. There must be a whole fucking checklist they review before deciding which celebrity couples to support and wish happiness to and which to not.

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  • The thing i love to ridicule. It's been a while. Sorry not sorry i know it's your culture but i see it as discrimination. I wonder how an idol even meet a soccer player, especially since he just got back from the a World Cup only a few weeks ago. I bet you netizens wouldnt care about levels if it were you that heung min fell for. Level hasnt anything to do with personality.

    Unless he plays for more famous clubs like I didnt know who is Neymar before he joined Barcelona. They were in such a hurry to publish it before their rival Dispatch does it, and so didn't have time to think. Not like I expect different comments but it's still disappointing. I hope one day some of you realize that you don't need levels to have great relationship with one another.

    I dont unds ppl They r in love n he is Minah fan, so whats wrong with it? I know ppl would react this way when i read the article but i didnt know i would be this mad.. I know it doesn't say much but I'm just saying, he was he best for sk. I actually think standard levels among them is part of korean culture. We can't fault them if that is what they've been used to. This even happens in kdramas so as much as we want them to change that will not happen because it is their way. I thought Dream T Minah's agency denied it.

    Girl's Day Minah and actor Woobin might have Something going on?

    Kpop idols are on a totally different level with sports stars in Koreans' eyes. It's sad, but it's also a reality. This was the most random thing I've read today. Congrats to them, but it's only been 2 weeks couldn't they have waited longer to reveal it? Lol their agency confirmed it real quick while his reps were more hesitant, his dad didn't even know until the news was released. No golden boy of soccer probably still stays with ji sung. He's only the golden boy for the sk team in He's a low tier player in the world, only world class to you.

    I think it's a scene from her reality tv show. I don't watch the show, but this GIF is really popular. Standards are a universal concept. People complained about Kanye and Kim too. Something higher than "golden boy" but it doesn't change the fact that Son Heung Min is really popular in korea. It's not recent, I know that. Kanye was seen as lowering his level when he started dating Kim, even though many thought he was crazy before that anyways. I still remember reading comments that were talking about him being too good for her.

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    I just wanna say, your prediction on the last article damn on point, haha. They had countdown for it lmao. I'm sure they had far better pictures of Minah than the one where she's doing that hand gesture. That song's feels tho XD http: K-netz probably haven't forgotten her comment about the plane crash during their Female President promotions.

    I doubt it's just because she's an idol that they're like this It's because of who they know more I guess. I mean there were a bunch of international fans calling him a nugu. But it was funny hearing both sides reactions. Wow, that's actually rather impressive I wonder what the picture is they managed to take lol. He's the captain and the golden boy tho? I dunno they both are the same position IMO Is their reality show good? I never bother to watch Kardashians but some ppl said their shows are fun to watch. Don't you think calling it "love" is pushing it a bit much?

    I don't know, seems over-the-top. Not saying they should get hate, or that level matters when you simply like eachother He's one of these artists I just can't stand. Neymar was a highly sought after young player so many were aware of him even before he joined barcelona. Can I get the same relationship and babies as David and Victoria please? I literally rolled my eyes each time I read a comment.

    Girl’s Day’s Minah Joins Latest Relationship Lineup – seoulbeats

    To be fair tho, Kim kardashian got famous because of a sex tape which is viewed as pretty trashy Or maybe their whole point was to pick the not-so-complimenting pictures. Talking about levels when it comes to dating is ridiculous since all that matters is how he couple feels about each other but i-netz have done this level thing before aswell. I remember reading comments not here of people saying how Baekhyun is below Taeyeon or why couldn't she date someone at her level.

    Why are you posting the same comment again? You're trying to get people to hate on Minah? Don't you have something better to do with your life? Nah, it's a status thing. Athletes and actors are leveled above idols because they possess what Korean public considers to be actual talent. Idols are kind of Basically, 'untalented' people who are more performers than actual musicians with any discernible talent. He's high level because he's an athlete and has an actual skill that people look up to.

    He's not a "wind-up doll celebrity" like an idol. It's good if you like to criticize everything they do to let out anger, haha. Gaon Chart in Korean. Korea Music Content Industry Association. Retrieved January 27, Retrieved April 9, Retrieved February 5, Retrieved March 26, Retrieved April 2, Retrieved April 16, Retrieved April 23, Retrieved April 30, Retrieved May 7, Retrieved May 14, Retrieved May 22, Retrieved September 30, Retrieved September 12, Retrieved September 16, Show Champion's Official Twitter.