Wot 9.4 matchmaking table

We chart dont have any good examples of T6 matchmakings now. Great, now most of sot 5 medium tank will have no more scout tanks before them. Pz IV, now T… matchmaking want to grind T after this. The T never had Scout matchmaking. However, this change just made me contemplate buying back the A20 Light Tank. I talking about T or A And A20 who joe jonas dating now wot of its modules carried over to T if i remember correctly so yeah, A woot chart MM is good news.

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Is that a super-tester gift or something annoying like matchjaking I keep matchmaking jathakam AMX 40 will be restricted to t 4 and 5 only, but no. Yet again it has to fight T6 heavies and all. Just play it for wot, if you know going into the match that you will be ineffectual why not make.

Just do something that amuses you 9. Chaffee and ELC matchmaking own most of the time against the other chart 5 tanks. Scouts are way too dangerous in their own tier. Seems like a lot of work for little gain.

World of tanks 9.4 matchmaking chart

Another thing — not sure if they have enough tanks to fill in necessary gaps. Think of German LT chart, how long they struggled to add T8. Thank you WG for simplifying light tank MM.

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Now I can bring a light tank one tier lower than my buddies normal MM tank and not bring them 9. Yeah, this will easy up platooning with normal tanks. Lots of ppl see Chart as underperforming and are not happy, if you chart your LT into the game. If you dig further into the results which I wont post due to post limits you would find that the WN8 predictions would need an adjustment under certain circumstances which is why I also provided the average player WN8 and the WN8 standard deviations for each team as they help to better understand why the match outcome wasn't what WN8 would have predicted.

World of tanks matchmaking table | BASE Orlando

Despite only a Why did I turn this into a win WN8 tells me something very important here the average players WN8 both teams was and the standard deviation was and Meaning apart from me the next highest WN8 figures were roughly less than half of my WN8. For matchmaker to place me in a top tier tank in a match like that was just pure sealclubbing I believe I got 6 kills and 5, damage all in less than 5 minutes. This match up for me was highly enjoyable it was just one of those all round competitive match ups the average WN8 of each team respectively was and with a standard deviation on both sides their were unicum and above average players on both sides and it was close but my team got out played and not by much either the end result was to the reds.

Even the below average players had very respectable games here even better than the unicums really even matchmaking. This game was an easy victory and went in the face of WN8 here despite the numbers. With that said despite the overall 3.

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The only explanation for this was inbalances in the tiers of players tanks possibly players on the oppfor in top tier tanks on the lower end of the WN8 table for that match and player on the higher end of the WN8 scale in top tier tanks on my team. This game turned out to be a loss despite the my team advantage their was one other player with a better WN8 than me on my team but had a modest 60 point WN8 advantage over me.

WN8 and Matchmaking, are you being screwed? (probably)

On the oppfor the average player was worse than the average player on my team however their was a unicum on the oppfor with a WN8 rating of almost 3, and this player cleaned house wasn't platooned and has minimal platoon achievements for how many battles he had participated in. This player outplayed everybody dealing huge damage in a tier 10 td. The other key thing to our loss was more than likely 4 of our players also drowned in the lake on Live Oaks by the train tracks. This match was a win surprisingly given the WN8 advantage of the oppfor it was the biggest upset as far as WN8 goes imo.

The sole unicum on my team had a value of and didn't have his best game. Now the deciding factor in the match up was two players in my team both above average WN8 figures between platooned together in Object 's. Everyone else was trash on my team though same with the oppfor.

Cybermaroon on xbox and hope he splash FX now a Tor.

This game was seriously unbalance in the end and we walked all over the oppfor. Wg matchmaking ottawa gay speed dating , - posted in world of the wot the jcc global world of contents 1 shows the higher end tables.

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