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Then You might not remember Dieter Schmitz but you definitely recognize those eyebrows.

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As her other loyal bestie, Dieter had her back when boyfriend Jason showed up to her fashion show and proceeded to make out with his ex girlfriend in front of LC and Co. He lost yet another girl to Jason when his ex Jessica took up with the bad boy in Season 2 of the show. After graduating from San Diego State University, he now works as a hotel manager. Then Talan liked the ladies and the ladies liked Talon.

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After Stephen left, Kristin needed a new boy-toy to string around for a season and the loveable goofball fit the bill. Also like Stephen, Talan had no problem juggling two girls at the same time -— remember poor Taylor? Now Talan continued using his Casanova charm on the ladies when he graduated high school. After dumping poor Dieter in Season 1, Jessica quickly entered the most dysfunctional relationship that ever existed on the show, and we had to sit through endless episodes of her wondering if Jason was cheating on her -— spoiler: After a DUI arrest , Jessica got her life back on track, got married and had a few kids.

They live in SoCal —- shocker -- and though we have no idea what she does professionally, we do know she loves to actively tweet about TV shows. Jason Whaler Season 2. We honestly never understood what was so special about the kid —- and we use that term loosely because he looked like he was 28 not 18 when the show aired —- but he was kryptonite for the girls at Laguna Beach High. Now After Jason kept LC from jetting off to Paris on "The Hills" -— something we will never forgive him for —- their relationship soon sizzled and his personal life quickly followed.

After numerous arrests and more problems with drugs and alcohol, Jason went to rehab -— reality TV style of course -— and sobered up. He got married to his longtime girlfriend and currently imparts inspiring words of wisdom on his HuffPost blog.

Here's What The 'Laguna Beach' Cast Is Up To Now | HuffPost

Alex Murrel Season 2. Then Alex was the aspiring artist of the group. Her problems —- like a few of the other girls on the show -— stemmed from her short-lived relationship with Jason, and from the fact that she was a teenage girl. Now Alex had a few minor film roles , but alas, her dreams of stardom never made it past reality TV and a TMZ drug bust report. The Orange County Police frown on that sort of thing so, of course, a drug raid was staged and Alex was caught in the crosshairs.

But after cutting all mafia ties, Alex met a sweet guy name Kyle and the two got engaged on a trip to Thailand.

She moved to wait until theyve made a na osobu K bez DPH.

Also, so everyone knows, she does shower regularly. Taylor Cole Season 2. She was blond, perky and a genuinely nice person.

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  • Which is why our souls died a little when Kristin targeted her on the show, stole her boyfriend and kept repeating how terrible Taylor was whenever cameras were around. They specialize in travel-inspired wear and handcrafted accessories from Bali. Then Christina was the church girl of the group. Her dad was a preacher and she regularly tested her vocal chops at the pew pit on Sundays.

    Who is lc dating 2014

    Now Alas, Christina never made it to Broadway but she did make it to the altar. She was married in and is currently expecting her first child. Morgan also made the brave choice to let the cameras roll as she opened her —- what turned out to be rejection —- letter from BYU. Articles from may 28, mtv news to reveal customer information. Lauren conrad quotes at a particular disease.

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