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That was such poor advice! I agree with the idea that Oh-sol is not in love with him at this point. And I think it would be too soon for her. Thanks for pointing out that Oh-sol's best buddy Joo-yeon is a fount of dubious advice, not only about underwear. Your comments make it easier for me to buy the burgeoning romance between the neatnik and the slob. Thank you teriyaki for your wonderful recap. I liked your insight on how Oh-sol currently is just feeling "flattered to have someone like Seon-gyeol interested in her.

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He has been developing feelings for her and getting out of his comfort zone for her while she just started seeing him as a potential partner after the second kiss. This show continues to make me laugh not as much as the first episode and I find the characters endearing. Oh-sol is a very kind person and seems to be the type of person that will always help someone in need.

Not very different from Seon-gyeol. His condition and defenses is what keeps him from being able to be viewed, by most people, as warm and caring as Oh-sol. On a side note, i really like how Yeon-shik didn't get upset with Eun-hee and was able to recognize that he had put himself in that situation. He demonstrated a lot of maturity. I'm liking the budding friendships between the Cleaning Fairies. Yeon-shik showed real growth over his rejection by Eun-hee. I hope that someone will take the time to tell him that just because Eun-hee was not looking for a simple basic man like him that all other women would be the same way.

Eun-Hee is a sample of one- and that is statistically useless. The truth is that to some other woman a simple man might be a godsend. Yeon-shik appeared to be a bit of a hot-head at the beginning of the series but he has displayed a kind and nurturing side to him as we continue to learn more about him. Since he has been growing an admiration for Dong Hyun I think those words will help him understand the value in who he is. I felt Jae Min might cause some trouble at first, but I'm liking his interactions with Oh-sol and the fact that he tried to prevent Yeon-shik from getting emotionally hurt.

We are dating now korean drama ep eng sub

I was a little miffed with Sun-gyeol. First he kisses Oh-sol and then as the episode ends he tells her that he has no interest in dating anyone. He has some truly serious mental issues, and we have to make real allowance for that, but it was still really jarring. And yet- once again in this episode he rushes to save her- and is incredibly jealous as well.

It is a real mess.

We are dating now ep 6 eng sub

But maybe that is the point- someone with serious psychological problems is simply going to create and be a mess. Even love is not going to be a magic wand that cures him. At best it can only be the motivation for seeking help and doing those things that will allow him to ameliorate his condition. I'm glad Oh Sol fires back at Sun Kyul in the next episode at least..

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If there is to be a real love then they both need to be honest with each other- and that includes a response like the one that you describe. She needs to let him know that he hurt her. I think it makes more sense to develop their story slowly. Sun Gyeol lives and is comfortable in a disinfected world and that makes him a prisoner of his mental trauma. We all know he is going to regret it and yes, I cannot wait for Oh Sol to show him that his actions will be followed by heavy consequences. Seon-gyeol's has worked his life around his traumas and condition. He hasn't really faced them.

Oh-sol can't "fix" him nor should she be expected to. His growing affection for her can be what motivates him to face his demons. Based on what we know of her character she will gladly support him throughout the healing process. I'm glad Choi is in the picture but hope he doesn't get reduced to adversary. The show would benefit from having Choi actually help Seon-gyeol and lessen the stigma around mental illness and receiving treatment.

I hope you are right about that. Daniel Choi- the Psychiatrist, he could have a major positive impact. Which is why he is probably the true second lead here- one of the themes would be his own conflict between his desire for Oh-sol versus his need to help his patient. After all, what sort of K-drama rom-com would this be without a love triangle or even quadrangle.

Lol, yes, I guess it wouldn't be a kdrama without at least a love triangle. But, it's not too absurd to hope Dr. Choi serves a larger purpose than just second lead, right? Would love for this drama to address the importance of seeking help and have Seon-gyeol go through some real sessions. They were done well, and even quite touching. Inappropriate Psychiatrist and Dr.

Yoda really made an effort to help him with the metaphysics. I'm on the second episode and see myself binging a few more tonight. I'm so glad you're enjoying LIVE. Brace yourself for uncomfortably realistic slices of life in Hell Joseon -- it's worth it. The camaraderie and growth arcs are satisfying.

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  6. Be aware that the OTP comes across as pretty screwy in the beginning, so you might have to hang on until they become sympathetic. OTOH, there are many very funny scenes. Plus the ambient sound and music in the show is terrific. The use of flashbacks and premonitions ties in with Mugyo native Korean shamanism -- which is discussed at length in the recap comments. The shrinks are great. Yoda turns up on the rooftop and at the hospital as barking mad "Dr.

    Such a good show! Life on Mars is on my to watch list. I skimmed through a few recaps while it aired and was intrigued but had too much on my plate at the time. Thanks for the tip on OHYA. I remember seeing a clip for it and wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but it keeps coming up for me, so it may just be time to give it a try! So it looks like we are going to deal with a triangle romance from next week! Sun Gyeol will have to definitely pump up his game because right now, Doctor Choi looks like the better option.

    I haven't seen the preview but am really hoping they handle the love triangle effectively without forgetting the fact that Dr. Choi is starting to help Seon-gyeol with his condition. Sun Gyeol is his client and it is his duty to help him out.

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    We all know Choi saw them kissing and is aware they are interested in each other so for him to be so direct about his feelings for Oh Sol shortly after feels a bit irresponsible. Well , I suppose we will have to wait and see lol. I agree it is irresponsible. He waited so long and now that he knows that there might be something going on with Seon-gyeol ans Oh-sol he decides to say something. I do think at the end he will choose her happiness even if it's not with him.

    Although I'm glad Dr. Choi got his feelings off his chest, I would much have preferred him just being a fairy godmother of sorts for the couple. Choi has only known Oh-sol for a very short time- really only a few days longer than Seon-gyol. He just moved into the upstairs room a short time ago. I have to correct myself on this point- I forgot that he briefly met her in the aftermath of the construction collapse- and that it was her kindness that inspired him to take the professional path that he did.

    Which is why he leaves yoghurt for her mother at the columbarium. But this is still not the same as saying that he has simply been waiting around for her. And really, that one brief interaction, even if it was very meaningful, does not create a long standing relationship. From what I remember, Dr Choi himself said to Oh sol while exchanging secrets that he has liked someone and has been watching her for a long time but it had never been the right timing.

    That is when oh sol told him she knew how he felt since she had a crush on a guy for 3 years. He has had a crush on her all this time. Oh Sol confessed to him that someone has left yogurt every time for 6 Years!. I knew he had indirectly mentioned his crush on her, but I couldn't recall the exact conversation.

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    I'm sorry she's being treated like that. I love the romanticism e the flirting, here I don't find it. Thanks for your recap, teriyaki. This episode felt like a "sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander" interlude, especially when Seon-gyeol kissed Oh-sol. Maybe now she'll have an inkling of how he felt to be ambushed by her the first time. When she took him to task for not wanting to talk about it, I thought she had some nerve. She used Seon-gyeol to save face in front of her cad of a crush. At least was conducting scientific research into his ability to touch another human barehanded.

    I was surprised at how she showed up without warning at his front door so late at night.

    And then to barge into the kitchen to wash the dishes despite his protests. That struck me as rude, too. Did my eyes deceive me, or is Dong-hyun's grandma Geum-ja?! Is that how he met Seon-gyeol and came to work for Cleaning Fairy? Does Seon-gyeol even know that she's still alive? Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho 2: Clean With Passion for Now: Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

    Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Clean With Passion for Now Favorite. Ohsol and Seongyeol are cute together. The scene with the mug and 'bottled water' was so funny. They will have a lot of ambushes before to date quietly: I like how the coworkers have their own stories too: OldLawyer December 16, at PakalanaPikake December 22, at 6: Well that's how you feel and it's fine.

    Kurama December 15, at 3: Ooi Jenny December 15, at Zazoured December 16, at 3: OldLawyer December 16, at 4: PakalanaPikake December 22, at 7: OldLawyer December 15, at I appreciate each little screen time of the cleaning fairy boys.. So maybe this story is a little more realistic about facing the issues of mental illness. Zazoured December 16, at 4: PakalanaPikake December 22, at Zazoured December 16, at 5: And it is not as if Oh-sol doesn't have a cute friend to introduce him to.

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