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These are slightly larger nodes of a different shape, with a line going offscreen; connecting to another planet. Completing specific requirements unlocks a Junction mission, wherein players battle another Warframe. Defeating this enemy unlocks the next planet. In this way, the game is ensuring players have completed certain tasks before progressing, basically making certain that they are equipped with the knowledge they need in order to progress effectively.

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Changing Quests is as simple as going to the Quest console, or by accessing the quest list in the top right of the Star Chart. Missions are your path to unlocking planets, Quests are your path through the story campaign and are required in order to complete certain Junctions. In Spy missions, you will be fighting your way to a set of data points. Here, you will need to utilise stealth to access the data without being seen. Setting off alarms will start a timer and at the end of the timer, the data will be deleted. In Defence missions, you will be tasked with defending a point from a series of enemy waves.

Survive five waves to complete the mission, but note that continuing will result in better rewards and increasing difficulty. Rewards are offered every five waves. These different mission objectives apply not just to Missions, but also to Quests, and so form the basis of most of what you will tackle in the game. In the top right of the Star Chart, there are some icons.

I referred previously to the Quest list, but there are a couple of others there as well. You find Ayatan Stars out in the world, and they can be installed into Ayatan Treasures as an option on the mod screen. Toy around with mods and see what you like.

Warframe Guide – Introduction to Missions and The Plains of Eidolon

Or, head over to Warframe Builder to see what people have been doing with their gear. Some mods only drop off of certain enemies.

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  7. 5 Steps to Fix Warframe Lag - Kill Ping.

Some are rewards for doing more difficult missions. Many of them are picked up purely by grinding out certain missions over and over again.

Or, you know, you can buy them from the player-run market. For a more detailed rundown of mods, you can check out our Warframe mods guide.

How to change matchmaking mode :: Warframe General Discussion

With the updates to our guides, we sometimes lose very useful comments. So without further ado, I present his tips for mods. Once you get deep, deep into Warframe, Formas will become your best friend and biggest annoyance. Once you hit level 30 on a weapon or Warframe, you can hit it with a Forma to give one of its slots a new Polarity symbol, opening up even more Capacity. But once you do that, the weapon will lose all of its levels, making you level it up a second time to fully utilise your new Polarity slot.

Formas are also used to craft certain pieces of gear, raise up in reputation ranks, or used to create rooms in Dojos. There are lots of ways to get Forma, such as obtaining Blueprints for them as rewards for certain missions Alerts, Invasions, Orokin Derelicts, and some Orokin Voids, for example or from Relics which we cover more in-depth here.

Doing this takes 72 hours per piece of gear. It takes a while and costs a lot of resources, but it is entirely necessary if you want those blueprints. For most solo players, paying the upkeep on a Dojo and researching everything on your own can get quite expensive. But if you have a group around you or find one while playing , anyone can contribute to the research costs. That way, you can split up the cost. Unlocked after completing The War Within quest, Sorties offer up three missions per day that must be completed in order.

All three are more difficult versions of normal missions, culminating in a much more difficult version of a boss fight from the main game.

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  6. If you're new to Warframe, the Plains of Eidolon isn't worth your time.

Each mission will have specific conditions that make them more difficult. Some will erase your shields, others require you to only use a shotgun or melee weapon, while still others will reduce your movement speed. A defensive or healer support Frame can help, too. In public matchmaking, consider running a Frame with strong crowd control like Vauban, just to make sure your team has the support needed to complete it.

Assuming you complete the Sortie, the rewards are strong. Make sure you hold onto that for something really important. Tagged with Digital Extremes , feature , Warframe. If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies. Find more information here.

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How to Capture a Teralyst (Public Matchmaking)

Some missions are simply devoid of players. They're probably spamming bosses, defense missions, or void runs.


I have had a few times where it would keep saying that parties were in the missions, but I would never end up in one. To fix that, I select the mission I want, wait about 15 seconds, then cancel, wait another 10 seconds, then try again. This usually finds me a group, but it may not work for some fights because there simply isn't anyone running the place. Jamoose View Profile View Posts.