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Its coverage spans art, fashion, entertainment, design, food, architecture, travel and more.

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Launched as a quarterly in , the magazine grew to 12 issues a year for In , the magazine launched its signature platform, The Innovator Awards. An extension of the November Innovators issue, the awards ceremony, held in New York City at Museum of Modern Art , honors visionaries across the fields of design, fashion, architecture, humanitarianism, art and technology.

The winners were: In , Adweek awarded WSJ. The Journal won its first two Pulitzer Prizes for editorial writing in and Subsequent Pulitzer Prizes have been awarded for editorial writing to Robert L. They are united by the mantra "free markets and free people", the principles, if you will, marked in the watershed year of by Thomas Jefferson 's Declaration of Independence and Adam Smith 's Wealth of Nations.

So over the past century and into the next, the Journal stands for free trade and sound money ; against confiscatory taxation and the ukases of kings and other collectivists ; and for individual autonomy against dictators, bullies and even the tempers of momentary majorities. If these principles sound unexceptionable in theory, applying them to current issues is often unfashionable and controversial. Its historical position was much the same.

As former editor William H. Grimes wrote in On our editorial page we make no pretense of walking down the middle of the road. Our comments and interpretations are made from a definite point of view.

We believe in the individual, in his wisdom and his decency. We oppose all infringements on individual rights, whether they stem from attempts at private monopoly, labor union monopoly or from an overgrowing government. People will say we are conservative or even reactionary. We are not much interested in labels but if we were to choose one, we would say we are radical. Just as radical as the Christian doctrine. Each Thanksgiving the editorial page prints two famous articles that have appeared there since The first is titled The Desolate Wilderness , and describes what the Pilgrims saw when they arrived at the Plymouth Colony.

The second is titled And the Fair Land , and describes the bounty of America. It was written by a former editor, Vermont C. Two summaries published in by the progressive blog Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting , and in by the Columbia Journalism Review [49] criticized the Journal 's editorial page for inaccuracy during the s and s.

On September 12, , the Census Bureau released data showing improvement in household income and the poverty rate during , Trump's first year in office. During the Reagan administration , the newspaper's editorial page was particularly influential as the leading voice for supply-side economics. Under the editorship of Robert Bartley , it expounded at length on economic concepts such as the Laffer curve , and how a decrease in certain marginal tax rates and the capital gains tax could allegedly increase overall tax revenue by generating more economic activity.

In the economic argument of exchange rate regimes one of the most divisive issues among economists , the Journal has a tendency to support fixed exchange rates over floating exchange rates. For example, the Journal was a major supporter of the Chinese yuan 's peg to the dollar, and strongly disagreed with American politicians who criticized the Chinese government about the peg. It opposed China's move to let the yuan gradually float, arguing that the fixed rate benefited both the United States and China.

The Journal 's views compare with those of the British publication The Economist , with its emphasis on free markets [ citation needed ]. However, the Journal demonstrates important distinctions from European business newspapers, most particularly in regard to the relative significance of, and causes of, the American budget deficit. The Journal generally points to the lack of foreign growth, while business journals in Europe and Asia blame the low savings rate and concordant high borrowing rate in the United States.

The Journal 's editorial pages and columns , run separately from the news pages, have a conservative bent and are highly influential in American conservative circles. Royster served — and Robert L. Bartley served — were especially influential in providing a conservative interpretation of the news on a daily basis. The editorial board has long argued for a pro-business immigration policy. In a July 3, , editorial, the board wrote: There shall be open borders. The Journal 's editorial page has been seen as critical of many aspects of Barack Obama 's presidency.

In particular, it has been a prominent critic of the Affordable Care Act legislation passed in , and has featured many opinion columns attacking various aspects of the bill. On October 25, , the editorial board called for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to resign from the investigation into Russian interference in the United States elections and accused Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign of colluding with Russia. The Journal editorial board has promoted fringe views on scientific matters, including climate change, acid rain, and ozone depletion, as well as on the health harms of second-hand smoke, pesticides and asbestos.

Scholars have drawn similarities between the Journal 's fringe coverage of climate change and how it used to reject the settled science on acid rain and ozone depletion. The editorial board of The Wall Street Journal reject the scientific consensus on climate change. The Journal disputes that it poses a major threat to human existence and can be prevented through public policy. The Journal has published articles disputing that global warming is occurring at all.

The Journal is regarded as a forum for climate change skeptics , [68] [69] publishing articles by individuals skeptical of the consensus position on climate change in its op-ed section. A study found The Wall Street Journal was the newspaper that was least likely to present negative effects of global warming among several newspapers. It was also the most likely to present negative economic framing when discussing climate change mitigation policies, tending to taking the stance that the cost of such policies generally outweighs their benefit.

Climate Feedback , a fact-checking website on media coverage of climate science, has assessed that multiple opinion articles range between "low" and "very low" in terms of scientific credibility. Also, none of editorials published in the WSJ since concede that the burning of fossil fuels was causing climate change. In the s and s, the Journal published numerous columns disputing and misrepresenting the science behind acid rain and the scientific consensus behind the causes of ozone depletion and the health harms of second-hand smoke , and opposed public policy efforts to curb acid rain, ozone depletion and second-hand smoke.

The Journal ' s editors stress the independence and impartiality of their reporters. In a study, Tim Groseclose and Jeff Milyo argue the Journal 's news pages have a pro-liberal bias because they more often quote liberal think tanks. They calculated the ideological attitude of news reports in 20 media outlets by counting the frequency they cited particular think tanks and comparing that to the frequency that legislators cited the same think tanks.

The study did not factor in editorials. The company's planned and eventual acquisition by News Corp in led to significant media criticism and discussion [82] about whether the news pages would exhibit a rightward slant under Rupert Murdoch. An August 1 editorial responded to the questions by asserting that Murdoch intended to "maintain the values and integrity of the Journal. The Journal has won more than 30 Pulitzer Prizes in its history. Staff journalists who led some of the newspaper's best-known coverage teams have later published books that summarized and extended their reporting.

In , a bidding war ensued between several financial firms for tobacco and food giant RJR Nabisco. Bryan Burrough and John Helyar documented the events in more than two dozen Journal articles. Burrough and Helyar later used these articles as the basis of a bestselling book, Barbarians at the Gate: In the s, then Journal reporter James B. Stewart brought national attention to the illegal practice of insider trading. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in explanatory journalism in , which he shared with Daniel Hertzberg , [85] who went on to serve as the paper's senior deputy managing editor before resigning in Stewart expanded on this theme in his book, Den of Thieves.

David Sanford, a Page One features editor who was infected with HIV in in a bathhouse, wrote a front-page personal account of how, with the assistance of improved treatments for HIV, he went from planning his death to planning his retirement. Jonathan Weil , a reporter at the Dallas bureau of The Wall Street Journal , is credited with first breaking the story of financial abuses at Enron in September Emshwiller reported on the story regularly, [89] and wrote a book, 24 Days.

The Journal claims to have sent the first news report, on the Dow Jones wire, of a plane crashing into the World Trade Center on September 11, They relocated to a makeshift office at an editor's home, while sending most of the staff to Dow Jones's South Brunswick, N.

The paper was on the stands the next day, albeit in scaled-down form.

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Perhaps the most compelling story in that day's edition was a first-hand account of the Twin Towers' collapse written by then-Foreign Editor and current Washington bureau chief John Bussey, [91] who holed up in a ninth-floor Journal office, literally in the shadow of the towers, from where he phoned in live reports to CNBC as the towers burned.

He narrowly escaped serious injury when the first tower collapsed, shattering all the windows in the Journal 's offices and filling them with dust and debris. In Kabul, Afghanistan , a reporter from The Wall Street Journal bought a pair of looted computers that Al Qaeda leaders had used to plan assassinations, chemical and biological attacks, and mundane daily activities.

The encrypted files were decrypted and translated. In , the paper won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service , with its iconic Gold Medal, [94] for exposing companies that illegally backdate stock options they awarded executives to increase their value. Kate Kelly wrote a three-part series that detailed events that led to the collapse of Bear Stearns.

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A report [95] published on September 30, , detailing allegations McDonald's had plans to drop health coverage for hourly employees drew criticism from McDonald's as well as the Obama administration. The Wall Street Journal reported the plan to drop coverage stemmed from new health care requirements under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. McDonald's called the report "speculative and misleading", stating they had no plans to drop coverage.

Razak responded by threatening to sue the New York-based newspaper. The report prompted some governmental agencies in Malaysia to conduct an investigation into the allegation. In , a report written by the Journal 's John Carreyrou alleged that blood testing company Theranos ' technology was faulty and founder Elizabeth Holmes was misleading investors.

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