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1d Boyfriend Long

You can also edit your preferences related to the consent or revoke the consent by visiting our privacy policy website. This is a quiz about your One Direction soul mate! It has everything from your first time you met, first kiss, first date, first fight, proposal, marriage, and kids! I am so sorry if there is any mistakes in my writing, if there is please comment and let me know. Also, this quiz is updated, Zayn is I live for you, I long for you; Olivia. Maybe it's the sparkles in her eyes or the way she smiles but one thing is clear, he can't get away.

Your One Direction Boyfriend + Story

No matter how hard he tries. He won't stop fighting even though she has a boyfriend, even though everything is held against him; it's Olivia. Whose your boyfriend in one direction? Find out with this quiz - longish results.

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Wanna know who your One Direction boyfriend is? Im warning you now the results are long. Find out which member of One Direction is your boyfriend. Now with long results enjoy. It has been quite a while my darlings and please, do enjoy this Don't forget, you'll get a huge surprise if you don't get any of the 1D boys!

Which One Direction Band Member Would Date You?

Who will you get? Pictures, kids, wedding, wedding ring,and pets, are all included! This is my first quiz! I have never published a quiz, or story, so be nice! Just another quiz about your life with the boys.

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  • Some dark themes, and language, you've been warned. Anyway, you know what happens with bands In order to make your life a little easier, we've made a quiz to help you figure our which member of One Direction will no doubt become your baby daddy. You like a man with experience and who could be a better father of your child than a man who comes from a large family and already has a sprog on the way?

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    You're pretty sweet at heart but when you get into trouble, you go for it big style. You seem to have some issues with your parents so a bad boy is the perfect kind of boy to get pregnant by. You're independent which is awesome because we don't think Harry will have much time for changing nappies and teaching a tot how to walk.


    You'll need to be strong willed to deal with all the Twitter hate but you just know your baby is going to be beautiful! You wanted reliable and you kinda got it. Sure, he'll be touring all round the world and doing that sexy smize thing in front of the camera at any opportunity but you just know he'd make sure your baby was decked out in super fashionable gear and looking on point at all times.