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Information about new German tanks immediately became known to Allied command. The British were ready for the Tiger II. The pounder could penetrate the King Tiger in the front, although from a smaller distance than a regular Tiger or a Panther. For the Americans, the new tank was a huge problem. There was nothing they could use to penetrate its front. Even the 90 mm AA gun that could be used as an anti-tank weapon was not enough. It's no wonder that, immediately after receiving this information, General Eisenhower requested a new tank, preferably a heavy one, with a gun that could deal with this new threat.

A gun to fight the Tiger II was quickly found. This was the mm T5E1 tank gun which was being developed for the T28 tank destroyer. From meters, its T32 shell could penetrate mm of armour at an angle of 30 degrees. This gun could confidently penetrate a Tiger II from the front from a few hundred meters. There was one small problem: The T28 was not an option, as the drafts were not yet completed.

The obvious choice was the M6.

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These forgotten tanks were once again in demand. On July 28th, , a little more than a week after the battle at Cagny, General Electric proposed a design project for the conversion of the M6 Heavy Tank to accept a larger gun. The initial concept was significantly different from what was built in metal.

This mostly applies to the turret, which initially resembled a modified T25 medium tank turret. The turret received a larger bustle which also served as a counterweight. The mm T5E1 gun required a mm wide turret ring. It was not enough to modernize the turret and install a bigger gun. The hull was also seriously altered. The Bureau of Ordnance was full of realists who realized that the size of the M6 made it a good target and that 80 mm of front armour was not enough. To solve this problem, the hull machinegun and driver's observation port were removed.

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An additional armoured plate was planned, which would bring up the tank's total armour to mm. The driver's visibility drastically decreased, but tankers would certainly be willing to deal with that limitation for such armour. The side observation devices were also removed. Barnes, the head of the technical department at the Bureau of Ordnance, sanctioned the transfer of work on modernization of the M6 Heavy Tank to General Electric.

The project due date was "ASAP". On the next day, the tank received an index: The choice was simple: In total, 20 of these tanks were built.

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  6. A conversion of 15 tanks was planned, with the rest serving as spare parts. Wellman Engineering Company was chosen as a contractor for the turrets. August 1st was a difficult day for Major General Barnes. Even though the due date was "ASAP", 60 days were allotted for this project.

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    Even a simple inspection of the tanks that would be converted extended that time to 90 days, which included the conversion of 10 tanks. Barnes' next day was also a rough one. It is very likely that Eisenhower listened to Clay's comments. They definitely had an effect on the further development of the situation. Work on the M6A2E1 continued. On August 5th, General Electric demonstrated a slightly modified draft.

    Some of its characteristics caused a disturbance. For instance, calculations showed that the weight of the enlarged turret, new gun, and additional armour would push the mass from 57 tons M6A2 to 77 tons. The general had some experience in tank design and knew that an increase of 20 tons would have a significant effect on the tank's agility. Nevertheless, work continued, and General Electric actively collected subcontractors in the middle of August.

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    Both M6A2E1 prototypes lost their hull machineguns, but did not receive additional armour. Suddenly, a letter came from London on August 18th, , bearing Eisenhower's signature. This letter cancelled the order for 15 M6A2E1 tanks. This didn't happen without Clay's influence, but it's hard to say that he was wrong.

    Considering that while even relatively flat Normandy had plenty of hills, the Ardennes and their much more severe terrain came right after, Clay's caution was understandable. On August 22nd, , the M6A2 conversion program was permanently shut down. The closure of the program did not mean that the M6A2E1 wouldn't be built at all.

    Barnes mentioned the T29 and T30 tanks. To speed up work, it was decided on August 22nd, , to continue the modernization program, but limit it to two tanks. By then, work on the T29 began, which reflected on the M6A2E1's turret design. As mentioned above, the turret was initially an evolution of the Medium Tank T25 design. In the fall of , it changed radically. First, due to its excessive mass, the sides were thinned out to mm. Later, the overall design changed, making the roof welded. In February of , that design was discarded. The tank got a new 4-man turret, as the round was separated into two pieces.

    This changed the layout of the turret and increased its size. Rumours about the installation of a T29 tank's turret on the M6A2E1 chassis in May of have no basis in reality. The installed turrets were planned for the M6A2E1 all along. The T29 Heavy Tank received a completely new turret, even though it was an evolution of this design.

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    According to documents, the tanks started their first trials in May of These tanks differed from the initial design not only in the turret, but in the hull. Since they would never see combat, the extra armour was not installed. The driver's observation device remained, but the hull machinegun was removed.