L and naeun dating

The agencies statements revealed that two broke up yadda yadda yadda but later that month, JunHara told the public that they have never broken up. It was a blurry situation.

Infinite l and naeun dating. Infinite L And Naeun Dating

It was JunHara versus their agencies versus their fans. As time went by though, the couple managed it well, the balanced their relationship and their professionality towards each other on stage and their fans just got over at it in the end. In the course of their relationship, they try to avoid commenting about their relationship. When they are asked about each other, they kept their answers simple and sweet. Nothing more, nothing less to spill.

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Sometimes they pretend not to hear or they skip questions that may make the fans upset. Not only their fans but their anti fans and netizens.


The moment I saw the news about this, I could not even believe it my eyes. Later in the same year, one of the biggest dating rumor surfaced when L of Infinite posted a peculiar tweet on twitter.

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This one was just hell of a ride. You guys probably know the story about this. If you are the so-called fans, keep it classy. How is tweeting negative tweets to this girl any helpful. Have you guys any respect and dignity left? We all recall when IU called in sick and then uploaded a photo of her an a naked Eunhyuk beside her. After which she deleted the said photo and apologized to the public… or err, sort of. And who is Naeun and L??? This person is tweeting lies making more Shinee fans believe her words. She paused for a long time then said our Naeun must be very shy.

Reading her curios cat tweets makes me feel down or disappointed. I almost believed that Taemin doesn't like her damn i dont want to think this or Taemin doesn't wanna talk about WGM because he got hate from Pink Pandas?

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  • Thursday, September 26, 2013!

And the "wife" moment when his heartbeat goes crazy lel. I cannot explain since I haven't been a fan since the beginning.

I still don't know the whole story. But idc anyways about these, I'll just ship them happily without these bothering me. I checked that tweet and searched for naeun x L of infinite and according to the article, L agency refused the invitation to appear at wgm with nauen. I guess he was the first one to be casted but since he refused they chose taemin. I guess fate works in mysterious ways I had no idea about L. They almost make it sound like WGM is forced. Because our Taeun were fated, it was the beginning of a love story.

First off, I did not open the link nor have read that WGM thing of L and Naeun I know to this extent coz you said so Haters just keep coming in and out of this shipping. It's to create confusion and bewilderment to shippers like us. So if you believe in them and their thoughts weigh more than you believe in our couple then that makes them persuade your mind more.

You are making them win from your belief. We wouldn't have this ship at all. We wouldn't have seen Taemin so in love all through these years Taeminnie is so in love.

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  8. We wouldn't have Naeun a man that makes a huge difference in her life too. If there was no conflict between fandoms Naeun wouldn't have seen and know how lucky she is to have Taemin by her all thru these years and vice versa. And L is an idol. The industry is so weird. Imagine how you would feel walking down safe hookup streets with so much hate. Christina Lim December 16, at My ship is more real and actually have real interactions https: She revealed that she was getting all the hates.

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    What saesang fans don't notice is that they just ruined Myungsoo's happiness, the exact person that they wanted to "protect": Don't touch my close friend's boyfriend!!!!!!! L's dating Kim Do Yeon? In the end, my parents who have been sick recently fainted and were admitted into the hospital and said that it was very sad to see their daughter, who they raised and event sent overseas for study, hurt because of this. I left the fandom the minute I read those tweets. I imagine there will be a lot of shy, flirty smiles and very naeun and myungsoo dating talking.

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    He has 6 sister-in-laws!!! So do you got it? Infinite l and naeun dating.