Getting married after two weeks of dating

Marriage, though it may at one time have had this luxury, is no longer just about blind love. And marriage, though it may one time have been, is no longer a pure business transaction.

Why I made the insane decision to spend the rest of my life with a guy that I kinda, sorta knew.

Marriage, I think, should be at least a little bit about logic, and whether the two of you, and your families and your companion animals and everything else you are merging, can work well together for a lifetime. It should also, though, be a lot about blind love. My story with Jonathon, then, is equal parts wild, crazy, unbelievable love mixed in with a true partnership and the ability to see our lives merged successfully for our coming years.

So, what does this all does this all mean for the psychology of deciding to get married after 5 weeks of dating?

(Closed) Couples who\'ve gotten married after just a few weeks?

Well, because in my mind, deciding to get married after just a few weeks of dating is the perfect mix of my two cultures: See, Jonathon and I had a least few significant, deep conversations before our wedding where we spoke about what we expected our marriage to look like. Others, though, were just about the view we were both taking on our marriage: Jonathon and I never lived together before getting married. Jonathon and I barely spent any nights together before getting married! The best we did is a few days in a hotel, going to a rave and sleeping — not exactly real life.

We went in looking forward to learning and growing and changing together. We went in — and this is the critical part — knowing that we were going to find out things that we loved about each other, but also that we were going to find out things that were totally annoying about each other — and that regardless of anything that may come our way, we were going to wake up each morning and choose to love each other all over again.

But objectively, as a lover of humans and relationships and connections, I think the idea of being ready to learn and deal with new things that come up is better than the idea of thinking you know it all. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

The Psychology Of Deciding To Get Married After 5 Weeks Of Dating

They were married in November of and divorced in Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald. After meeting on air in March , Nikki and Paul dated for three months before getting engaged. They married five months later and divorced in One month to the day since they met at a party, the two were wed in LA. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be.

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder. Nikki, clearly not a fan of long engagements, married Ian just two months after getting engaged.

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They're still happily married. Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting. Kaley and pro tennis player Ryan Sweeting got engaged just three months after meeting, and were married another three months after that in December of The two divorced in Katy Perry and Russell Brand.

After starting their relationship in September , the two became engaged in December and married the next year. Sadly, Katy and Russell divorced in Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton. After a whirlwind two-month courtship, these two got married in Vegas in They divorced in Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett.

After meeting on the set of The Player, Julia and Lyle famously met, got engaged and married in the space of three weeks in They divorced after less than two years of marriage. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. They have two children together, but divorced in Britney Spears and Kevin Federline.

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After a three-month courtship, Britney and her backup dancer Kevin got engaged, and were married four months later. They share two children. Nicholas Cage and Alice Kim. They divorced in after 11 years of marriage.

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Agyness Deyn and Giovanni Ribisi. Although there's no official word on how long the two dated before marriage, it certainly wasn't a long time, considering news outlets didn't even know the two were together when they got hitched in Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger. He was a boy, she was a girl. Can we make it any more obvious? After one month of dating and a 10 month engagement, the pair married almost to the day of their first meeting.