Dating a woman with bad teeth

Bad Teeth Can Tank Your Love Life

A picture of Elspeth on a beach left was edited to give her a missing tooth right. The social experiment set out to see if having bad teeth was a deal breaker when it comes to dating. Over the course of one week, 1, men and women were targeted — or 'liked' as potential dates — by Elspeth and Darren. Elspeth's 'perfect teeth' profile receives 60 per cent more messages than her yellow-toothed counterpart, with messages pouring in from 1, matches over the course of one week.

It included one message from a man named Niko, who told her: An original picture of builder Darren Bird, The survey found that singletons with a perfect smile received up to 60 per cent fewer messages than their gappy-toothed counterparts.

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Darren had less luck with his 'bad teeth' profile, pictured. Using the popular dating app Plenty of Fish, the two guinea pigs each created two separate dating accounts. Some singletons failed to spot Elspeth's missing tooth right until after they had clicked on her profile.


Both sets of accounts had identical settings - such as likes, friends and location. But female respondents were just as culpable; Darren's profiles not only produced similar results, but also highlighted the difference between how men and women use dating apps. Darren's 'bad teeth' profile only had two matches over the course of one week, while his 'good teeth' profile received just 19 matches.

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The only difference was that one account featured the prospective dater with discoloured and missing teeth right ; and the matching profile had perfect teeth left. Around 74 per cent of all adults have had to have a tooth extracted, they found, while 48 per cent of the population say they are unhappy with their teeth. Share this article Share.

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I immediately called it out and asked him 'do you have teeth'?

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How the hell could you 'forget' to tell someone you have no teeth when you were coming over for a barbecue , steak and corn on the cob to boot? Nonetheless I was faced with this great guy who was 'teethless'. I was embarassed for him, and found myself feeling embarrassed at the thought of introducing him to friends, my family.

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Find out if he is considering getting them fixed or something and then decide. I could not even sit and look at his mouth, and I have been out with ones with no teeth as their dentures don't fix. Please I just couldn't do it, he has to gums his food Another thinks lying about the amount of teeth you have fans you are hiding much bigger skeletons. What else is he hiding? Men really don't tell us all. It sure would be nice if they tell us that they don't have teeth. That's cheaper in the long run and can avert some of the health issues found with rotting or poorly aligned natural teeth.