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Also explaining and answering questions. No wait time, lovely change room and all around very professional and friendly. I think I've found a good place and will just pay.

I am hoping the 20 week scan will be free at the hospital. I'm hoping the same but I received a letter from the hospital saying I'll have to bring along my 20 week scan at my first appointment. Very disappointed as I thought I would get an appt before 20 weeks and now have more scans to pay for. All my scans including my NT scan were bulk billed. I think some woman who have their standard 12w scan bulk billed think its an NT SCAN with the bloods calculated to give a ratio of down syndrome, and the trisomy's.

No one i know of who went for free had the special bloods taken and calculated with the ultra sound. Is this what your SIL had provided to her or was it just a scan? My share care gp who bulk bills assured me that no where does this thorough test for free. Every other scan he has referred me to was bulk billed though. I have been to WUME this pregnancy too and it was pricey but the quality was very good.

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Last pregnancy I went to a different private clinic and the quality of the pictures from the equipment was nowhere near as good, so I haven't minded paying more for this time around. Paid nothing for my 20wk scan and had a terrible experience. Luck of the draw I guess.

Every one of my scans were bulk billed. Archived Discussion This discussion is archived and locked for posting See active discussions on Australian Parents.

Bulk billing preg ultrasounds ?

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I guess if u need to do extra scans, can u ask ur doc to refer you to somewhere that's part of the public hos system?

Public, but out of pocket

The scans sound pretty cheap to me, the blood tests should be free though depending where you go. You don't have to go to the place the dr refers you to. Also not every place offers it so you have to call around. We had 8 week one free, paid 13 week one, and got the 19 week one free. We had to have another one at 21 and I did it at the hospital for free. Bloods don't cost you anything.

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Hospital was also free so basically just paid GP fees and that one scan. Ask your GP they help you with that sort of stuff. The only test I have paid for is the Harmony test which was optional. Technically this screening and scan is optional. I had 2 more scans after that, one was the morphology scan at weeks, the other scan was around 36 weeks as I had gestational diabetes, that was through a bulk billing scan Place that the public hospital referred me to.

I'm currently pregnant with my third baby through the public system. Annoyingly, my midwife gave me a referral for my 20 week scan and the appointments were already booked out several months in advance, so there's no possible way I could've had my scan at a public hospital, unless I made the appointment before receiving the referral, which they don't let you do anyway.

We are having our 2nd baby in the private system and I was thinking it seems more expensive than last time re scans etc Got a little bit back from Medicare but massively out of pocket! I haven't paid for anything! And the extra downs testing etc at 12 weeks was free as I have a health care card. The only scan i had to pay for was my 20 weeks scan which was like dollars.

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I am public as well, so far I haven't paid nothing for my 8, weeks and 12 and 20 weeks scans! I also have to do an 28 weeks scans and maybe a scan every 3 weeks for free! Maybe you should call around! All blood test where free! Medicare won't cover the cost of elective scans and NT, Morphology are classed as just that. You get to claim something back for both but it wasn't much. As others have said, Medicare will only cover certain scabs and blood tests, especially the ones before 20 weeks 5 pregnancies and I've chosen to not have those scans and blood tests anyways.

This is crazy to me. I've gone public every time.

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I was even able to get onto the Caseload Midwives which ends up like private care that comes to your home most visits for free! M Public, but out of pocket. Ladies, Seems my GP has been sending me to all the costly scans and tests even though I specified I was going through the public health system.