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Latest headlines Austria privacy activists file suit against streaming sites. Austria's Post Office under fire over sharing data on political allegiances. Heavy snow closes Austrian ski stations. Austrian teen killed in firework mishap. Austria to press ahead with digital tax: Austrian student released from Turkish prison.

Vienna shooting 'linked to Balkan mafia': Austria celebrates years of beloved carol 'Silent Night'. Recent highlights 12 things you only get once you've celebrated Christmas and New Year in Austria. Celebrating your birthday on the cheap in Austria. Why Salzburg is Austria's most inspiring city. Related articles Be my Denglisch Valentine, Liebling. Nine things to know before dating an Austrian. Jobs in Europe IE. Customer Service Advisor - Swedish Speaking.

Valentine's Day: All you need to know about dating in Austria

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Customer Service Advisor - Norwegian Speaking. Customer Service Advisor - German Speaking. Customer Service Advisor — Danish Speaking. Civilian on Battlefield COB. Electrical Engineer Country Technical Representative. Corporate Communications and PR Coordinator. View all notices Post a new notice. I guess it makes up for their lack of interest in travel? If you plan to be spending all day walking around Vienna and exploring the Austrian culture, make sure you pick yourself up a decent pair of shoes for comfort.

Germanic people get a reputation for being almost militantly disciplined, and that is very much true for Austrians. You will definitely enjoy how well-organized, neat, and clean the entire country is. Take recycling for example. It is everywhere and not doing is not simply frowned upon, it is almost unthinkable. On the road, there is very little speeding, passing on red lights or people crossing the street outside a zebra.

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Yes, you probably associate Austria with the Alps and hence, with skiing. True, it is a very popular sport that almost everyone practices and even average people are great skiers. In fact, most Austrians take a ski vacation to their favorite resort every single year. Of course, they have some world-class athletes, as well as huge competitions taking place in their country.

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That generates a lot of interest, maybe more than you are used to. Still, most people consider football to be the national sport. Austrians enjoy seeing local and international teams alike.

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  5. It is much more likely that you find yourself discussing a soccer game with your Austrian friends, then a ski competition. Historically speaking, the Austrian territories were quite homogenous. This is mainly true for black and brown people, not so much for Asians. Of course, regardless of the color of your skin, Austrians are much too polite to verbally express any concern or hatred. However, you might see that they are a little distanced and unfriendly towards some foreigners. Thankfully, this tendency is slowly vanishing, with young people being much more tolerant.

    All in all, Austria is a weird, sometimes unpleasant, sometimes amazing little country.

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    Accepting the quirks of locals is a part of exploring any culture, so start off being curious and accepting, without too much prejudice. Austria "dating culture" In America they have the concept of "date" or "dating" we dont have that in austria really. Or im not aware of it an Austrian might correct me.

    In Austria Guys and Girls meet, go out together, party, kiss eatch other, have sex and are in relationship, In America there is a "first date" etc. In Austria we have the word "rendevousz" which would be similar to "a date" but thats quiete old school and outdated, most people dont say they go on "rendevousz". Any opinions, do you agree? Originally Posted by TheBrownBear.