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Most people feel as if they havne't had the time to experience life and are still grwing and discovering. The older perosn more liekly than not are already settled down for the most part and have already passed their 'peak' of life so to say. They've already had their career and are settled in it. There is also the issue of the indiviudual being more 'confident' and also knowing who they are. This is why an age gap of a 30 and 40 year old is viewed differently than an age gap between a 18 year old and 28 year old.

I hope I made sense.

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Despite the age gap though, it's not like younger couples are prone to failure. IF both party are willing to adapt to the needs of others and are willing to their partner fulfill their own ambitions instead of persuading them to take on certain goals or 'settle down' it can indeed a happy relationship just as all other kinds.

The same for the other way around. You should be attracted and love the person, not the age or what comes with it. As long as the person you like is not married, or engaged o.

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O you're free to admit your love to them or not. It's prolly better for the younger one to admit it though. Most of the older ones are more prone to keep silent, especially if their love intrest is under 20 o: But eh, individuals vary: Some couples find the age gap non-existent.

Some find the difference too much. If you're using the age gap as an excuse everytime a problem arises though, that may be a sign that you are not up to it o. As you get older, age gaps don't matter as much. Not like they do when you are young. This Site Might Help You. The norm In recent history, relationship statistics indicate that most people end up with a partner that is close to them in age — around three to five years either side tends to be the norm.

Dating An Older Guy: How Much Of An Age Difference In A Relationship Is TOO MUCH!

But times they are a-changin', and now more and more people are saying to hell with society's age stereotypes, and pairing off with people who are 10, 15 or more years apart in age. The second time around A common problem for those with a major age gap in their relationship is mismatched life experiences. These can include major milestones like career, travel, marriage and children — all of which are profoundly affected if one person in the relationship has already "been there, done that". If you're a year-old hoping for a family of your own one-day, and are dating a divorced year-old with teenage kids from a previous relationship, you need to get things straight with your partner about their interest in having a second family.

Age gaps can become more prominent when it comes to big life experiences and rites of passage. It pays to be clear about your relationship hopes and dreams from the start. Not exactly a problem, but certainly something of an embarrassment, is the likelihood of social situations in which you and your partner are mistaken for parent and child — or worse. Work functions, booking into a hotel for a weekend away, and shopping for clothes together are all potential minefields for couples with big age gaps.

Do you nod and smile through gritted teeth as the sales assistant talks to your "Dad" or do you set the record straight then and there? And if you are constantly attracted to vastly older partners, are there some unresolved parental issues that could need addressing? In sickness and in health Your age gap may not be that noticeable in your lifestyle right now, but the bigger the age gap, the more you'll need to consider what your life together will be like in the long term. Health and the natural aging process are both factors that will impact on the quality of your lifestyle with a partner who is vastly older than you.

A gap of 20 years means that one of you will be a sprightly year-old, while the other will be approaching retirement. And yes, you're only as young as you feel, but how will your relationship cope with the ravages of time? Are you comfortable with the idea of becoming someone's live-in carer rather than live-in lover? Making an age gap relationship work is like any other successful relationship — it depends on strong communication skills, dedication, honesty and a lot of effort. But as anyone who loves someone regardless of an age difference will tell you, love is not only blind, it can't count very well either.

If you're talking 13 and 33, then obviously common sense dictates that it's too much of an age gap. But if we're talking something reasonable like 16 and 28 or 21 and 52, then it's not a big deal at all. I'm dating a guy 31 years older than me and I don't care what people think, we spend a lot of time together in public and yes people stare when we kiss on a park bench but we don't care. We've talked about this so many times over before, I love him and I'm going to spend the rest of my life with him.

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  • Age doesn't matter to us, I knew he was older than me when we met obviously and when he told me his real age he was so afraid that I was going to leave him awwwww. My opinion is that if you love someone, even if their older or younger, black, white, tall, short, girl, boy, or whatever the case, the only thing that matters is that you love them, don't let something like an age difference get in the way.

    He came back to me because we were meant to be together, and he came back with no reservations.

    Is a 5 year age gap unusual for a relationship?

    We have been married for almost seven months now, and neither of us regrets our decision to spend the rest of our lives together. This works for us because he is an old soul in a younger body, and I am a young soul in an older body. We agree on the important things, like religion, and how to spend and save money, and the roles of a man and woman within a marriage. We both enjoy romance and true intimacy on all levels.

    So, in answer to your question, I would say that it definately can work, but both partners have to be willing to have a sense of humor about it notice my userID and the patience to put up with being misunderstood both by others that they care about and by society at large.


    Good luck to you. Follow your heart, as I did, and you can't go wrong. There is 8 years difference between my husband and me and it does not make an ounce of a difference! So, an extra couple of years shouldn't matter, either. We tease each other about our age difference. He used to say to me: When we met, he started to go grey and is now virtually all grey, but he looks fantastic and certainly does not look going on I have just turned 40! I think that if there is too much of an age gap, then that can pose some problems. Especially when one starts showing their age. I think it totally depends how old you both are, if a 42 year old went out with a 52 year old, probably no problems.

    Your at completely different stages in your life, and different levels of maturity, it would be hard. Related Questions Is a ten year age difference in a relationship a problem? Does a 10 year age difference really matter in a relationship? Does ten years of an age gap between lovers effect relationships? Does age difference matter in a relationship?

    Is a 5 year age gap unusual for a relationship? | Yahoo Answers

    Age difference in relationship question? Answer Questions How do I deal with my wife's control freak of an older sister? Is there any hope for my marriage if I don't like my in-laws?

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