Titanfall long matchmaking

I tried also changing server regions, but still no luck. Am I just going to have to accept the fact that I will only be able to get "attrition" games? Would it have anything to do with their skill related matchmaking? Should I try and get a refund or should I just wait it out? Jan 27, Messages: Hi msterquilt, The PC playerbase is the smallest of the three platforms, and unless you play Attrition, it can take a while until the matchmaking has found 12 players to start a match with.

Depending on the daytime, it may be rather quick or take forever. I don't think it has anything to do with port settings or the like, as you are able to join Attrition games. Alternatively, you can try to join up with other Titanfall 2 players from a Discord group of your region in order to circumvent the matchmaking problem to some extent or altogether if somebody sets up a "Private Match".

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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May 29, Messages: Mar 2, Messages: I tried yesterday and I could not play. The game only searching matches but find no one.

So What's Up With The Matchmaking For This Game?

Feb 10, Messages: This game's multiplayer flopped faster than a soccer player faking an injury. Work on that which means working on your map and spawn knowledge to feel less helpless. Use merit to permanently unlock the Low Profile kit this is such a must have and Volt or any weapon you do well with and is a late unlock. It really shouldn't be an excuse in this game. If you aren't at the required level yet, you'll see the merit cost to unlock it and you can unlock it if you have enough merit.

Your total merit is in the upper right. It has happened to me on PS4 also but not with that consistency.

Titanfall 2 can't find matches

Just last night I was in a game of Bounty Hunt where we lost like to because my entire team was apparently first time players and the other team was a group of MLG parkour masters. Thankfully the tide swings with equal frequency where I'm on the steam rolling side of things but it's hardly ever a "balanced" fight that comes down to a nail biting finish.

Also everyone that was saying "RIP CoD" etc - out of curiosity I went on PS Live to check out how some other people are playing the game l, maybe pick up on some tricks, and Titanfall 2 was way down low on the list with CoD once again being one of the top streamed games. Funny enough Infinite Warfare had twice as many broadcasts as Titanfall 2, and Black Ops 3 had twice as many broadcasts as both those games combined. People sure do love BO3. Titanfall is tiny compared to the juggernaut. I think it's wishful thinking stemming out of some misguided hate for a franchise because of its success.

The game doesn't feel like this AT ALL on console--at least the PS4 version that I've played--and it doesn't make any sense that the game wouldn't ever put you on a winning team. I mean, I guess it's possible you're being matched up with a lot of Titanfall 1 veterans, but they should still end up on your team too. When you play attrition, what type of scores are you getting? Alternatively, if you think there are just a bunch of great Titanfall 2 players in your area for some reason, you can always change your data center.

And lastly, you should keep in mind that regenerating--prestiging--in Titanfall 2 has so little cost associated with it, that you shouldn't really view it as a sign of skill. In this game, you can take an average of three or so, and even unlock them early whenever you want, as soon as you have the credits. It's a great system that doesn't punish people who want to keep gaining experience.

Is changing data center actually a viable option due to latency? I haven't tried this but if it meant I could actually find players in anything besides Attrition then I would give it a shot.

Trying to find a match in Titanfall 2

I have to imagine the people playing Titanfall 2 on PC take their multiplayer shooters a little more seriously? PS4 would have a wider, more varied audience in terms of age and skill level, for instance. The best time to play is when it's the busiest prime time and the pool of people is bigger, like after work hours for that particular region and weekends. It depends on how many data centers there are close to where you live. I have several I can choose from without running into lag problems.

Also, if you want something aside from Attrition, perhaps try the mixtape playlists. I know they're at least active enough on PS4 that I can quickly find games. I heard a guy working with Respawn say they were working on ranked matchmaking. That might help the issue though I guess it risks splitting the playerbase. It was an animator talking on a Twitch-channel so take it for what you want. But he said "rank play is in the works.

My impression so far has been that Titanfall 2 has a much greater skill ceiling and therefore a much steeper learning curve compared to Titanfall 1. Which makes pacing and balance feel completely different from the first game. When I go back to Titanfall 1 it doesn't feel nearly as punishing or unbalanced. Even when I really suck I still feel like I have a fighting chance and usually have fun regardless. But man, Titanfall 2 has been far more frustrating for me.

In fact, I got so frustrated in the very first match I ever played that I seriously wanted to stop the game then and there and never return. However, after giving it a little more time I realized it was just a totally different beast and I needed to be more patient with it.

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  8. I've had some fun with the game since then, but it defiantly feels like everything has been turned up a notch. This can be really good or really bad, depending on how you look at it. Basically, the highs in this game are even higher, but the lows are rock bottom. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that Titanfall 2 rewards skilled players far more than not-skilled players compared to the first game. Which naturally is going to mean that skilled players will do better and better as the match progresses.

    Leading most likely to a steam roll. Maybe Titanfall 2 is way different on the PC or something, but I've been having loads of fun with the game on the PS4. Your post was really vague, though, when it comes to why you think this game changed things so much and requires much more skill now. Why specifically do you feel that Titanfall 2 is punishing, unbalanced, and requires more skill than the original, and how do you feel it should be fixed? I don't really agree with you that there's anything wrong, but I am interested to hear what you don't like and why you don't like it.

    To be fair, icyeyes never claimed it should be fixed - just that it was different. As to why it's different - one thing is certainly that pilots have half the hitpoints they did in the first game. You're right that there was no claim it should be fixed. It was said that the game was far more frustrating and has rock bottom lows, however, so I think it's somewhat natural to infer icyeyes thinks the game should be fixed.

    Re: Titanfall taking too long to find players and join a server

    To ask in another way that supports the actual comments: Yeah, I was being pretty vague because I haven't spent enough time with the game to form a coherent conclusion as to why. Really just my initial impressions with it so far, but I'm beginning to think maybe it's not an increased skill ceiling as much as the way skill is rewarded now. That's what I meant by "punishing", and perhaps "performance bias" or "lopsided" is a better term than "unbalanced".

    I'm not saying it's objectively better or worse than the first game.

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    Just trying to deduce what's changed that might be causing matches to feel so uneven. The match making system is likely also playing a role in the issue too. I know certain people really don't like the changes from the first game at all, and I can totally understand this because those were my initial feelings too.

    So What's Up With The Matchmaking For This Game? - Titanfall 2 - Giant Bomb

    But I think this is coming from mostly "causal" players like myself that are really getting their asses handed to them compared to the first game. I know it's something of a dilemma; how can you reward skilled players without frustrating and punishing newbies. However, I think Titanfall 2 is definitely leaning towards favoring skilled players more and therefor punishing the not-skilled newbies.

    Take titans for example; they feel much more like kill streak rewards to me now. In the first game everyone got multiple titans per match. Doing really good only decreased your titan wait time, but in the Titanfall 2 tech test they didn't even have a timer and you had to actually earn them. Even adding the timer back only insures players get a titan per match. You still need to earn anything beyond that. Combine that with the faster time-to-kill and it makes titans feel much more valuable and deadly overall.

    Burn cards are another aspect: They were completely random in Titanfall 1, so everyone had an equal chance of getting and using them at any time. That's all been replaced with boost now that, once again, have to be earned along with your titan. The PC version is probably also a lot more punishing because it combines these changes with a smaller yet much more skilled player base. Just check out the kill streak video below. The dude is incredible and makes it look too easy.