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It's this whole back and forth trying to figure out if someone's legit before wasting time and money. It adds another weird layer to an already weird dynamic of online dating.

"My experience dating a sugar daddy." - Marie Claire Malaysia

You have to always have your nails done, toes done, always wear something nice. That's expensive and time-consuming. A lot of that labor, finding him, all that's invisible to [the sugar daddies]. In their minds, it's like, 'I pay them so much just to hang out with me! And then there's the actual on-the-job tedium of being a paid companion. Have you ever broken off a friendship with someone like that -- someone who just enjoyed "being a person in your direction"? It's like having to quietly put up with that, all of the time, so you can put food on the table.

Julia found a way around this by entering into an unconventional but decidedly sugar live-in arrangement with a friend. Everything was negotiated in advance, including "the start and end time, how involved I would be getting with his family, for example. As far as his family was concerned, we were dating. And no, this wasn't some romantic comedy scenario in which they soon realized they were in actually love. Julia had no interest in extending beyond the original six-month term.

That part of it was nothing but a job.

Sugar daddy seeking meaningful connection – unless you’re ‘chunky

Julia admits that she's sometimes ignored safety concerns in favor of making those pesky ends meet. When you meet a lot of people, and you're too excited to meet people and not actually thinking about the feeling in your gut, you can get in an unsafe situation. Fancy was in a better financial situation and could be more selective about partners.

Not that sugar dating -- or any kind of sex work -- will ever be perfectly safe. In fact, because it's the first area of sex work many people start with, the risk is higher because the expectation of screening isn't really there. Nor are all sugar daddies pressed-for-time gentlemen who are just looking for a little affection that fits their hectic schedules.

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I have a friend who likes going out with the awful ones because they pay more. It gets so competitive among sugar babies, it's crazy. It's a buyer's market. Despite sugar sites' insistence that "entering the sugar bowl " is all about forming lasting romantic bonds of convenience, the turnover rate for arrangements is high -- about two months on average, in Fancy's experience.

Usually it's this pull to keep them reined in, and then at the end of two months, it kind of peters out. Both of our sources recently made the decision to quit sugar dating. Julia got a promotion at her day job, while Fancy decided that the profit wasn't worth it compared to traditional escorting and stripping. In her experience, that amount is at the upper end of the monthly allowances sugar daddies offer -- and for escorts, those overnight stays don't require the devotion, time, and attention that often accompany a sugar arrangement.

So she switched to more traditional full-service sex work. All just so I could call myself something other than a whore and have an illusion of safety. He was also missing a front tooth.

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He told me he had just gotten divorced so he wasn't looking for a relationship yet. He gave me a pseudonym. When I figured it out and asked about it, he gave me this long-winded, weird reason why he used it. I got an uneasy feeling, but dismissed it.

my sugar daddy experience

He really seemed like an okay guy. He showed interest in me, allowed me to use his address to look for a job in SF, he showed concern about my well-being too. He even offered to send me some money when I told him I was broke. He wanted to meet up in Nashville - I canceled. He wanted to meet up in San Diego - he canceled last minute saying his mom had breast cancer. We kept in touch and he kept offering me to fly me to SF to be with him. Finally, I flew to SF on my own. We had dinner and alcohol.

He came across as sort of passive-aggressive. He kept telling our waiter to tell another table to stop being so loud.

We're Sugar Babies. This Is What It's Like.

He had to fly to NYC while I was there, but he kept wanting me to come over, take me to the Four Seasons, he was constantly angling for sex, but I just didn't feel comfortable. After I got home, he offered to rent me an apartment close to him in SF. He even CC'd me on the email to the landlord.

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HE bought me airline ticket to come to SF and start my new life. I ended up chickening out. We chatted a bit after that, but he never responded to an email and text I sent to him. I took the hint. Fast forward to a year or so later I get back on Sugardaddie and there is his profile. He had shaved 5 years off his age and this time he had pictures. Here's where it gets more interesting. I Googled him and found a short bio of him on his new company's website. It said that he was married to his opera singer wife the one he said he had divorced and they had homes in Sonoma, CA and SF.

I looked at his Instagram pictures and there they are having dinner, site seeing in Paris, kissing and hugging. I just looked him up on that website. His recently activity was yesterday. His wife has no clue. Who knows what would have happened if I moved to be with him. Others, one of whom sent penis shots, were more direct. I assume you do anal? He gave strict instructions that she wear a dress and have a French manicure and pedicure, for which he would reimburse her. After all, you are taking me for dinner in a beautiful place.

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Her date was stunned. As well as saying that he thought half of them were prostitutes and another 20 percent were crazy, he explained how he divided them into categories. Some dates were especially bad. The invitation was hastily withdrawn when she refused to accompany him to a room at the St. Marks Hotel that same night. Who knows if they have starving children and their mother is dying?