Park hyeong seop and key dating

Seop tweets an other part of their kakaotalk messages. HyeongSeop says in an interview that he knows Key from their childhood in Daegu and that now they meet like friends, going shopping and get coffee.

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Seop tweets a picture of them and more are publicly posted. March 26 my birthday, yay! Key goes to the second day of the Seoul Fashion Week and meet Seop again. They both posted pictures of themselves. Seop uses a picture of them from the previous day as his twitter icon. During that week, Seop deleted thousands of his tweets and all of his pictures with Key.

For Hyeong Seop

The restaurant is called Mamamia and is located in Itaewon, close or in the Homo Hill district. April 14 and April Key and HS posted pictures of themselves in a park wearing similar clothes. Also, Seop is wearing a necklace pretty much the same as the one Key bought when he went to London a few months before. Key reuploads a picture of them at Mamamia restaurant from april.

For Hyeong Seop

Lee Hyo Sup from Etude House post a picture from the Mamamia restaurant with other friends and models. Key is seen at the airport wearing the same shirt he wore at the restaurant with Seop on May 28th. HyeongSeop uploads pictures of himself and Key shopping not the same shopping session as june 12th HyeongSeop buys white shoes that he is gonna wear with the couple shirt the next day.

Seop uploads a picture where he wears the same shirt as Key. Somewhere between June 20 and June Key wears the couple shirt during an interview.

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For Hyeong Seop , i feel some people are gonna bitch because the thread's title is "which male idol is gay", and not "do you think is gay". Mika has always been hesistant to label himself and his sexuality: And at the end of the show Key Park Hyeong Seop's twitter Kim kibum Key Pinterest [when the mc brings the topic of key having secrets back, key quickly returns to the topic about the bathhouse, and minho asks to move on to the next question. Which male idols do you think are gay? From what was already written above in part 1: Key being exposed to overseas culture: YG Entertainment - Wikipedia once mentioned that key "brings strangers to [their] dorm" could this be random hookups from the bars?

In a radio interview, jonghyun mentioned that key has been out drunk many times and minho would always have to pick him up. Key has also mentioned that, compared to taemin's innocent "fairy" image, key himself has nothing to lose if he were caught in something: Kibum looked quite dazzling under the strobe lights, his pale skin reflecting the multi-colored streams of light like a mirror, his eyes glinting with several stars.

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  • Park hyeong seop key dating.
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Jonghyun would have adored this sight, would have fallen in love all over again for the handsome man, but no. He was going to be taken. Devoured hungrily by the wolf of jealousy that he unknowingly unlocked within Jonghyun. Or, at least I will.

His dangerous words should have sparked fear within Kibum, as it would within any sane person, and it was what Jonghyun had wanted. Fuck, best idea ever! A story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts. I spy lots of butthurt Jongkey fans and I say this as a closeted - previously, anyway - Jongkey shipper and gleeful Keyseop fans and a few voices of sanity in the middle. Jongkey is an uber-famous OTP. Jongkey is known of even outside kpop circles. And this illusion of unshakeability was only strengthened by the SSK scandal.

It gave the fans the impression that nothing could sink the Jongkey ship, because SSK had failed to do so. Quietly, sometime in January, a couple of pictures popped up of Key and this alien-looking bloke. Nobody thought much of it, since Key is a social butterfly and we constantly see him pictured with one random celebrity or another. Now, let me first say that none of this is conclusive proof that they were dating at that time. HS had a photo, which has since been taken down, of him holding a little black puppy.

To make things worse, all of this happened when Jjong was recovering from his injury. Just to be clear, though, I am in no way saying that Jongkey was definitely a couple some time in the past, nor am I saying that Keyseop are definitely a couple now. The best we can hope for at this point is that this will blow over ala SSK. I can concede that there is a chance that Key is Bisexual…even Pansexual…but there is no way he is completely heterosexual. Honestly, I think he just does what or who makes him happy.

Park Hyeong Seop - BNT News Interview

Are you kidding me.. You guys make me almost ashamed to be a shipper myself.

Stop only thinking of yourself! Your idols are people, not objects. And this goes out to both fans and shippers.