How to deal with dating a man going through divorce

But below it we know about the lies: Thanks for the straight talk, I learned from it and enjoyed it. Let me know your thoughts about my reactions. Hmmm, do women really want us to return to the animal kingdom? I have two close friends who are going through a separation that, at this point, really looks like it will end in divorce. Nothing set in stone yet, but she has her own apartment. It is in part, a personal hangup, since I have been on the shit end of side-picking before.

But I refuse to do it.

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And certainly to declare it. Unless one or the other has been involved in some seriously fucked-up stuff I have one divorced friend whose husband beat her up and broke her arm. FUCK that guy, for sure. I would never ask anyone to choose for me, either. The guy has been my friend for longer. Since we were in high school. But here is the kicker: He is also my ex-boyfriend looong time ago. And you know what? A lot of the shit his wife is angry about, the faults of his that are causing her to rethink their union, are justified.

I know him very well. I know how he can be, both romantically and in general. So I find myself torn between my loyalty to my long-time friend and his wife, who, as far as we know has done nothing wrong but become fed up with behaviors that have a tendency to irk just about anyone who knows him.

Is His Baggage Welcome at Your Hotel?

Energetic and fun and generous and kind and deep down, a great person. Beyond the failure of her marriage, her biggest fear was losing her only friends in the world. He tends to mine me for information about her. I keep no secrets. Yeah, I just think you have to be honest with yourself about where your loyalties were in the first place. If you became friends with the spouse through the husband, and were primarily friends with him, now is NOT the time to suddenly feel an extra dose of compassion for the wife and be sure to include her social gatherings—especially if disasters happened at social gatherings in the first place.

Indeed I sympathize with her complaints. But I have plenty of sympathy for his, too. She and I have had meltdown blowouts because of these tendencies. Her husband and I have a lot in common, personality-wise. She, in fact, is the one who put me on the shit end of side-picking in the first place. So I have just as much reason to be bitter towards her as him, if not more.

My gender plays no role in it.

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My closest, most long-standing friends are male and the fact that he is an ex is not unique among them. Hopeful, but incorrect and somewhat obtuse. If people ask me what I think, I tell them. And, actually, the social gathering thing has come up. These things can change from minute to minute. So when it came time for a gathering, I assumed nothing. I invited them both with the reasoning that the decision was up to them. But I question that men are more emotional. It seems like women are taking their emotions and running from them, while us men are willing to take the imperfections in our marriages and work on them.

We bellieve in making things better, while women make things worse to have the excuse to leave.

Dating During His Divorce

So women are famed for regarding men as emotional, because rather than talk about how much the love them, men buy gifts. Whereas men think women are too emotional, because all they want to do is talk. I suspect a lot of people around you, male and female, are uncomfortable, unsure, and just trying to do what they think is right, potentially without you as the central and only variable in their decisions.

And, with all due consideration given to 4, the gendered nature of your complaints borders on offensive.

The Dating Den - Should you date a guy who is separated but not yet divorced?

Women are gossipy back-stabbers, men are loyal, women are dense and lack social aptitude, men know the logical, correct thing to do, women cry, men break things. One can see a gender trend, and duck and hide from it, or one can point it out at the risk of looking like an asshole. I have a tendency towards the later: Jesus, you should see the flack I get for things….

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I have a spectacular history of breaking stuff. A bit of a catch 22 if you ask me. In any event, am not a crier.

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Maybe I attract fellow non-criers. Not a tear to be found. Jim, You need to grow up and realize all humans have feelings. Okay, maybe my tone is too harsh. I revoke the harsh tone. But I still say emotions, sensitivity—not a gender issue.

Is There No Going Back to Her?

Personally, I much prefer the ball through the window — or the one-night drunken binge, or the one outrageously unfair conversation. To feel become emotional—to feel hurt, bitterness, spiritual pain, sadness, heartbreak—comes not only with the emotion itself but an attempt to reject and deny the emotion, as well as with a need for some other catharsis. Breaking stuff can be therapeutic because it allows for a destructive outlet, which is good because sometimes denying the original emotion comes with some anger at even feeling the emotion in the first place. I do know that working out and breaking stuff have been cathartic for me.

It was a small number, built from a Home Depot kit, and he handed me a sledgehammer and asked me to go to it. What followed was a good hour of swinging that hammer and bringing that house down. This was a very helpful look into how men think. I learned a few things. Could it be that because men are generally expected to withhold certain emotive expressions, that it adds a deeper complexity to our overall emotional well being? Maybe the guilt component bleeds all over the other emotions- happy, sad, and other.

I hope you can throw all the bombs you need to and then walk through the smoke and not take all the debris with you, so to speak…and that some good stuff might be left standing while the shitty stuff is reduced to rubble. I also really hope that most of the gender stereotyping and bitter generalizations posted in this thread are balanced by other experiences, friends, surprises, hope.

Gives you a lot of advantages but also runs the show when maybe the rest of you might go another direction. The pieces fit together. Your goal was to act out among maternal women. Do you ever behave in the same way around men? Either father figures, or those you might relate to as peers? You might work on trying to see yourself as an adult, and equal to women and other people. You can quit relying on broad generalizations and false gender issues, and begin to cultivate genuine relationships with reduced fear.

This is a standard sort of regressive behavior in situations of social anxiety. Good luck with it. He is no more emotional than me. He is no more at fault than me. He partied with them. We were married for 12 years. Rachel also serves as a relationship and dating coach for adults who are looking for love and would like support with dating, intimacy and relationship building.

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