Ex dating someone less attractive

But seeing him with less attractive girls didn't make me feel better at all. Anyway now he is finally dating some pretty babe and I feel good about it, I don't know why. I guess I have friendly feelings for him so I want him to have all the best? I was upset cause a very ugly and annoying guy that I thought had nothing to offer had a girlfriend and I somehow felt insulted that somebody who wasn't good enough for me wasn't good enough for somebody more attractive then me.

I wouldn't care under normal circumstances - but this guy was always hurting my feelings and I expected other people to share my point of view that he was unattractive with nothing to offer. It will hurt more if they are attractive. It would hurt less if they are unattractive. But if Im completely over them, I wouldn't care less about who he dates. I try not to concern myself with stuff like that.

I guess it hurts more, but like no ex has dated someone more beautiful than I. They best they'll ever do is me, so like they fucked up real bad. They be dating some ugly ass bitches. I don't really get hurt by it, I'd love to see him happy with someone else and if she was stunning it would please me that he finally found what he was looking for after so long. My ex started to dated someone like a couple of days ago and he even posted in on social media it did hurt me and it still hurts me because I did love the guy or still do a little but I didn't see his new girlfriend but it also shows you that maybe the guy didn't care at all which is how it makes me feel because it was like he was using me as a cover to find someone better then me when I was right in front of him.

What It’s Like Dating Someone Who’s More Attractive Than You [Intimacy Issues]

It doesn't hurt st all, or doesn't matter because I don't care about who he dates. That said, soon after we broke up, he got into this "relationship" with some girl online and all his Facebook statuses were about how wonderful and amazing she ism.

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That hurt because I've dated him for years and never got a single Facebook status from him, beyond something stupid. I mean they did break up soon after. And then he came back. Told him to fuck off. I have an ex who started dating someone less attractive than me but does a lot more stuff with.

When your ex downgrades … big time. | My inner workings.

I'd say it hurts the same but at the same time, there's that "ha he downgraded" moment that makes you sorta happy. But it's still all the same. I mean it's more ok if the girl just looks average. It will hurt more if she is damn more beautiful than me lol. It can hurt to see an ex with someone new but the blow is definitely softened if the person is unattractive compared to you and when others take notice of that too.

Wouldn't matter if their less or more attractive..

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I think its the same but when i am over him then I really don't care who he is dating with. If its an ex I despise it'll give me a good laugh. I was surprised when I found out who is his new girlfriend No, because I've moved in from him. That'd only hurt if you still have feelings for an ex. I'd actually feel indifferent. I don't hold onto something that's history. That would be like stumbling over something behind you. I move forward after a breakup. When your ex is with someone obviously not subjectively less attractive than you it's a rejection of your personality and lifestyle.

She is with some Channing Tatum guy or something you can write it off as her being shallow in some way I guess lol. Ex and I have kept LC since the split and I met him for lunch yesterday to give him some stuff he had left at mine. Whilst we were at lunch he got a call from his new girlfriend who was in the area and wanting to meet up. At once I said I would get going but he insisted I stay and meet her. I was so nervous as I still hold a little flame for him! Anyway to be brutally honest I was shocked when she arrived.

I had this picture of a stunning woman in my head and was really nervous. However she was, in my opinion and I'm sure in the opinion of many, not attractive in the slightest. She was really, really thin, practically unhealthy looking, really pale with thin hair that was greasy and unwashed. She didn't have a scrap of make up and had huge bags under her eyes. If I had seen her in the street I would have assumed she was a drug addict. She wore the most unflattering clothes, really baggy clothes that just hung off her and never looked me in the eye.

She seemed really odd. She kissed him as soon as she saw him and my ex looked very uncomfortable with this. She totally ignored me and I would have felt awkward if it wasn't for the fact that I was ever so amused by the weirdness of the situation. She wasn't ugly as such just not attractive, at least she had a good set of teeth.

Does it hurt more or less when your ex is dating someone new that is less attractive than you?

I don't understand what he sees in her. Considering they weren't friends before or anything one night stand I just don't get it. It has however made me feel a hell of a lot better about myself!! Since we broke up I have made such an effort to improve myself as I'm out there dating. Why would he be so keen to meet her? He must know how people would react. He's good looking and I would have expected him to move on to someone better looking than myself. I know looks are not everything, it's what inside that counts blah blah blah but I just couldn't see the attraction!!!

Anyone able to shed some light?

Being in a relationship is attractive … or is it?

Share Share this post on Digg Del. Sorry but as much as you think she is physically unattractive, you ex- boyfriend finds your personality and insides just as unattractive. Otherwise he would have stayed with you. Look inward, not outward. Because obviously there is something about her he finds a lot more attractive than you and it must have something to do with your innerness. I can't shed any light on that at all. I also don't understand an ex wanting you to meet the new girlfriend.

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It's like, here, let me rip that bandaid off again so you can start healing all over. I can offer this though: It describes your encounter exactly, and it's quite funny. Originally Posted by Hot Chick. He is probably more attracted to brains than physical beauty. In the end, a guy wants to be with someone he is emotionally and intellectually connected to. Also did you see the thread on makeup? She very well is probably a 9 or 10 once she pulls herself together.