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Swing by and learn to create inspiring images and turn the mundane into masterpieces! You must bring your own digital camera. Exact meeting location will be provided upon booking and will vary depending upon the signup date. Put away the ice cream, there's a new bowl of therapy in town.

13 San Diego Date Ideas That Are Way More Fun Than You'd Think

Singing bowls were popularized by Tibetan monks and the monasteries of the Himalayas, and are essentially inverted bells that, when properly played, vibrate to produce soothing, melodic tones. During this session, you'll sit in relaxing silence as an experienced singing bowl practitioner plays for you. You'll quickly find the sublime tones produced are a natural accompaniment to mediation. Feelings of personal well-being and acceptance will wash over you, and you may find yourself able to take your meditation much further than you ever thought possible.

Once this class is over, you'll find yourself feeling refreshed and untroubled, ready to approach life with a healthier perspective. But you can still eat ice cream too, if you want too. Witness the secret world of the sea as you get up close and personal with such fascinating creatures as killer whales, dolphins, and sea lions.

Then sit back, relax, and have a blast with a live sea lions show performed by Sea World's resident sea lion comedy team, Clyde and Seamore.

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When the sun sets, get ready to experience a live rock concert unlike any other that features the amazing antics of killer whales. With round trip transportation provided to and from the Amtrak Santa Fe Station, your only worry will be which exciting adventure to take on first. Take a narrated tour of Mexico's fourth largest city, just miles from Downtown San Diego. As you enter Tijuana, you'll notice a shift in culture and surroundings.

Head over to the popular La Placita restaurant where you'll learn the art of the taco using the freshest Mexican ingredients. Monkeys and hippos and camels, oh my! Established in , the San Diego Zoo has long been serving up sights of exotic plants and animals for its visitors. With this roundtrip tour, take your own eyes on an adventure they'll have to see to believe. You'll make your way through all three zones of the zoo including the Lost Forest, Urban Jungle, and Discovery Outpost.

In these unique environments you'll see wildlife such as tigers, elephants, giraffes, hippos, and koalas. You'll also get the chance to take in shows like the Dr.

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San Diego is one of the biggest players in the craft beer movement, boasting some of the best brews in the nation and attracting pint lovers from all over. Come get an exclusive look at some of the city's finest breweries, and taste what all the fuss is about with this round-trip tour. You'll make your way to locations such as Ballast Point, Pacific Ales, Iron Fist Brewery, and Sublime Ale House where you'll learn secrets of the process, taste the fantastic finished products, and enjoy a provided lunch. You'll get behind-the-scenes access to beer brewing and may even have the chance to visit a mystery brewery along the way.

The peace and beauty of La Jolla is enough reason to spend a day strolling the streets of this stunning seaside land. Add in gourmet wine and food tastings and you have a day of indulgence that's bound to be remembered. Enjoy VIP wine tastings and gourmet food pairings as your tour guides take you from location to location. You'll savor delicious chocolates, seafood, and pasta along with perfect fine wine pairings. Snap photos of the stunning views as you explore the history and beauty of the seaside village, perhaps spotting a sea lion sun bathing on the rocks below.

With so much to see and taste, this will truly be a feast for the senses. Let your conductor be your guide as you hop aboard the beer trolley and get savvy about San Diego's best suds. On this guided tour beginning in historic Old Town, you'll enjoy up to 4 full flight tastings and explore San Diego's history with guided walks throughout the day.

Enjoy a light lunch and get a behind-the-scenes tour of the beer making process as you discover what makes the city such a special place for hops lovers. With your trolley waiting to take you from location to location, you can forget about driving and focus on those delicious drinks. Feel like you need a little more porpoise in your life? And if you hit it off, you could continue the conversation with a walk down to the beach. Did you meet your match for crazy?

Do they have the same wild adventurous spirit as you?

20 of San Diego's most romantic places - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Take the plunge from the first date and go skydiving! GoJump Oceanside offers tandem jumps nearly every day of the week, weather permitting. All you need is the courage to say yes! How about a taking it down a notch with a glide over land securely strapped to a zip line? You can swim with a local guide offshore about 12 nautical miles where you can free-dive or snorkel with leap ore sharks. There you have it… plenty of ideas for that fun first date or new date night ideas. Now all you have to do is ask! Sugar Jones has been blogging about life since She has contributed to various local news stations for lifestyle segments, speaking about tech, social media, travel, food, and family.

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Sign up here Signup with Facebook Signup with Twitter. Signup with Facebook Signup with Twitter. Reset my password Close. Cooking Classes Want to know if you and your match can really heat things up? Click for more information 4. Kayak Get to know each other while paddling the lagoons or the coast. Stand Up and Paddle in North County 9. Skateboarding Are you and your match into kick flips and ollies? Guide to North County Skateparks Surf Lessons Say one of your post-swipe, pre-meetup conversations was about having lived in California all your life but never having learned to surf.

Guide to Surf Lessons in North County Beach Volleyball This one is an easy one. And food and drinks… Click for more information Trivia Nights Do you have massive amounts of useless information in your head? Jump for Joy Did you swipe right because you liked their childlike enthusiasm for life? Croquet at Rancho Valencia Maybe you and your match have a more refined idea of fun and games.

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GlowZone GlowZone is a new fun center in town that has several fun and challenging attractions, like a Ninja Course, Bazooka Ball, ropes course, zip lining, laser tag, bumper cars, and more. Click here for more information K1 Speed Do you and your prospective partner have a need for speed?

Tide Pools Have fun exploring the local tide pools as you ask each other all those awkward questions. Guide to North County Tide Pools Star Gazing Did the Lunar Eclipse come up in conversation? Dog Beach So maybe you guys match, but you want to make sure your fur babies are cool with this love connection.

Unique date ideas that will leave a lasting impression

Sunset at the Beach I know… I know… another no brainer. Walk on the Pier Any time of day is perfect for a walk on the pier. Meditation Gardens This is a beautiful and serene spot to sit and have a quiet get-to-know-you chat with your new meditation buddy. Where to Sip and Paint Guide to Outdoor Concerts and Movies Museums If you and your date fancy an afternoon of quiet contemplation, why not stroll through galleries, sharing your thoughts on photographs, paintings, and sculptures? Live Music Did you two crazy kids connect over your favorite cover band? Your North County Things to Do Guide to North County Karaoke Bars Um, it is an art gallery.

If you're lucky, maybe someone has figured out how to perfectly capture Chris Evan's arms in comic book format. So why not eat on a boat? Hornblower Cruises offer tours of the bay while you eat dinner. They have a bunch of different options including vegetarian and gluten-free. If you're feeling sassy, you can go for the lobster dinner. If you'd rather eat on shore but still want to see the bay there are also food-free cruises.

Ok, so this one's maybe cheesy and cliche. But its cliche for a reason. And who doesn't love looking out at the ocean? California sunsets are some of the best in the world. Every once and while we should all be unabashedly romantic. Don't take this one for granted. While Venice might be thousands of miles away , that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a romantic gondola cruise right here in San Diego. Or at least thatsa it's complicated. A lot of people have never been to a drive-in movie. Sure, the screens feel kinda small and there might be a reason these places don't exist anymore but one word—smuggleallthetreatsyoucanimagine.

Also, there's just something magical about going to the drive-in. It's just a cool way to experience classic Americana. The San Diego Fair is only on for a limited time but is the perfect place to have fun, pretend you're in a romcom, go on some rides, and then chat over a small big bag of cotton candy. And fair food is perfectly shareable and always delish. If you go, make sure your date wins you an adorable stuffy.

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