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Most pros use around dpi for their mouse sensitivity, with the in-game sensitivity slider set to around 2. It will feel weird when you first turn it down. Your aim will improve immensely in the long run. Learn your map callouts — Every spot of every competitive map will have names that the community uses to tells you over voice comms that an enemy is there.

It will take time to learn all the different callouts for all the different maps, but this information is crucial for communicating with your team.

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Start here , and pick up the rest by listening to your team and asking for clarification when they call something unfamiliar. Learn how the CS economy works — One of the main things that makes CS strategically interesting is how money works. Making sure that everyone on your team has enough money to be properly equipped at the beginning of each round is a crucial part of succeeding in competitive matches, and sometimes that means saving all your money and trying to fight the enemy with pistols for a round, so that the next round everyone has money to gear up properly.

Learn your smokes and flashes — Most CS: GO maps have a few really useful spots to drop a smoke grenade or flashbang. Often, these spots will require you to bounce the grenade off a wall, or perform some other trick to place the detonation precisely.

A quick Youtube search will find you similar videos for all the competitive maps. Once you know some of these, start up an offline practice match and start throwing some grenades around. If you run out of bullets in a firefight, switching to your pistol is going to be much quicker than trying to reload mid-fight.


Learn to be patient on CT side — One thing you will see time and time again in low-rank matches is impatient counter-terrorists. Pay attention to your role in the team — Team composition is important. If a teammate has no money and you have enough for multiple guns, buy two and drop one for them. Getting frustrated is only going to make you play worse, so try and keep a level head. No one wants to hear about how bullshit their teammate thinks this game is in the middle of a round.

Hopefully, you can use this advice to make your way into the world of Counter-Strike in a relatively smooth fashion. GO itself, but across the other games you have on Steam — and will then match you accordingly. It assigns a new hidden value to your account called Trust Factor, which uses obfuscated signals to track your behaviour.

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GO uses Prime, which requires that competitive matchmakers have a unique phone number and a suitable ranking. We started with that question, and have been experimenting with matching players using observed behaviors and attributes of their Steam account, including the overall amount of time they had spent playing CS: GO, how frequently they were reported for cheating, time spent playing other games on their Steam account, etc.

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We wanted to keep the best parts of Prime and ditch the parts that cause problems in the CS: Starting today, players will, by default, enter matchmaking using their Trust Factor rather than their Prime status and in the short term, players with Prime status can still choose to match using the old system. With a month to go until it releases, you might want to check your friends list as it look…. Steven Soderbergh is at it again, after coming out of a self-imposed film directing ….

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