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Many people who met Gypsy were charmed by her. She often wore wigs or hats to cover her baldness; her mother regularly shaved Gypsy's head to mimic the hairless appearance of a chemotherapy patient. When they left the house, Dee Dee often took an oxygen tank and feeding tube with them; Gypsy was fed the children's liquid nutrition supplement PediaSure well into her 20s. Dee Dee used physical abuse to control her daughter , always holding her daughter's hand in the presence of others.

Whenever Gypsy said something that either suggested she was not really sick or seemed above her purported mental capabilities, Gypsy recalls that her mother would give her a very tight squeeze. When the two were alone, Dee Dee would strike her with her open hands or a coat hanger. Dee Dee had some of Gypsy's saliva glands treated with Botox , then extracted altogether, to control her drooling, which Gypsy later claimed her mother had induced by using a topical anesthetic to numb her gums before doctor visits. Bernardo Flasterstein, a pediatric neurologist who saw Gypsy in Springfield, became suspicious of her muscular dystrophy diagnosis.

He nevertheless ordered MRIs and blood tests , which found no abnormalities. After contacting Gypsy's doctors in New Orleans, he learned that Gypsy's original muscle biopsy had come back negative, undermining Dee Dee's self-reported diagnosis of muscular dystrophy, as well as her claim that all Gypsy's records had been destroyed by flooding. He suspected the possibility of Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

Dee Dee contrived to gain access to Flasterstein's notes and subsequently stopped taking Gypsy to see him. Flasterstein did not follow up by reporting Dee Dee to social services. He said he had been told by other doctors to treat the pair with "golden gloves" and doubted the authorities would believe him anyway.

In , nonetheless, an anonymous caller [c] told the police about Dee Dee's use of different names and birth dates for herself and her daughter, and suggested Gypsy was in better health than claimed. Officers who performed the resulting wellness check accepted Dee Dee's explanation that she used the misinformation to make it harder for her abusive ex-husband to find her and Gypsy, without checking this story out with Rod, and reported that Gypsy seemed to genuinely be mentally handicapped. The file was closed.

While those close to Gypsy still believed she was a teenager, by the s she was in fact an adult, and began to test the limitations of her mother's scheme. A neighbor recalls an incident either in or where Gypsy showed up at her door one night, without her wheelchair, seeking a ride to a local hospital to visit a man with whom she shared a romantic interest. The man had been assaulted by a group of people familiar with Gypsy's medical history, who felt that he was taking advantage of a mentally-challenged underage girl.

At the hospital Gypsy produced a birth certificate that gave her correct date of birth, proving that she was of legal age.

Murder of Dee Dee Blanchard - Wikipedia

Dee Dee went to the hospital, where she said that that birth certificate was an incorrect version issued after Katrina, apparently proving it with the "real" birth certificate giving a more recent birthdate. Reportedly Gypsy was made to apologize to all present. Since , Gypsy had attended science fiction and fantasy conventions , [9] sometimes in costume , since she could blend in, even in her wheelchair.

At an event in , she made what may have been another escape attempt that ended when her mother found her in a hotel room with a man she had met online. Again Dee Dee produced the paperwork giving Gypsy's false, younger birth date and threatened to inform the police. Dee Dee later told Gypsy that she had filed paperwork with the police claiming that Gypsy was mentally incompetent, leading Gypsy to believe that if she attempted to go to the police for help, they would not believe her. Sometime around , Gypsy, who continued to use the Internet after her mother had gone to bed to avoid her tightened supervision, made contact online with Nicholas Godejohn, a man around her age from Big Bend, Wisconsin she claimed they met on a Christian singles group; [2] a Facebook page from that year with their names combined gives their status as "in a relationship" [7].

Godejohn had some issues of his own: In , Gypsy confided to Aleah Woodmansee, a year-old neighbor who, unaware that Gypsy was really close to her own age, considered herself a "big sister", that she and Godejohn had discussed eloping and had even chosen names for potential children. Gypsy, who had five separate Facebook accounts, [4] and Godejohn flirted online, their exchanges sometimes using BDSM elements, which Gypsy has since claimed was more what he was interested in.

Woodmansee tried to talk her out of it, still thinking Gypsy too young and possibly being taken advantage of by an online sexual predator. The next year Gypsy arranged and paid for Godejohn to meet her mother in Springfield. Her plan was for him to just bump into her while she and Dee Dee were at a movie theater, both of them in costume, [13] and apparently strike up a relationship that way, then for her to introduce him to her mother.

As soon as they did meet for the first time in real life, Godejohn says, Gypsy led him to the bathroom, where the two had sex. Dee Dee said he was "creepy". The two continued their Internet interactions, however, and began developing their plan to kill Dee Dee. Godejohn returned to Springfield in June , coming down while Gypsy and her mother were away at a doctor's appointment. After they had returned home and Dee Dee went to sleep, Gypsy let him know, and he went to the Blanchard house.

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Gypsy allowed him in and allegedly gave him duct tape, gloves and a knife with the understanding that he would use it to murder Dee Dee; Gypsy claimed later that she did not expect him to be able to do it. Godejohn ordered Gypsy to hide in the bathroom and cover her ears so that she would not have to witness her mother's death.

Godejohn then stabbed Dee Dee several times in her sleep. They may have remained for several days while planning their next move; [14] during that time they were seen on security cameras at several local stores. Gypsy said at that point she believed the two had managed to get away with their crime. They mailed the murder weapon back to Godejohn's home in Wisconsin to avoid being caught with it, [15] then took a bus there.

Several witnesses saw the pair on their way to the Greyhound station and noted that Gypsy wore a blonde wig and walked unassisted. On the afternoon of June 14, at Gypsy's urging, Godejohn used his phone to post two updates to Dee Dee's Facebook page, so that people would discover the body. The first read simply "That Bitch is dead!

Gypsy would later state that she was concerned that several days had passed without anyone discovering her mother's body, and that she hoped that someone would report the ominous message to the police so that they would find the body. The Blanchards' friends responded to the first post and its language, uncharacteristic for Dee Dee, by asking if she was reacting to a movie she was watching, or speculating that her account had been hacked.

When phone calls went unanswered, several of them went to the house. While they knew that the two often left on medical trips unannounced, they saw that Dee Dee's Nissan Cube , modified to hold Gypsy's wheelchair, was still in the driveway, making that explanation unlikely.

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Protective film on the windows made it hard to see inside in the low light. No one answered the door, so they called When the police arrived, they had to wait for a search warrant to be issued before they could enter, but they allowed one of the neighbors present to climb through a window, where he saw that the inside of the house was largely undisturbed, and that all of Gypsy's wheelchairs were still present. When the warrant was issued, police entered the house and soon found Dee Dee's body. A GoFundMe account was set up to pay for her funeral expenses, and possibly Gypsy's.

All who knew the Blanchards feared the worst—even if Gypsy had not been harmed, they believed she would be helpless without her wheelchair, medications, and support equipment like the oxygen tanks and feeding tube. Woodmansee, who was among those gathered on the Blanchards' lawn, told police what she knew about Gypsy and her secret online boyfriend. She showed them the printouts she had saved, which included his name.

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